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elite keyword mastermind jacob rothenberg interview

How To Find Magically Profitable Keywords with Jacob Rothenberg (Elite Keyword Mastermind)

  • 24/10/2018

I recently got to sit down with Jacob Rothenberg from the Elite Keyword Mastermind to see how his mind ticks when he looks for keywords. Jacob is no normal publisher, he has been able to find keywords publishers could only dream of such as Fidget Spinners Yoyo Tricks These two keywords alone went on to […]

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How To Double Your Kindle Profits With Copy Writing

How To Double Your Kindle Sales With Copy Writing: Ollie El-Gorr Interview

  • 17/05/2018

Double Your Kindle Profits or as the course is called Double Your Kindle Sales is a bold statement by Ollie.   The question really is, can you achieve this?   I interview Ollie and drill down to see if what he claims is really true or just some hogwash crap. With Ollie earning over $13,000 […]

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make your first $1000 kindle publishing

Emeka Ossai Interview: How To Make Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing

  • 06/05/2018

Emeka Ossai has been rising steadily in the Kindle publishing world and today I sat down to interview him about self-publishing and his course My Self Publishing Blueprint. With the Kindle publishing landscape vastly changing over the last few years. Strategies have come and gone. Courses have risen and fallen.   In 2018, it’s Emeka […]

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Evan Carmichael Interview: How To Be Successful, Youtube And His New Book

  • 19/01/2018

If you don’t know who Evan Carmichael is yet you should check out his content on YouTube.  He has so many invaluable videos on success, you will have your mind blown. He’s worked tirelessly to create videos that look at the most successful people on the planet and exactly what they do to create that success […]

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Kindle AutoPilot Creator: Interview With Brian Shapleigh

  • 23/09/2016

Brian Shapleigh is the creator of Kindle AutoPilot.  He created the course because he saw people knew the process of creating and publishing books but didn’t know how to systematize the process. To scale up any business you need help, and hiring virtual assistants is the best option as a solo publisher.  After hiring a virtual […]

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How I Nearly Killed a Major Interview

  • 09/08/2016

A few months ago I was set to interview Johnny FD, I was super excited, I had booked in the time and date and was ready to go, or so I thought. I had made one huge error that I didn’t foresee, and this nearly lost me the opportunity to interview him. Being excited and […]

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Kindle Publishing Sucess Story - An Interview With Luca De Stefani a Kindle Publishing Success Story

Kindle Publishing Success Story: An Interview With Luca De Stefani a Kindle Publishing Success Story

In April I did an interview with Luca regarding his Kindle publishing success.     In the interview I wanted to find out a bit more about his Kindle success and how he got there. Just a quick oversight, he started his Kindle publishing business just over a year ago and it wasn’t till a few […]

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an-interview-with johnny-fd-location-independent-entrepreneur

An Interview with Johnny FD Location Independent Entrepreneur

  • 31/05/2016

I have been following Johnny’s journey for quite a while seeing how he has built a business solely based online with  drop shipping, affiliate marketing, Udemy courses and much more.  This is an inspiration to me and I wanted to talk with Johnny about how he got started, what he is doing now and his […]

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I Just Got Featured On A Travel Like A Boss Pod Cast Episode 116

  • 27/05/2016

I have been following Johnny’s blog for a year and a half and I found something via his pod cast which really stuck out as something I could do.  At the same time I signed up for Earnest Affiliate.  By doing this I have started to gain passive income from two sources.     Johnny […]

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