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AMZ Seller Browser: The Free Tool To Check If Your Kindle Keyword Is Profitable

Research for your new Kindle niche and keywords is important and it is the difference between a book which will sell and a book flopping.  This part should be taken the most serious when you are producing your Kindle book.  It is a make or break!


AMZ-Seller-Browser-The Free-Tool-To-Check-If-Your-Kindle-Keyword-Is-Profitable


I will always stand by KDSPY as my main tool for checking whether a keyword is profitable or not, it really does save so much time when you are checking, it is ten times better then manually checking.


AMZ Seller Browser

AMZ Seller Browser is a chrome add on which works by pulling the best seller rank data for the products you are looking at and putting it beneath the product.  Just by adding this it can save you so much time  to check whether a product is profitable or not.

If you were doing this manually you would be opening up each product to look at the data.




To get AMZ Seller Browser visit the Google web store >>> Click here to add



Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’



A pop up box will appear and click on ‘Add extension’



Now it will be added to your browser




You can now search in the Amazon store and the best seller rank will automatically be pulled from the product and displayed below.



KDSPY is software I have stood by from day one.  It is the best software out there for checking whether a keyword is profitable and it only takes one click.

If you already have it installed there should be a small icon in your browser which you can click on and it will bring up all of the data.



The data for the keyword will be pulled and put into a chart: pages, price, Estimated sales, monthly revenue, reviews and sales rank, this makes your job ten times easier to see whether a keyword is worth pursuing.


Click on ‘Keyword Analysis’ and the data will be coded in green, orange and red, this will show how competitive the keyword is, red meaning the most competitive, orange medium and green easy.



Video The Differences

AMZ Selller Browser is a great starter tool for finding a niche and keywords as it will bring up the data you need however I always say to people invest in KDSPY as it give you a more detailed look at the keyword as a whole, as you just can’t look at the best seller rank, there are so many more factors to take into consideration.

Click through my link and receive a 50% discount on KDSPY, with it only costing $47 instead of $97.  $47 is a steal for the amount of time you will save.


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I hope you found this post useful


  • 24/06/2016

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