I have now made a change, a big one!  This has been a hard decision that didn’t come lightly, something that I have been pondering over for a month.  The decision came after a lot of umming and erring for weeks and I finally made a decision this week to make a change which is huge!




As I write a blog and make everything public, I can not really keep this in the dark as it would not be fair on you the readers to see me talking about one thing and doing something completely different.  I do have to say this is one of the hardest posts I have written and have kept everything in this post from my own personal experience and feelings, I have been open and honest throughout.


My Journey

8 months ago I started Kindle publishing with the course K Money Mastery, it offered a great insight into how to create and publish Kindle books on Amazon.com giving me all the tools that I needed.  I did the course to the best of my abilities and started to generate royalties from my books which was an exciting feeling.  Seeing that it is possible to make money online it gave me a feeling of freedom!  Once the book is created and promoted, I could make income passively from it.

As I progressed I went through the course and tried to understand everything and get most out of it however there were part I thought I got but I actually didn’t.  I am partly to blame for this as I have not followed certain parts but at the same time I feel everything should have been put in a more straight forward manner.  I felt overwhelmed and believed I did parts of the course, when I actually I didn’t do it.  Sounds strange eh.  Maybe this is the way I learn and I can’t be given options as this will screw with how I learn, I prefer something to be taught step 1, step 2, step 3, etc.  Such as the platform Udemy which takes you from point A to point Z, this is a lot easier for me to follow.


Trying New Things

Being new to the Kindle business I was always looking for ways to improve my business and anything I could to make it easier and more profitable.  I wasn’t making the money I wanted to and I wanted to speed things up.  So around two and half months ago I started mentoring with Luca De Stefani.  I gained a lot of insightful information and tips to help my books.  This information has helped me diversify the income streams for my books and help with increasing revenues which I may have ultimately lost if I had not done.  That alone has payed back for the mentoring I took with him.

About 2 months ago he released a course, at the time I had only done one session with him but I felt that the course was worth a shot due to the information I had already received and it had a 15 day money back guarantee so what did I have to lose.  After going through the whole course I realized I had missed out on a lot of things which potentially I could have done months ago and had lost out on potential income.

I started to implement his method and I started to see new streams of income coming in.


How Each Course Compares

Below is how each course is summed up in my own opinion for certain aspects.  For this I have gone through the videos on each course.  I am giving a summary as it is not fair on the courses and their students to reveal information and strategies.

K Money Mastery comparison has some lessons which are available on the basic course (one-time payment), and some lesson which are available on the Full Disclosure (monthly fee)

My Self Publishing Revolution comparison is for the whole course.


Niche & Keyword Research

The niche and keyword research is one of the most important factors to having success with your books and both course have videos on this.

K Money Mastery shows you how to find niches and keywords with the videos being very informative and help you with finding a niche but you are left with the impression that you should go into every niche you can to make money and not really focusing on one niche.  In the later videos Stefan goes into more detail regarding niche and keywords and building up your books.  Stefan talks about not bouncing around from one niche to the next and just focusing on one niche and how to find related niches to write new books on.  In another video he explains how you can potentially get all your books ranking at the top of the keyword you are in.


My Self Publishing Revolution breaks niche and keyword research into two videos, one video shows you how to see if a keyword is profitable and the 2nd video goes into details about how to find keywords which will help you dominate a certain niche.



K Money Mastery explains about how the whole of the title is important and shows you the criteria for how to create your title with the main title and sub title and what it requires to catch people’s attention.

My Self Publishing Revolution explains what to put in your title and how unimportant the subtitle is while showing examples of this on Amazon.com.



K Money Mastery goes through the process of what you should look for when hiring a designer on Fiverr.com and explains the best way to get the most out of the person you choose.

My Self Publishing Revolution explains how your book cover should look by going onto Amazon.com to show you many different covers.  He shows you the difference between professional made covers and OK covers, whilst showing what you should aim for when creating your cover.  In a separate video Luca shows you what to look for when hiring someone on Fiverr.com


Book Creation

 K Money Mastery starts by talking about how to either write the book yourself or have the book written by a ghost writer and how to get the best quality when doing either.  He offers several different companies and options to have your book written for you and how to go through the process of doing this.  Lastly he goes over how to check whether your book is plagiarized or not.

My Self Publishing Revolution uses one company and shows you what to write when submitting your book to be written.


Marketing Your Book Outside of Amazon

K Money Mastery teaches many different methods for marketing your book outside of Amazon.com.

Stefan provides videos on how to submit to website directories, social media groups, how to create a website for your book.

He also provides links to places you can submit your book to including social media and website directories.

My Self Publishing Revolution does not concentrate on promoting books outside of Amazon.  Luca believes that it is a useless method and a waste of money.  Luca has a video on Youtube where he talks about this issue in depth.  His main point is, if someone is looking to buy a book they will look for it on Amazon.com and not on Social media.  Click Here to see the video


Email Marketing

K Money Mastery shows how to set up email list, sign up form and a squeeze page.  Stefan shows you how to create an autoresponder series with details on how to have people not feel like their being spammed.  He also teaches how to make affiliate commission and how to look for products which will serve your audience well.

My Self Publishing Revolution shows you how to set up an email list, sign up form and a squeeze page.  Luca offers an alternative email marketing strategy course.



K Money Mastery goes through the process of setting up a book for Create Space and uploading it, giving details on how to upload the book, payment information, where to have your book and cover converted, in the video he explains you should put the book on Create Space as you may sell a paper back book even if it is not selling Kindle.

Stefan has a 2nd video where he answers a question where he says you should only put your book on Create Space if you book is selling well on Kindle.  This confused me as he is giving two completely different answers.

My Self Publishing Revolution goes through the process of setting up a book for Create Space and uploading it, giving details on how to upload the book, payment information, how to get your book and cover converted, and a pricing strategy.  Luca says put the book on Create Space, period.



K Money Mastery gives you a few options where you can use a service to have your book narrated, no free options.

My Self Publishing Revolution shows you how to have your book narrated for Free.



K Money Mastery I have been part of Stefan’s course for around 8 months.  I have spent a total of $67 for the initial course and $47 a month x 8 = $376 on the course, granted I did win student of the month 3 times, so I have saved $201 out of that amount.  However, if you don’t win student of the month well you will be paying a constant $47 a month.  You don’t really think of it as much when you’re paying it on a monthly basis but add it up and it becomes a bigger number.  Look at it like this $47 x 12 = $564 for one year.  That amount really adds up.  You can pay for the basic course for $67 but this does not give you access to the Full Disclosure and the Facebook group which I feel are both important for your progress.

My Self Publishing Revolution has two price option which gives you access to the course and Facebook group.

  • $399 (Life-time access to the course)
  • $67 a month (monthly payments)


Up Sales

Both courses have up sells.

K Money Mastery: KDSPY, Leadpages, Aweber, Fiverr, K Optimizer, VA Training Programme.

My Self Publishing Revolution: KDSPY, Leadpages, Aweber, Fiverr, Email marketing course


Facebook Groups

Both courses offer a Facebook group and it is a huge part of both courses as it offers a place for people to come and find answers and ask questions to problems they have, post related things to Kindle or success they are having with their business.

Thoughts On Both Courses

K Money Mastery provides a lot of value, giving you everything you need to start your own Kindle publishing business and more.  Anyone who takes it will benefit from it.  I learned a lot from the course and it has helped me start my own Kindle business which is irreplaceable, he has many videos with hours of content which can be overwhelming to someone who is just starting.

The basic course is done well, lesson 1, lesson 2, etc which is very easy to follow but when it comes to the advanced lessons that’s when you don’t know where to look or start.  The lessons look like they have been just put on the page, there are no categories or sections to make things easier.

When I say a vast amount of videos I mean a lot, Stefan has made a lot of videos from mindset to interviewing other successful people and more.  If you find the right interview or webinar there are some real gems of information.

What I do like about the course is Stefan teaches to look at this with the end in mind not just think of producing Kindle books.  To think how you can make money outside of Kindle and automate the business so you take yourself out of the business and have free time to do other things.

My Self Publishing Revolution is a great course which will provide great value to anyone who takes it, allowing you to go from knowing nothing to having all the skills you need to be a Kindle publisher.  The course is broken down into 5 steps, and everything is put into categories which makes following each step easy.

Luca may seem a bit abrupt on his course at times but he is straight to the point, no BS and tells you how to do it.  This method resonated with me because there is no thinking outside of the path he teaches.  The only thinking to do is in regards to the niche and keyword selection which is a something he recommends you take you time with.

After taking Luca’s course I wasn’t left guessing I knew what I needed to do.

I feel Luca’s main focus right now is solely on Kindle and that’s where his advantage is, literally every one to two days he is publishing a video on YouTube in regards to Kindle.

Luca’s course offers strategies which other courses I have taken do not offer (I have tried 4 Kindle Publishing courses to date).  These just open your books up to so much more earning potential.


Does My Self Publishing Revolution Teach You Everything You Need To Start A Kindle Business?

The short answer is yes.  Even though I started with K Money Mastery Luca’s course has everything you need to know from the basic lessons of finding a keyword, creating the book, cover and publishing.  The advanced strategies which will enable you to multiply the income streams of one book and more.


What Would I Have Done Differently If I was Starting Now?

I would have done nothing different, I would do exactly the same thing I did before.

If presented with both of the course I would do as much research as possible.  The internet is difficult to find truth sometimes, I wouldn’t just go off one persons opinion as some people have a hidden agenda.  If you type *** review you will see many people talk about a specific course but their only motive is for their own personal gain and makes a commission from you when you buy the course through their link, they offer no value in return.

I would do several things before considering either course.  I would watch their YouTube videos, search their name and course into google, find out what success they have had, what success their students have had, sign up to both courses and go through the videos to see which style would match my learning ability and if the course had a money back guarantee.

Overall I would choose Luca’s course as I feel it is more straight forward to follow and easier to implement the lessons he teaches.  It is shorter and I don’t think I would have been overwhelmed if I was just starting due to the way it is laid out with all of the lessons fitting onto one page.

You get the feeling from the way he teaches there’s no messing around and do what he says and you will achieve the right results.  My favourite quote from him is ‘Pick the wrong keyword and there is nothing you can do to make it sell’ .


What Now?

I have stopped paying a monthly subscription to K Money Mastery and now I will be solely learning on Luca’s course.  I feel that paying the $47 a month is not worth it for a Facebook group.  The content on K Money Mastery is not added frequently enough for me to stay and I’m not quite sure there is anything else he can add.  I have the Facebook group on Luca’s course which if I have a question regarding Kindle publishing Luca will answer within a 24 hour period.

I will keep progressing to my goal, working hard to become financially free and hit my ultimate target of $10’000 a month by February 2017.


What Have I Achieved Since I Started With Luca’s Course

  • Increased Revenues on create space.
  • Started to make money from Audio books (without paying for a narrator) 22 sales in my first month.
  • Learned new strategies  to achieve multiple income streams from one book.
  • Learned Pricing Strategies.
  • Learned how to use specific keywords and category to increase rank of my books.


How My Royalties Have Changed

Kindle Royalties





Create Space Royalties


April Create Space Royalties


May Create Space Royalties


ACX Audible Sales


First Month Selling on ACX Audible


My Final Thoughts And Words

Both courses are great value if you want to start a Kindle publishing business.  I have gained value from both and would like the thank Stefan for his course for helping me start a Kindle publishing business.

I have made my decision on changing to Luca’s method due to I find the course easier to follow, has strategies which K Money Mastery does not offer, Luca personally answers most questions in the Facebook group and there is not a recurring monthly payment (if you choose the life-time access option).


Main Questions Answered

A lot of people asked me questions about the Luca’s Kindle course and why I changed, here are the main questions answered in this video.

If you are interested in Luca’s course I have added links below, if you sign up through my link  I will give 30 minutes FREE Skype mentoring.

Luca Method ($399 – Life time access) – www.lucamethod.com

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


I hope you found this post useful