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August Income Report: Isaan & New Business

Things are getting better and better and I just can’t believe it, sometimes I have to pinch myself, I have mini breakdowns as I feel I am living in a virtual reality world.  It just blows me away that this could happen to me, it just feels so surreal.

I only worked half of this month as the other half I spent in Isaan visiting friends, and the craziest part about that is I earned more money than I did last month.  I didn’t have to think about my business one bit, and that is the best part about creating a passive income business you do not have to look at the business as it will still make you money in the background.  It is truly an amazing feeling to not have to worry about cash flow and you can spend money and time on what you want and then after your break look at your income and be like damn I was making money while relaxing. 😛



I went to Isaan to get out of the city, breathe fresh air and relax, I really needed it after all the work I had been doing.  Not realizing how important a break from work is can be the downfall of anyone.

Isaan not only has countryside but it has friends, I spent some great moments with them, if you have the right friends it can make an unforgettable experience.

And while I was there I went to watch fights, Da from Wor. Watthana gym was fighting, unfortunately he lost, but I did get all of his and other fights on Live stream which are on my Facebook page.  The fight nights in Isaan can be a long one, lasting hours while you are waiting for your team mate and friends to fight.  A way to make things more interesting is betting on the fights, you become more emotionally involved in the fight as you want your fighter to win.  If you’re ever in Thailand you should try it, you may start shouting at your fighter and making some strange movements which you will mimic from the Thai gamblers.


Things are on the up and they keep going up which is not only good but exciting, I am truly grateful for having this business opportunity and being able to make a better life with it


Amazon Kindle Business

This month I received 4 new books, taking my book total to 21 books now.  However these only came off the free promo towards the end of the month so they have not sold to their full potential yet.  Next month should see some better results 🙂


Here is a breakdown of how much I made from each source

Kindle Paid Royalties: $1010.31 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Increase +$365.28)

Kindle Unlimited Royalties: $96.74 (20’584 pages read x $0.0047 per page) = (Increase +$36.03)

Create Space Royalties: $994.13 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Increase +$272.23)

ACX Audible Royalties: I am leaving it for this month as I realized I can not accurately assess the amount I earn, I will wait till the income report next month for August and go from there

AMAZON KINDLE ROYALTY TOTAL: $2101.18 = (Increase +$524)



Out Sourcing Fees: $600.65

Book Writing = $607.50

PLR Materials = $0

Domain name – $21

Images – $69

Software – $231.88


Total Profit from Kindle publishing $571.15 = (Increase +$94.14)


Kindle Sales



Kindle Unlimited Pages Read



Kindle Royalties



Create Space Royalties



ACX Sales



This month has seen a major increase in my royalties and it feels amazing, and it wasn’t a slight jump it was a big jump of over $500.  That is great because I can use that extra money to reinvest into my business.

Thinking back now I wonder how different things would have been if I had not changed to Luca’s Kindle course, the rate of growth has been amazing from $600 to over $2000, this just shows that choosing the right method and implementing the lessons can change everything.  Here is a detailed reason of why I changed to Luca’s course –  Here is Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery and Started My Self Publishing Revolution

I started to see more and more success after I fully implemented everything and now I know exactly what I need to do to dominate any niche, which is thanx to Luca.  To learn everything you need to know about publishing Kindle books on click on one of the links below and start your Kindle business today.

Buy today and I will give you 30 Minutes Mentoring for FREE (worth $100). (Life time access)

. (Monthly payments)



Drop Shipping

My newest business is drop shipping and this has been a huge learning curve.  When I started it I was excited, there have been dips in my enthusiasm and even the feeling of giving up but I kept going.  Sometimes I have over worked myself which is why I may feel that there is no hope in this business.

As you have read before I started the store with Andrew, without him I don’t think I could have done it because the amount of work I already have on my plate and by working with him it takes some of the pressure off me.

Three days into making our store live we had our first sale, I can’t tell you the excitement I had, however since then there has been nothing, this is not the best feeling in the world but it now driving me and Andrew to make our store profitable.

I talk about our first sale and the progress we have had since, click here to read it




All of our expenses have been the start up costs, this includes ads, setting up of the company in Canada.  I would put this more as a learning expense as a lot of this we don’t have to pay again as majority of the money spent was on setting up the company which was a one time expenses.

Total Expenses = $486.90 / 2 = $242.95

Total Profit from Drop Shipping -$207.95 (minus)


Passive Income: Affiliate Commissions

YES, YES, YES, This income is the best because there is nothing to really invest in this.  One of the best parts of having a blog is people ask you to review their courses or products in exchange for exposure.  I like this because I get some good quality courses for free and then can make a commission from it by recommending to you.  But the flip side is the wasting of my time by going through a garbage course which I could never recommend.  Since I got back from my 2 week break I have been slumped down with work, but I have been through a Kindle virtual assistant course – Kindle AutoPilot which is top quality.

I am currently writing a review post on it, if you’re interested in outsourcing your business buy Kindle AutoPilot and start giving yourself more free time


Buy both Kindle AutoPilot and Self Publishing Revolution Kindle Course through my links I will give you 45 minutes free mentoring (WORTH $150)



Again it blows me away every time I get an affiliate commission as it is someone who has trusted my recommendation, I find it humbling and I am very thankful that people trust my words and I hope the course and software they buy through my links gives them the same success I am having.


Here is a breakdown of what I earned this month from affiliate income


JVZOO: $749.40 = (Increase +206.40)



Click Bank: $0 = (Even $0)

Amazon Associates: $0.36 = (Decrease -$3.04)

Site Ground: $40 = (Increase +$40)

Total affiliate commissions income: $789.76 = (Increase +$243.36)


It has been 10 months since I first took Johnny’s blogging course and as he said the affiliate commissions would not start coming in straight away but would take time and that has happened exactly to his word.  Month on month my affiliate commissions have slowly been rising with this month the best to date.  Earnest Affiliate is so far the only course I have taken on blogging and I can not recommend it enough for anyone wanting to start a blog and monetize it or even just starting a blog and knowing what to do, the course has everything you need to get started.  The course has a Facebook group and a forum which you can ask any questions, the Facebook group was added this month which I feel was a great addition as sometimes I have been guilty of not going to the forum for a few weeks at a time, the Facebook group I will be there more often.  I believe the course is still only $197, Johnny did mention about raising the price so better get in while it is still this cheap, check out

Do you want to start a blog and make money from it? Buy Earnest Affiliate, I am a living example of it working!

Let me know if you do sign up to the course through my link and I will give you 30 minutes free mentoring which is (WORTH $100).


Grand Total Passive Income

This month has blown me away at the rate of increase on my passive income, it has gone up about 70%, and half of this month I wasn’t even working on the business.

Everyone starts somewhere and I started nearly a year ago, check out where I started, here’s a post of where to get started


Other Expenses

Hide My Ass = $9.99

skype = $22.29

Aweber = $19

Education – $40

Google – $4.99

Donation to Wor. Watthana = $15

TOTAL = $162.28



Total Passive Income: $2925.94 (Increase +$802.36)

Total Expenses: $1935.26 (Increase +$672.81)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $990.68 (Increase +$129.55)


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

Warm Regards


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  • 09/09/2016

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