AMS Ads Profit Formula Review, Will It Help Boost Your Amazon Sales?

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AMS Ads Profit Formula Review, Will It Help Boost Your Amazon Sales?

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The AMS Ads Profit Formula has come with some critical acclaim!

It has swept through the publishing communities as the course which will simplify your understanding of how to use AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) ads and increase your sales. But the question is, will it really do that? Are these just fanboys who love the course because they’re learning something new or will it genuinely do that?

I’m here to look at this course in-depth, rip it apart and analyze every inch of the course so you will know in fact whether the course is your AMS saviour or a total waste of money.



What Type of Course is This?

The AMS Profit Formula is a complementary self-publishing course with the aim of teaching you how to use AMS ads systematical so your ads become profitable in the shortest amount of time with very few losses.


How Did The AMS Profit Formula Come To Life?

Marcos MouthinoMarcos Mouthino was like any of us, he was searching for a side income that he could generate some extra income without needing to be actively working on the business, the passive income part being his main focus.

After a lot of searching, he settled on publishing books on Amazon. After successfully publishing for a few months he was looking for a way to increase his income. He’d heard of AMS ads but nobody in the communities he was involved in was having success with them, well at least no one talking about their success. Most people just said they were a waste of time and money.

For him it didn’t make sense as every industry used ads to promote their products and why would Amazon have them if they didn’t work, so he pursued AMS relentlessly.

It wasn’t easy at first, he made a lot of mistakes, lost money, made money, however, after 11 months of grit and determination it finally clicked. He created a strategic system which worked for any book he tried it with.

The first month of implementing his new strategy he made $1000, each month he consistently made in $1,000. However, in month 4 it quadrupled to $4,000. He knew there and then he had something which he had to share with the world.

This is when The AMS Ads Profit Formula was born with the aim to help publishers increase their books visibility, drive more traffic and increase sales using AMS.

As Marco says “If you aren’t using AMS, you’re losing money.”


Module 1 – Course Overview

The ams ads profit formula introduction


This is a quick introduction to the course which goes over what will be taught throughout the course.

You’re also given a link to the Facebook group which I highly recommend joining because you have Marcos in there helping you with any question or problems you have.

This is priceless for any publisher whichever stage they’re at using AMS ads.


Module 2 – Getting Started

The ams ads profit formula getting started


Setting Up Your First Ad

Marcos goes through the process of setting up an ad on AMS to show you how easy this is. He also gives some practical tips to help get your ad approved the first time.


How To Determine If Your Add Is Profitable

Marcos starts you off with what ACoS means and how this determines the profitability of your ad. This lesson is one of the vital profit factor lessons as if you don’t know how to properly read the ACoS percentage you will always be losing, that’s why he gives your specific number your should be aiming for to make sure your ad is profitable on both Kindle and paperback.

Finally, he lays out what you should be aiming to achieve with the course.


AMS Ads Tracking

Marcos success came from consistently tracking his numbers in a specific spreadsheet, and he is now handing you this successful tracking sheet on a silver platter. He not only shows you how he used this sheet to get the amazing profitable numbers he was able to achieve but the best frequency to track your numbers to get the best results.


Product Display vs Sponsored Products

On Amazon, there are two types of ads you can run: product display ads and sponsored ads.

Marco explains the differences between the two, how they work and which books are best suited for each type of ad.


Which Ad Type to Use

Marco quickly goes over which ad type he uses and which one he recommends you use.


Module 3 – The Profit Formula – Keywords

Now the overview is done we can start to get into the more juicy parts I know you’ve been waiting for. For any ad you run this is always the first step, finding keywords for your ad.

The ams ads profit formula keywords

The 3 Different Types of Keywords (About customer search terms, book titles and author names)

Just like building a house you need a strong foundation. And knowing which 3 types of keywords to use will allow you to find the right types of keywords faster. This is your strong foundation for a sturdy ad.

By breaking these into 3 different ad types Marco gives you the ability to clearly see keywords you will need to use and in the next two lessons, it becomes ten times easier as you’ll know what to look for.


How To Find Keywords

The aim is the find as many keywords as possible for each book ad, the more you have, the better it is, as then you’re are testing multiple keywords throughout the day.  At this stage, you don’t know which keyword is going to work and which one will fail, you just have to test.

Marco shows you how to find keywords on both Amazon and Google. The process he lays out is really easy to follow, you can start implementing it straight after you’ve finished watching this lesson. However, I wouldn’t start just yet as Marco has something even better coming in his next lesson.


How to Get 1000 Keywords In No Time!

We know how time is money and you don’t want to be spending all of your time finding keywords. You want to be doing this as quickly as possible.

How does 5 minutes sound?

Yes, you heard that right, but what’s even better is this technique has helped me find 2500 keywords in 5 minutes, overkill you might be thinking? But in my head, all it takes is for one of those keywords to take off and my ad becomes very profitable.

Hundreds even thousands of keywords don’t come through manual work, Marco uses software to gather them all. Watching him do this for the first time makes you want to watch again just due to the speed he gets all of these keywords.

Once you’ve watched this lesson you’ll understand why I told you to wait to apply.


Module 4 – The Profit Formula – Research and Bids

The AMS Ads Profit Formula now gets into ad creation. This part excited me as I was then able to start the process of making ads and ultimately money from them.

I felt everything taught up till this point had prepared me for this stage. I felt in very good hands.

The ams ads profit formula research and bids

Creating Research Target Ads

Oh the excitement, we’re starting the ads. This simple but vital information which you’ll need to start your ad, this includes:

  1. Ad Creation
  2. Ad name
  3. Daily Budget
  4. Bid amount
  5. Adding the keywords
  6. Ad copy

Marco also gives you some basic ad copy that you can use for your own ads and adapt it.


Bid Adjustment Strategy

Now we’re getting into the money generating lessons in which you will learn how to tweak your ads to get more money from them with less money spent.

Marco explains how to monitor your ads and at which point you should increase the bid for them. Having this knowledge can mean the difference between a keyword doing extremely well and it flopping and losing you money.


Low vs High Bid

This is a quick lesson where Marco talks about the difference between the high bid vs the low bid. Although Marco does prefer to start out with a lower bid he gives the pros and cons for both bid types. You’re encouraged to always start with a lower bid, however, I can see how a higher bid has its benefits too.


The Truth About Bids

You may have a perceived idea of what will win a bid but Marco settles those doubts and shows what in Amazon’s eyes wins the bid and goes to first place. This actually makes a lot of sense from a revenue generator and customer happiness point for Amazon.


When to Pause a Keyword

Another very important lesson is knowing when to pause a keyword which will save you a huge amount of money because you will be switching off unprofitable keywords quicker. What I like about this is it is just two statistic that you have must look out for.

This is made really simple.


Module 5 – The Profit Formula – High performance

These lessons are for future reference but good to watch now as you start to get the foundation of what you will need to do once you’ve found profitable research keywords.

As Marco explains, high-performance keywords are your real money makers, the research ads are just the starting point.

The ams ads profit formula high performance


Creating High Performance Keyword Ads

This is the 2nd step in the process after you’ve found keywords which are making you sales. This is the last step in the process.

If you’re new to ads you may feel a bit lost at this stage as Marco doesn’t give you any direction to go after, however, I think his intention is to do the same as before in monitoring the ad. I would have liked him to quickly say this.


The Importance of Book Descriptions

This is a brief overview of the importance of a book description and how it can mean the difference between you getting the sale or losing it.

He does recommend Ollie’s copywriting course Double Your Kindle Sales.


Ad Copy That Gets Clicks

Now we’re getting on to some of the more juicy stuff. The ad copy is what will appear just below your book title on Amazon.

Marco gives you a few tips on what words to use, the feel of the ad copy and two examples. One for the Keto diet and one for bitcoin, this is so you can see his style of writing for the ads and apply it to your own ads.


Cycling Your Ads

This lesson is a stark reminder that you can’t just put your ads up there and forget about them or they will die eventually.

Marco goes over the little details of what you should look for as the point at which you stop an ad and either restart it or create a whole new one. These little details are vitally important as you can potentially stop yourself from overspending on ads which aren’t working.


Ad Maintenance

This is the final lesson of what you need to do keep your ads optimal. Once you understand this you will know specifically what you need to do to keep things at peak performance so that you can consistently keep the sales high while making minimal losses.


11 Steps to Profit

This is as the title suggests, it is the 11 steps you need to take to have success with your ads, basically everything you’ve already been taught in the course cut down into a list that you can follow.

The problem with this list is Marco hasn’t produced a PDF format of this so to refer back to this you will need to open this video every time to look at the step.

A PDF attachment would have been nice.


Module 6 – The Profit Formula – Leveraging AMS in the UK

AMS UK is a really untapped market and in my first week, I got a 1000% increase in sales which to me showed the power of it, basically my sales were near to nothing and now I’m making consistent sales from the UK.

Right now is the golden era for AMS UK and I highly encourage you to get on it now!

The ams ads profit formula ams uk

Create An AMS UK Account

This is the basic account set up. This lesson is important, as from personal experience I screwed this up the first time around. This lesson makes it a smooth experience.



This is less of a comparison and more Marco giving his thoughts on the pros of using AMS UK. He does make some very good arguments in the favour of using AMS UK.


Bids in AMS UK

This is similar to the previous lesson for AMS US but adapted to his experience for the AMS UK platform.

When he talks about this and his current average cost for a click you understand why Marco loves AMS UK over the US.


Headline Ads

Marco shows you how to create an ad for the UK store using a headline ad. If you’ve already created an ad for AMS US this will come pretty easy as it’s literally the same process, the only difference is you’re adding a minimum of 3 books to your ad.


Module 7 – Advanced Methods & Strategies

This was a recently added module to the course which shows Marco is continually adding to the course when it is needed.

The ams ads profit formula advanced methods and strategies



Levelling Up Your Research

This lesson is about what to do when your keywords aren’t getting impressions. When you think about it it’s quite simple while at the same time if you know anything about ads this is a similar formula you would use.

This is something I’m implementing into my ads that aren’t working well for me.


Match types

Marco covers the different types of keyword match types and how they can affect how a book appears when a keyword is searched for. This is highly important as this can affect how much a campaign will cost you.


Common Keyword Research Ads

This is the ingenious information given by Marco which gave him some extra sales as you can see below in the screenshot. You might be thinking its very little, but at the end of the day, this is one book of many and free money!

The ams ads profit formula common keywords


High Performance Search Terms

This is another lesson for more advanced publishers where Marco delves into what to do with exact keywords which have already made money for you, and how you can use them to create a new campaign. Now, these are the exact keywords that the customer typed in to buy your book.

This is amazing data as then you are highly targeting a keyword instead of hinting at what it was.

Marco breaks down exactly how to find those keywords and start a campaign for them



The ams ads profit formula documents


There are three documents which relate to all of the previous lessons taught. These include:

  1. Ads Tracking Worksheet
  2. Description Template
  3. Highly Profitable Keywords List


The Ads Tracking Worksheet is to help you track your AMS ads to make sure your not aimlessly spending money on ads which aren’t working. Using this will help keep track of which ads are profitable, which ones are losers and which ones you need to switch off.

The Description Template is there to help you improve your current descriptions. The description is an important part of your ad as any of the other parts because once they’ve clicked on your ad they will read your description and this can win or lose the sale.

You preferably want to convert as many people as you can.

He provides a description outline and a Keto Diet description.

Last in the documents is a list of highly profitable keywords, yes, it is a list of keywords that Marco has found to be highly profitable for you to go ahead and use.

These are invaluable as you don’t have to spend your money testing these keywords as Marco has already done the hard work for you. Be aware that the keywords should be closely related to the niche provided or they won’t work.


Extras: Tools and Complimentary Course

The ams ads profit formula tools


You could call this part a resources section as these are not lessons but tools and course Marco recommends.

As you can see in the text above they’re:

  1. KDP Rocket
  2. My Self Publishing Blueprint
  3. Double Your Kindle Sales


Each one is targeted to do a specific thing


KDP Rocket

To help you identify keywords to use in your ad campaigns.


My Self Publishing Blueprint

Will teach you how to publish your book on successfully and scale your publishing business.


Double Your Kindle Sales

Will teach you how to plan and write amazing copy for your books.


Who is The AMS Ads Profit Formula For?

The AMS Ads Profit Formula is for any publisher who wants to learn how to use AMS Ads to increase their book sales.

If your books have gone stagnant and your getting no sales for any of your books this course will show you a simple, straightforward formula to start running ads for your books.

If you’re worried about overspending the course has you protected as well, the formula provided will show you what bid number to start your ads on and how much to increase over time.

Without the course, you can overspend, get the wrong keywords and lose money. I was one of those people before I took the course.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Course

You might be thinking this will solve all my Kindle sales dreams, if you’re thinking that, STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

This is not some magic course which will solve everything failing in your business but it can help turn things around.

The course is not a set and forget system, because if you start running the ads and just let them run their own course it can do one of two things.

  1. The ads can die.
  2. Your ads will cost you more than your making.

The 2nd one is something many people with the lazy mindset come in thinking of.

So go in with the mindset of monitoring your ads and working through what Marco teaches and you can have the same success.


Is It Worth The Cost?

With the price at $597 or 3 instalments of $235.

In my humble opinion, yes, it is!

If you implement the lessons taught it can increase sales or take a dead book and start producing sales again.

It’s truly amazing what you can achieve!

I have been really lazy with my latest campaigns, I’ve hardly monitored them and they’ve still brought me in sales.  I’m sure if I checked them more often I would have made a lot more sales from them, but as you can see it’s sales I would have never made without AMS.

Although I have only checked them every so often I did not set and forget!

The above campaigns are for the USA, below are for the UK.

Breakeven for the ACOS (Average Cost of Sale) is 56%, and even just small tweaks I’ve brought in sales for my UK campaigns.  I have to thank Marco for this as I never would have got started with UK AMS if it hadn’t been for his course.

With very little effort, I have made the price of the course in 2 months from profits from sales alone.

I’m sure you can do it quicker if you put more effort in.




What I Like

There are a few things I like about the course.

Teaching Style: Marco has done a fantastic job with the course. Everything he has laid out clear and to the point. You feel that you can follow along and implement what is taught straight away.

Straight Forward: The course is a step by step guide, it is like Marco is holding your hand through the process. Once you finish the first step you are taken onto the next step and so on.

No Fluff: There is no room for fluff in 2018, and Marco has hit the nail on the head, he has given you only what you need to have success with your AMS Ads

Documents: The documents provided by Marco are an invaluable resource which can change the way you do your ads.

Everything You Need To Succeed: AMS Ads Profit formula has given you everything you need to have success with AMS ads, it is solely down to you to put in the hard work to get the results.


What I Don’t Like

AMS Ads Profit formula has done many things right, but there are a few small things which I feel can be improved.

There are certain lessons where I feel documents can be provided straight on the lesson, this makes it easier for the students to quickly grab the document and follow along.

He has yet to produce a PDF with the 11 steps, this is only in video format.


The AMS Ads Profit Formula Bonus

My way of saying thank you for going through my link I will be giving you some amazing bonuses.

  1. KEYWORD FINDING COURSE: My 4 Keywords Search Strategy Course.


Keyword Finding Course

I will give you access to my 4 of my top strategies to easily find Kindle keywords.


Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your exclusive bonuses click on here or visit

To claim your bonuses once you’ve purchased the course send an email to with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send the bonuses straight to you.


Should You Buy It?

I will give this my stamp of recommendation. Although there have been courses out before on AMS Ads none have given the information in a manner like Marco’s has.

Taking AMS Ads Profit Formula not only makes you feel like you’re in good hands but it gives you the straightforward steps to have success with your AMS ads.

It’s all laid out simply so you can have the success you deserve.

So even if you’ve tried AMS Ads before and had some relatively good success this course will help you take your ads to the next level

With the potential income, you can make it is a steal at $597, as I showed before I made the price of the course in 2 months alone with very little effort because I’ve used what has been taught.


To get AMS Ads Profit Formula with all the bonuses, visit

In this post, I do use affiliate links. These won’t cost you anything extra however it will let me know you value my content.


Thanx for reading.



  • 20/11/2018

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