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Affiliate Marketing Revolution Review 2017

Affiliate Marketing Revolution is one of the most recent course I have taken, I wanted to increase my affiliate income and as I had already studied Kindle publishing through Self Publishing Revolution I knew that Affiliate Marketing Revolution would be of the same high standards.

This is a review of the course and what it entails for people who are unsure whether to buy or not.  This review will clear your mind and give you a better understanding of what you will be purchasing before you buy it.


What I Will Be Covering

The review will be broken down into several parts which are important to the course, these include:
  • Mindset
  • Analysis of Profitable Affiliate Businesses
  • Affiliate Networks & a Demo
  • YouTube Overview
  • Live Examples
  • Why You Need To Watch All The Videos In Order
  • Your Business From A to Z
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Traffic
  • Final Case Studies
  • Facebook Group
  • Any Success Stories?
  • My Overall Thoughts
  • Should You Buy It?


Let’s Start With Mindset

Luca starts with the mindset of being an affiliate marketer and this section is very important if you plan to watch the rest of the course.  He cuts all the crap and shows you how to open your eyes to a few things which you would have never thought about.  Such as, how setting up a business about your passion can potentially be a huge disadvantage to you and ultimately not make you money.
One of the lessons which could come as controversial to many people is whether you should promote products which you have never tried, I agree and disagree at the same time.  Luca does make a strong argument about promoting only good quality products and not to promote scams which backs up the rest of his argument in this lesson.

Luca shows you the simplest way to gain a product for free, you can do this even with high value products and if done in the right way can give you hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of software absolutely free.  Lastly, he goes over how to easily gain the demographics of a product, this is simply who will buy it and how this will save you a lot of time and money.



Analysis of Profitable Affiliate Businesses

Luca wants you to understand how some of the most profitable affiliate marketers make their money and how they run their websites.  He goes over three bloggers. John Chow, Pat Flynn and Mike From Maine.  He analyses each blog and shows how the make their money and leverage on what they sell.  It’s pretty ingenious what Pat Flynn does making most of his money from only three products.
With YouTube being the second biggest website in the world it can not be ignored, Luca shows you the niche of Binary Options, exactly how they make money from YouTube and how they capitalise using YouTube videos.


Affiliate Networks & Demo

Understanding each affiliate network can be a daunting task when you first start out, luckily Luca goes over each of the main affiliate networks; ClickBank, JVZoo, Muncheye and Warrior Plus, you will learn how each one works, the advantages and disadvantages of each.
At the end of this Luca wants to give you an idea of how easy it is to create a landing page.  He puts together a simple landing page you should send your customer to before you send them onto the affiliate product, this is followed by an explanation of why you should never send them straight to the product page.
affiliate-marketing-revolution-review-affiliate networks


YouTube Overview

Luca likes the untapped potential of YouTube and shows how easily people are making money from it.  He goes into detail on how to rank your videos on YouTube with your title alone, I personally did this and one of my videos is now ranked number 2 for the word K Book Promotions Review and most of my other videos for the same keyword are ranked in the top 10 for this keyword. – Click Here to see
I was particularly taken back and it really blew my mind by how people make money from YouTube without showing any evidence of them purchasing the product they’re talking about.  Luca reviews the many methods people are using by analysing titles and videos for the purpose of making money.
In a different light, Luca goes over interviews and the power of actually interviewing a course or program creator can have for an affiliate marketer.




Live Examples

Proof is in the pudding and Luca does one better.
Something that impressed me was how Luca did an actual live example of himself making money with 2 products.  Showing both how a Keyword ranked video and a hyped video can make money.  He shows you the exact videos he made money from and how he does it.
I particularly liked this because I rarely see video results, it’s mainly people with screen shots which nowadays are less reliable.


Why You Need To Watch All The Videos In Order

If you watch all of the videos, you will understand as I have the importance of everything that has been taught up to this point.  Without all of the previous video’s, the module; Learning how to set up your business from A to Z will go over your head and you won’t be as prepared and ready for those lessons.
For this business, there is a huge learning curve and you can do it the slow way or the quick way and the previous video’s are the perfect way for you to understand the gravity of what you’re about to start.


Your Business From A to Z

Before he gets you started Luca has some last words to give you about how affiliate marketing has changed since Google’s update, how Google value up to date content, authority websites and how the one to five page websites don’t work anymore.
Luca’s main idea behind the course is creating a business without your face on it, he goes over how to do it for each step and how you can outsource everything including the YouTube videos.
When you get onto this section you should already have watched the previous videos as this will act as background knowledge and the groundwork so Luca can take you step by step and show you how to set up your own online persona.  This is not saying you can’t use the techniques taught in your own blog as they do apply to both, and I have used some in my own blog already.
He starts off by showing you how to find a niche to go after, and specifically how to assess how long it will take to become a successful affiliate for that niche.  You will find out exactly what you should search for when going after products to make a commission from them.  He lays it down very simple with comparisons between the search engines and the affiliate networks.  This is especially helpful as you can find out whether it is a niche worth pursuing.
Your domain name is especially important and if you buy a fresh domain it will take Google some time to index your website and start to rank it, or you can find a domain which already has traffic and a relationship with Google, making your journey ten times easier, giving you the ability to quickly gain authority for your newly purchased domain name.




When creating your website Luca has a preference for Blue Host, however my tried and test hosting company is SiteGround, they have never let me down and are always sorting out technical problems for me with their live chat.
Social Media
Social media can be your friend or foe, if use correctly you can boost posts and gain so much more exposure.
In this lesson, Luca shows you how to set up a Facebook ads campaign to capture email addresses and what to do with them once you have them.


Email Marketing
Once you have the email, the question is what do you do with that email? Luca shows you the outline of what you should write in the emails, this part is more of an outline than an A-Z because you have to write out your emails specific to your niche.


Paid Traffic
Nothing in life comes for free and traffic is the same.  If you want to speed up your blog exposure paid traffic is the way forward, as it has been in the past.  Luca avoids Google and goes for a more specific and cost effective method.


Final Case Studies

Luca gives you a bit extra by showing you two more examples of things you can use, these two include a presell video where someone creates a squeeze page with a pre-sell before they are sent to the product.
The last is showing a YouTube channel which has targeted a fitness niche and all the video on the channel are related, showing how easily you can do the same thing.




Facebook Group

One of the best and most priceless things is the Facebook group, here you can interact with the other members.  The group is still growing and there are members who have already seen success and can share their knowledge with you if you have any questions.


Any Success Stories?

The course has not been out long but there have already been a few success stories, as with all of Luca’s group they post their proof in the group, for this group it is affiliate dashboards.  I feel this is really encouraging to anyone who is interested in the course as it shows the techniques and methods work.
affiliate-marketing-revolution-review-commission- affiliate-marketing-revolution-review-commission-2 affiliate-marketing-revolution-review-commission-1


My Overall Thoughts

Before I took Affiliate Marketing Revolution I had my reservations regarding how the content would be.  I wasn’t sure just because some of the things he said in his YouTube videos about affiliate marketing.  To my surprise, I found many aspects of the course helpful and I can now see how it can be used whether you want to create a business around your name or not.
The technique taught in the course can be applied quite quickly if you follow it and don’t try your own things.  People have been making commissions from the course early and that is really the proof of it working, as the end goal for the students is to make money from their affiliate website.
I have just started my own affiliate blog and followed the steps taught and I can say how easy it was to start a website, I did create the YouTube video and the content on the blog was written by someone else.
My favourite thing about this course is it is another source of passive income you can outsource and replicate.


Should You Buy Affiliate Marketing Revolution?

I will give this an overwhelming yes, this course teaches you everything you need to be successful with affiliate marketing step by step.

The course is only $599 and if you do things right you can make that back.  There is a coupon with $100 off, just type in marchaffiliate into the coupon code area so that’s even better.As a

As a bonus I will be giving away 30 minutes free mentoring (Worth $100) when you go through my link, you can’t beat $200 bonus.


Grab Your Copy

To get started with your own affiliate marketing website check out Affiliate Marketing Revolution

Thanx for reading and good luck with your future affiliate marketing business.
I wish you luck in your journey and keep pushing forward despite things that come up.


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

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  • 21/03/2017
  • Erika says:

    Great in depth assessment, I had not considered affiliate before, but will now go back and do so. Thank you for your review.

    • mike says:

      Affiliate marketing is one of those things where once you understand how it works you can profit from it a lot.

      Just find the right information and you will have huge success

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