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About Michael

Hi, thanx for coming to learn a bit more about me.

My name is Michael, originally from Burton Upon Trent in the United Kingdom.



About nine years ago I wanted to learn Muay Thai, my friend told me Thailand was the best place to go.  I worked and saved for 7 months and just went.  While I was there I met the girl of my dreams, well I thought!  After 7 months in Thailand I returned to England because my visa and funds ran out.

I worked and saved money up and came back five months later for a two week holiday……

Well, that plan was thrown out the window pretty much, I wanted to stay.  Nine years later, the dream girl is gone, I have fought all over Asia and in Thailand 60+ times.

Click here to find out what I have been doing all these years



I am now I am starting my journey to becoming a location independent entrepreneur.

Over the last year I have tried many things like a little kid seeing a shiny object but now I am stuck on Kindle publishing which I am having success with.

One of my big posts on changing from K Money Mastery to My Self-Publishing Revolution


Within this blog I will be telling you stories from my past 9 years in and around Thailand, currently what I am doing, and any new and exciting things that happen.  I will be sharing my past and current progress of my training, hardships and success.  In business I will be sharing the mistakes and lesson I have learned, current and ongoing projects.

And Finally

I am only sharing my knowledge and experiences on what has happened and worked for me throughout my journey being an online entrepreneur.  I hope you enjoy what you read and if you have any questions regarding what I have done please email me and I will respond to you in good time.

To get you up to speed I recommend you check out my Start Here Page

This is going to be a fun ride with ups and downs and I’m glad your here to enjoy the journey.




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Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a former Muay Thai fighter. After finishing my fighting career I wasn't quite sure what to do so I tried many different businesses. Kindle publishing and blogging appealed to me the most. I loved the process and businesses so I became fully involved and I've never looked back.
  • 08/10/2015

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saad alazmi

awesome bro!


Thank you


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Hey Michael thanks for sharing all of your experiences with readers openly and honestly! Enjoy the ride!


Thank you Johnny

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