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2017 Goals

I have always tried to keep myself accountable but it has been difficult for me, I really needed more of a driving force and a reason behind me to keep me in line with what I wanted to achieve.  That is why last year I do not feel I achieved everything I wanted, I feel I could have done so much more.  I want 2017 to be different and to make this impossible for me to skip this I have created goals for myself and made them public for everyone to read.  You guys will keep me accountable.  It is scary but at the same time exciting as I will have more reason to get to where I want to go now.  So if you see me slacking off, send me a message.

I have seen people make their goal list is a variety of ways and that’s where I started but I wanted to change it a bit for myself as I wanted to try something which fitted a bit more to myself and the way I think.

So here we go let the year begin well and lets see what I can achieve!!



I started my journey a year ago with over $15’000 worth of debt, it has slowly whittled down to just over $5’000, so now I look to get rid of the rest of that and save some money too.

  1. Debt Free
  2. Save $10’000 in the bank
  3. Save $20’000 in the bank



As with increased wealth, you start to feel you want more for yourself.  Instead of looking at just increasing my business assets I feel taking care of myself is also an important part of moving forward.  These will help increase my own health and well-being.

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom apartment
  2. Buy New Clothes
  3. Learn to cook simple meals
  4. Become more confident in myself
  5. Meditate 10 minutes everyday.
  6. Meet more new people
  7. Travel to more places in Bangkok & Thailand
  8. Be home for Christmas 2017



First I need to find a system which works for me.  I have just downloaded an app Freeletics which I will start using, hopefully it will get me on the right track.  Doing Muay Thai for years was very easy as it was a set routine, day in day out.  Now my schedule is very different I am looking for something which I can fit into my day.  This is the starter list for me, but by no means the last.

  1. Use Freeletics app to help with my gains
  2. Start a fitness routine
    • Run 5km
    • 100 Push-ups
    • 50 dips
    • 50 chin ups
    • 100 Squats
    • Visible six pack



I have been working online as a digital nomad for just over a year now and what a journey it has been, lots of lessons learned and now I have my basics down I am looking to increase all of my businesses to a higher level.  I feel by the end of 2017 I can hit $20’000 a month as a minimum.

  1. Make Kindle business earn
    • $5’000 a month = End of February 2017
    • $10’000 a month = End of July 2017
  2. Make Affiliate Marketing business earn
    • $5’000 a month = End of July 2017
    • $10’000 a month = End of October 2017
  3. Reinvest into new businesses
  4. Start another income stream
  5. Make current businesses passive
  6. Start some business partnerships



Instagram was something which I started out as a way to share little parts of my day which I don’t share anywhere else, cool little personal moments and pictures.  I like sharing things which you may not have seen and may inspire you.  I plan to do more on Fresh Belief Instagram, here are some things I will be doing:

  1. Post at least once a day
  2. Take quotes and use them as posts from
    • Videos
    • Blog posts
  3. More out and about stuff



I can admit I haven’t taken much interest in YouTube in 2016, it just wasn’t something that I had time for, I was spending more time on other aspects of my business and blog.  In 2017 I will be getting out more content, little videos and long ones.

  1. I will Shoot
    • More quick videos
    • At least 1 video per week
  2. Gain 1’000 subscribers


Fresh Belief Blog

This is where I started on my journey and the place your reading right now.  I have a few things planned for this, besides getting more content and videos up I plan to create a new look and redesign the website which is nearly finished.  Probably by the time you’re reading this the new front page may be up.

  1. Launch the new website
  2. Launch Blogging the right way E-book
  3. Make tweaks and improvements to it
  4. Post 2 blog posts a week
  5. Create and Launch 2 free courses


Email Marketing

Email marketing is something I couldn’t get my head around for the longest time, this year will be a time when I want to master the email marketing game and start to utilise it more.

  1. Grow my list to 1’000 subscribers
  2. Make $5’000 a month from email marketing.



I have done very limited travelling in recent years, really due to finances and time constraints.  The way my finances are going now I plan to do a bit more travelling.  I want to do small weekend trips within Thailand and then do week long trips to other countries.
Here are places I will be visiting:
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
    • Chiang Mai – Networking
    • Sukhothai
    • Kanchanaburi
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Australia

If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments below.

Last year I went to Lao and it was an amazing trip, check it out here




I know I am in a fortunate position and other people don’t have the same opportunities, I know I can help out by giving to the right people.  This year I started donating to my friend’s gym Wor. Watthana as I could see that the money was being used wisely and not wasted as many charities do.  Instead of giving money straight up to other places I plan to donate items and actually go to interact with the people and kids.

  1. Donate more to Wor. Watthana
  2. Donate clothing and school supplies to orphanages in Bangkok


Final Thoughts

I feel everything above is achievable for me and I will do all of them, I have my direction and you can all keep me in place and let me know if I am slipping off, please do message me if I do slip!!

I feel now is the right time and perfect opportunity for anyone to write down their goals for this year, that way you will have a direction.  I like many people didn’t write down their goals each and every year and I achieved far less than I could have.  By making a list it gives you direction and I guarantee you that if you put your mind to it and your goals are realistic you can achieve them.


Good Luck and havea  good year


Cheers for reading



  • 13/01/2017
  • Genesis says:

    Awesome post Michael! I’ve seen you and your blog grow consistently (seen some of your posts on Earnest Affiliate FB Group). Your posts are always thoughtful and inspiring. I know you can achieve everything you’ve listed on this blog post. Can’t wait to read when you hit your goals!
    By the way, I’ve been meaning to message you regarding Kindle Publishing. I’ll get at you on FB some time this month. All the best to you Michael!

    • mike says:

      Hi Genesis
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes it is best to get my via FB, I get so much spam on here filtering is sometimes a problem.

      I am always trying new things and if they don’t work well just try something new.

      Look forward to your message on FB and Kindle publishing.

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