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How to Use Simple Checklists to Boost Productivity and Focus

Checklists have revolutionized everything that I do, they’re so good my productivity and focus have skyrocketed! Once you see the power of them you will wonder why you didn’t use them sooner. I’ve always known about checklists but I didn’t really see the effectiveness of them until I created my first one and used it […]

Why The Shiny Object Syndrome Is Killing Your business

If your human you will have gone through the shiny object Syndrome. In fact, I can guarantee absolutely everyone goes through this, it is something that’s hard to control if you have no focus or goals and are looking for the next best thing with instant gratification. We’ve all heard of the legendary term and […]

Why You Never Actually Start


In recent months I have been learning all about paid advertising and some of my own actions actually made me think why I had never started another PPC campaign to this point. I have been learning about paid advertising with mobile and native advertisement over the last 4 months and in that time I have […]

Why Your Work Environment Matters


Working for yourself is one of the most exciting, daunting and scary things you can do. When you stop working for someone else and stop receiving that monthly salary you’re relying on yourself for an income source while at the same time you need to find ways to keep yourself productive. When you work for […]

8 Steps To Regaining Your Productivity Flow


Do you ever become stuck while you are working and you seem to stay in that state for minutes or even hours and are unable to progress?  I know the feeling, it has happened to me several times and after speaking with many other entrepreneurs I have found out it is not just a problem […]

Things I Learned in 2016, The Future And Beyond

2016 has been the first year I have solely focused on my business and not mixed between Muay Thai and business.  It has allowed me to change the way I focus on my day.  In the past it was a conflict of interests, both battling to gain my attention, it was Muay Thai vs business.   […]