Creating an email auto responder series for my books has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced and I’m always looking to improve.  An email list is very important as you can use it to do many things; advertise a new book, gain reviews for a new book or one of your existing books, sell affiliate products.

Once you have someones email it is free advertising to send them whatever you want.  That by no means you should just try to sell them as they will feel that they are just another credit card and unsubscribe as soon as they have signed up.


How To Create an Email List and Auto Responder Series For Kindle with Aweber


I have been using this method for a few months now, testing and changing to see what works and gaining more email subscribers as I move forward.  If you are a newbie to selling Kindle books this is a great way to easily build an email series under a certain topic.

Here is my step by step method on how I create an email list with Aweber and make an autoresponder series.


Step by Step Guide

First you need to sign into Aweber, if you don’t have an account CLICK HERE for your 30 day free trial.

Aweber sign in


Click on manage Lists

Manage Lists Aweber


Create a list

create a list aweber


Type in what your list will be called in ‘Your Company Name’ box

Creating a list name aweber

Type in your Pen name and email



Give your List a name, Describe what the list is about.




Master Resale Rights

You will need PLR articles to include in your email autoresponder.  A great resource is, I use them for all of my articles and free books for my Kindle business promotions.

Search for the subject you would like the articles on.



Find articles you would like and click ‘Add to Cart’



Click on ‘Checkout’



If you have an account Login, if you don’t register.  CLICK HERE to register



Click on ‘My Orders’



‘Click to view’my-orders-master-resale-rights


click on ‘Download URL’download-url-master-resale-rights

The articles will be downloaded to your computer.


Create an Auto Responder Series

Go back to Aweber and hover over messages and click on Legacy Follow Up Series



Click on ‘Create a Message’ and click on ‘Drag & Drop Email Builder’

You use ‘Drag & Drop Email Builder’ because you can track the open rate.



Create a welcome email.  In the email put a title in the top bar.  Use this email as a way to welcome the new subscriber to the list, let them know what they will receive and how much you value you them.  Once you done click ‘Save & Exit’.



Click on “Send Options’ then scroll down and click on ‘Add to Follow Up Series’.


Click on ‘Add to Follow Up Series’



Your first email will be sent out immediately once the person subscribes to the email list.


Start to create your email series so the subscriber feels valued.  The first email you will send will be from your recently purchased articles from Master Resale Rights.  They will be in a Zip file but don’t worry you can open up the zip file and see the articles from inside.  When opening the files they are stored on notepad.

If you wish you can copy the files to you desktop.



Copy the text from the notepad and paste it between the ‘hi’ and ‘final message’.  You will need to edit the text and check it is all related to your customer.  The notepad will make the text go across the whole of the email and have no spaces between the paragraphs so you will need to edit this part.

Once finished click on ‘Save &Exit’


When producing your auto responder series don’t just copy and paste!  Read the article and see if it is relevant, edit the article to see what fits.  Add your own spin onto the email and make sure it makes sense.

Have this email go out around 3 days after the first email.



For the future emails I normally put them out every 7 days.


Video of how to do it step by step

To get your First Month Free with Aweber click on this link —-> AWEBER

To get your PLR articles from Master Resale Rights click on this link —> MASTER RESALE RIGHTS


I hope this has helped you and you can apply the strategy to your own email lists and auto responder series.


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


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