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About Michael

My name is Michael and from the United Kingdom, so you might read some words which are native but don’t worry I’ll try and keep it all international English.

I love learning about and applying new skills I learn.

I’ve been successful with affiliate marketing and Kindle Publisher where I am constantly improving.



To go back to the start about nine years ago I wanted to learn Muay Thai, my friend told me Thailand was the best place to go.  I worked and saved for 7 months and just went.  While I was there I met the girl of my dreams, well I thought!  After 7 months in Thailand I returned to England because my visa and funds ran out.

I worked and saved money up and came back five months later for a two week holiday……

Well, that plan was thrown out the window pretty much, I wanted to stay.  Nine years later, the dream girl is gone, I have fought all over Asia and in Thailand 60+ times.

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I am now I am starting my journey to becoming a location independent entrepreneur.

Over the last year I have tried many things like a little kid seeing a shiny object but now I am stuck on Kindle publishing which I am having success with.

One of my big posts on changing from K Money Mastery to My Self-Publishing Revolution


Within this blog I will be telling you stories from my past 9 years in and around Thailand, currently what I am doing, and any new and exciting things that happen.  I will be sharing my past and current progress of my training, hardships and success.  In business I will be sharing the mistakes and lesson I have learned, current and ongoing projects.

And Finally

I am only sharing my knowledge and experiences on what has happened and worked for me throughout my journey being an online entrepreneur.  I hope you enjoy what you read and if you have any questions regarding what I have done please email me and I will respond to you in good time.

To get you up to speed I recommend you check out my Start Here Page

This is going to be a fun ride with ups and downs and I’m glad your here to enjoy the journey.




  • 08/10/2015
  • saad alazmi says:

    awesome bro!

  • mike says:

    Thank you

  • Johnny says:

    Hey Michael thanks for sharing all of your experiences with readers openly and honestly! Enjoy the ride!

  • mike says:

    Thank you Johnny

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