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10 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Make Money From This Month

side hustle ideas

When you hear the word side hustle, you’re probably thinking hard work, and I would say you’re 100% correct. Nothing in life comes without hard work. But it doesn’t have to be hard work till the day you die. Most side hustles in this post you can turn them into semi-passive businesses which only require […]

How Johnny FD Helped Me Make $17,000 And The Lessons I Learned

how johnny fd helped me make $17000

You’re probably thinking “wow that’s a lot of money” And for me, yes it is. The money came from learning lesson taught by Johnny FD in his course Earnest Affiliate 1.0 which is now called Income Boss. The crazy thing about this is I didn’t do anything special I just followed the lessons and just […]

Affiliate Marketing Revolution Review 2017


Affiliate Marketing Revolution is one of the most recent course I have taken, I wanted to increase my affiliate income and as I had already studied Kindle publishing through Self Publishing Revolution I knew that Affiliate Marketing Revolution would be of the same high standards. This is a review of the course and what it […]

Affiliate Marketing Revolution and Self Publishing Revolution is Having a Sale!

Black Friday is around the corner and the crazy sales are coming with it.  Normally I don’t excited about sales but I have just received a message from Luca De Stefani telling me that he has discounted all his courses by $100 and there are limited coupon codes up for grabs. Luca’s course are top […]

How I Nearly Killed a Major Interview


A few months ago I was set to interview Johnny FD, I was super excited, I had booked in the time and date and was ready to go, or so I thought. I had made one huge error that I didn’t foresee, and this nearly lost me the opportunity to interview him. Being excited and […]

Grab 100 PLR Books For $5

Grab 100 PLR Books For $5

I usually get my PLR Ebooks and articles from but in recent time I have started getting some from a different source,  I get multiple PLR Ebooks and articles for only $5.     Yes you heard me right $5, well $5.50, the extra 50 cents for the website fee. I can’t believe […]

LeadPages: How To Create A Squeeze Page (Sourcing PLR Books, Create a sign up form)


Creating a squeeze page can help you with capturing emails from your Kindle books.  You can use those emails to further promote new books and other books by the same author.  Another use for squeeze pages creating beautiful landing pages for your blog.     What is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze page or landing […]

An Interview with Johnny FD Location Independent Entrepreneur

an-interview-with johnny-fd-location-independent-entrepreneur

I have been following Johnny’s journey for quite a while seeing how he has built a business solely based online with  drop shipping, affiliate marketing, Udemy courses and much more.  This is an inspiration to me and I wanted to talk with Johnny about how he got started, what he is doing now and his […]

Earnest Affiliate Review – How To Make Money From Your Blog

How To Make Money From Your Blog - Overview of Earnest Affiliate

I have always liked to tell people what I am up to and I wanted a way to keep a record of it too.  I needed somewhere to tell the world what I was doing, so I thought a blog is the best option.  I started a blog over a year ago when I was […]

How To Mask an Affiliate Link with a Domain name using

How To Mask an affiliate Link with A Domain name using

Quite a few people have been asking me how to mask an affiliate link and the process is quite simple. The reason why you mask an affiliate link is to make them easier to remember as most affiliate links are long and difficult to remember.  The other advantage is sometimes people think this is the […]