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Amazon Kindle Publishing 2018: The Coming Changes

Amazon Kindle publishing is an evolving beast for most Kindle publishers.   They're chasing the next new fad, tactic or strategy to make their business easier when at the end of the day, they're just running on the same hamster wheel and fighting at the lowest levels....
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My New Entrepreneurial Direction, Copywriting & Paid Ads

Guess what I've hit a snag. The real entrepreneur struggle is happening, I've had to start hustling for work as they call it to fund my new venture. But I don't think it will be long before the new venture will take off. If you didn't know, a few months ago I stopped...
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How Johnny FD Helped Me Make $17,000 And The Lessons I Learned

You're probably thinking "wow that's a lot of money" And for me, yes it is. The money came from learning lesson taught by Johnny FD in his course Earnest Affiliate 1.0 which is now called Income Boss. The crazy thing about this is I didn't do anything special I just...
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Why You Never Actually Start

In recent months I have been learning all about paid advertising and some of my own actions actually made me think why I had never started another PPC campaign to this point. I have been learning about paid advertising with mobile and native advertisement over the...
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Why Your Work Environment Matters

Working for yourself is one of the most exciting, daunting and scary things you can do. When you stop working for someone else and stop receiving that monthly salary you're relying on yourself for an income source while at the same time you need to find ways to keep...
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My Depressive State, How It Starts And How I Get Out

I wanted to talk about some of the darker sides of being an entrepreneur because I feel many of the gurus don't discuss this side and only like to talk about the success and what you can achieve. I feel this creates a false impression for many new entrepreneurs of...
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How Audible Made Me Smarter

Recently I started consuming books again, and it's something I have fallen in love with. I used the word consuming because I don't like reading that much, I struggled in the past and still struggle now, it is just something that just makes me fall asleep. The problem...
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Why You Need To Stop Review Swapping Now

You’re probably thinking, Michael you’re making a pretty bold statement here, why would you say that? My Kindle business is running fine, I haven’t got an email from Amazon telling me that they think I have been active in review manipulation. I’m fine, nothing to...
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Publishing Email Success Review

Publishing Email Success Review (Will It Give You Email Success With Kindle Publishing)   Many Kindle publishers I know have been struggling to implement email marketing into their business for a long time. It's like they just don't know how to do it effectively...
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8 Steps To Regaining Your Productivity Flow

Do you ever become stuck while you are working and you seem to stay in that state for minutes or even hours and are unable to progress?  I know the feeling, it has happened to me several times and after speaking with many other entrepreneurs I have found out it is not...
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