How To Mask an affiliate Link with A Domain name using NameCheap.com

Quite a few people have been asking me how to mask an affiliate link and the process is quite simple.

The reason why you mask an affiliate link is to make them easier to remember as most affiliate links are long and difficult to remember.  The other advantage is sometimes people think this is the link to the course or software so people will refer other people to a certain course or software using your affiliate link which has been masked with a domain name not realising it is your affiliate link and you make a commission.

How To Mask an affiliate Link with A Domain name using NameCheap.com


I personally use NameCheap.com as they offer the best service for domain names and offer a 1 year free who’s guard which masks all of your information and stops people from spamming you.


Here is a step by step guide


Step one

If you don’t have an account you will need to register if you do just sign in.

Namecheap.com sign in


Step 2

Search to see if the domain name is available



Step 3

Once you found a domain name which is available buy it.  I recommend buying a dot com (.com) as this give you more authority.

buy domain name


Step 4

Click on Domain List on the left side of the page

Domain list namecheap


Step 5

Click on Manage Domain name

manage domain name - namecheap


Step 6

Click on Advanced DNS

Advanced DNS - namecheap


Step 7

Change these specifically

  1. Type – Change both to URL Redirect Record
  2. Host
    1. @
    2. www
  3. Value – Your affiliate link
  4. Change the next tabs to Masked
  5. Click on the Green tickAdvanced DNS - namecheap setting


Now your finished!  For everything to work properly will take a few hours.  Check the link in 24 hours just to be safe.  You now have a domain name which you can send people which is easy to remember.


To get your own domain name click here —> NameCheap.com


Here is a video on how to mask you affiliate link

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.




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  • 23/04/2016

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egbewe - 13/09/2016

A very helpful tut Thanks and keep it up.

    thrivethemes - 21/09/2016

    Thank you, I’m glad your enjoying the content.


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