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11 Steps To Increasing My Blog Traffic To 10,000 Monthly Visitors

Increasing my blog traffic to 10,000 monthly is one of my biggest goal for the next 12 months I could technically say I’m stuck in a solid mound of traffic stagnation at the moment.  In the past, I really didn’t care but then I started to think I wanted to get more from my blog. […]

How Johnny FD Helped Me Make $17,000 And The Lessons I Learned

how johnny fd helped me make $17000

You’re probably thinking “wow that’s a lot of money” And for me, yes it is. The money came from learning lesson taught by Johnny FD in his course Earnest Affiliate 1.0 which is now called Income Boss. The crazy thing about this is I didn’t do anything special I just followed the lessons and just […]

10 Steps To Writing Your Next Killer Blog Post


Writing a blog article can be difficult task if you’re unsure what to write about, you can be stuck on the page with that vertical line just blinking, and just staring at the screen with a blank mind.  Can you relate to this?  Many bloggers and article writers do, it’s like your brain has just […]