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Believing In Yourself Is The Best Thing You Can Do!

We all feel down and unsure of ourselves even when we’ve had success.  Doubt can always be there wondering what we could have done better.  When you let your mind wonder this doubt can take over and really get to you, sometimes this can happen to you on a frequent basis, I know it used to happen to me.


Believing in yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do and one thing that kept me going.
It doesn’t happen everyday, but there are some days when I look at my businesses and look at what I have achieved and think, “hmmm, I should be at a further stage than I am at now”.  Doubt is all around us and especially inside yourself.


Being Unsure

Whatever you are doing in life you will always have struggles, whether it is something new or something which you have been doing for a while, you can sometimes think why am I not doing better than this.  I’ve had this feeling in the past, it has affected my sleep.  I used to stay up till the late morning, worrying about why I was not moving forward.  In reality, it was more about not understanding what was happening 100%, not knowing which direction I was going in.


How Did I Overcome This

Enter the good old pen and paper.  My mind was everywhere, it could not think straight, I was bouncing all around not really understanding the situation completely.  I had to take a step back!  By taking a step back I was able to look at this from an outside view.  Instead of panicking I started to assess exactly what was wrong.  By doing this I was able to overcome the problem and was able to move forward with what I was doing.  The worst thing I could have done was let that horrible road block consume me.
The method I used for this was to move from the place I was at.  So if I was on my bed I would go to the table, grab a pen and paper and try and assess exactly what I needed to do, how to solve it and which direction to take.  Sometimes I would get up and walk around, it was so important that it didn’t consume me.  By doing this I relieved hours of tossing and turning in bed with sleepless nights.


Believing in Yourself Again

It was at this point of understanding that a lot of fears started to disappear. I had found a fix to my problems and a solution for my stress.  By doing this exercise it has become a small part of giving myself power to overcome every type of situation.  It is like giving yourself freedom.
At the same time I know I have what it takes to do anything, nothing will stop me in my tracks.  I know I can really do anything I put my mind to and achieve it, it is only a matter of time before I get there.


Final Thoughts

Having a method to realize exactly what you need to do to achieve something is so powerful and can take you from being unsure and not believing to making yourself confident in anything you do.  Once you know exactly what you want to achieve no one can stop you!  All the doubters and haters can skip along while you keep moving towards your goal.  You don’t care about anything else besides getting to where you want to.


If you take anything from this, I want you to remember that if you know the direction you are going in and you’re sure you will eventually get there, nothing can stop you.  All the right people will believe in you and that’s all that matters.


If you have your own success story let me know in the comments.


Thanx for reading


  • 25/11/2016

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