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Affiliate Marketing Revolution and Self Publishing Revolution is Having a Sale!

Black Friday is around the corner and the crazy sales are coming with it.  Normally I don’t excited about sales but I have just received a message from Luca De Stefani telling me that he has discounted all his courses by $100 and there are limited coupon codes up for grabs.

Luca’s course are top quality, giving you what you need with no BS, helping you produce the results you are after.  I am a prime example of his course and you have seen from my blog how I have benefitted from Self-Publishing Revolution.  I doubled my royalties in only two months after implementing the techniques from his course, it was an amazing feeling.  I feel that anyone starting their business journey today can achieve a few hundred dollars passively in their first month and then build that to thousands.


My Publishing Royalties

Here’s my publishing royalties from last month.





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Affiliate Marketing Revolution

I have been through his newest course Affiliate Marketing Revolution and started to implement things into my blog which has pointed out the small things, such as highlighting a link so it stands out from the rest of the text so people know to click on it.  I am impressed with what I have learned and I am building my first affiliate income website, which is exciting.  With that said here is an example that you can look at of techniques implemented for one of my recent posts.

I have been able to rank my post K Book Promotions Review  number 2 in google for the search term ‘K Book Promotions’ and in the top 3 for YouTube.

Check it out here


And in Youtube

As you know I only recommend things I truly believe in and I feel these courses will put you on the right track to help you achieve your own financial success.


Huge Discounts

There is only a limited time to grab your $100 discount with only 200 coupons available for all three of his course.  They are selling fast so I wouldn’t miss out on this.


Use the links below and then enter your coupon code on the check out page.


Just $199 (33.4% off!)
Coupon Code: blackpublishing1


Just $299 (25% off!)
Coupon Code: blackaffiliate1


Bonus Items
As an extra I will be giving away 30 minutes free mentoring per course.  When you purchase both you will receive 1 hour mentoring, which many of my mentees have found to be priceless.


How To Get Your Discount

  1. Click on one of the links above
  2. Click on ‘BUY NOW’buy-now-self-publishing-revolution
  3. On the check out page enter your coupon code and click ‘APPLY’coupon-code-luca-de-stefani
  4. Check out with PayPal or your credit card (PayPal is preferable)


These discounts will be finishing Saturday 26th November 8am (Pacific Time), so don’t miss out, you’re only one step away from changing your life.


Remember these coupon codes are going like made and there are only 200.


If you have any questions please send me a message on FaceBook


Good luck to your future success.




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