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self publishing courses

4 Self Publishing Courses You Need to Accelerate Your Publishing Success

Self-publishing aka Kindle publishing is a very lucrative business model that anyone can start with a minimal investment. Think of investing $300 and getting that back in 1-2 months. What other business model gives you the ability to do that? From my experience very few. The ones that do give you a quicker ROI require […]

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side hustle ideas

10 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Make Money From This Month

  • 28/06/2018

When you hear the word side hustle, you’re probably thinking hard work, and I would say you’re 100% correct. Nothing in life comes without hard work. But it doesn’t have to be hard work till the day you die. Most side hustles in this post you can turn them into semi-passive businesses which only require […]

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kindle publishing tips more sales

7 Kindle Publishing Tips To Get More Book Sales

  • 22/06/2018

  I’ve been Kindle publishing for 2 years and during that time I’ve realized a few things that can dramatically change the number of sales a book has for the better or the worst. You preferably want to be aiming for the better. There are a few things that really stuck out to me as […]

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kindle landing pages that convert

How To Create a Landing Page For Kindle Books That Converts: The Beginners Guide For Newbie Publishers

  • 12/06/2018

You’ve probably heard it before. “You need a landing page, an email list and an opt-in gift.” But most of those telling you this don’t actually tell you why, or how to utilize them effectively, and you’re probably confused. Right? I’m here to tell you, you do, why they’re so important and how to utilize […]

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How To Double Your Kindle Profits With Copy Writing

How To Double Your Kindle Sales With Copy Writing: Ollie El-Gorr Interview

  • 17/05/2018

Double Your Kindle Profits or as the course is called Double Your Kindle Sales is a bold statement by Ollie.   The question really is, can you achieve this?   I interview Ollie and drill down to see if what he claims is really true or just some hogwash crap. With Ollie earning over $13,000 […]

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my self publishing blueprint review

My Self Publishing Blueprint Review – Can You Make Your First $1000 Online?

My Self Publishing Blueprint is the new kid on the block. As the latest course on Kindle publishing, will it be able to stand up to previous powerhouse courses which have not only sold hundreds of copies but helped their students establish profitable Kindle businesses in the process? With it being out just over one […]

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make your first $1000 kindle publishing

Emeka Ossai Interview: How To Make Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing

  • 06/05/2018

Emeka Ossai has been rising steadily in the Kindle publishing world and today I sat down to interview him about self-publishing and his course My Self Publishing Blueprint. With the Kindle publishing landscape vastly changing over the last few years. Strategies have come and gone. Courses have risen and fallen.   In 2018, it’s Emeka […]

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Income Report January - March 2018

Income Report January – March 2018: Building Myself Back Up

The Income reports are here. Yes, they’re back! I abandoned them many months ago for various reasons. But now they’re back and they’ll be here to stay.   For now, I’m not sure whether I’ll be keeping it as quarterly or go back to monthly. Only time will tell. This will come down to whether […]

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How to Use Simple Checklists to Boost Productivity and Focus

  • 16/02/2018

Checklists have revolutionized everything that I do, they’re so good my productivity and focus have skyrocketed! Once you see the power of them you will wonder why you didn’t use them sooner. I’ve always known about checklists but I didn’t really see the effectiveness of them until I created my first one and used it […]

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Best of 2017

A Reflection of 2017, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Including December Income Report

  • 30/01/2018

2017 was a rocky year for me while at the same time I learned a hell of a lot about myself, business and life in general. I see 2017 as a success and a failure and it really is when I look back and think about what I could’ve achieved if I focused on one […]

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