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How To Create a Quality Book That People Want To Buy

How To Create a Quality Book That People Want To Buy

Gone are the days where you can publish a 30-page pamphlet and hope for the best. Readers just won’t take that kind of crap any more. Just like every market place, people have become wiser and smart to what is available and the need and expectations rise. It has taken a few years but the […]

Amazon Self Publishing 2019 Predictions: What is Set To Come?

Amazon Self Publishing Predictions 2019

What a year it has been in the Amazon self-publishing space. With so many changes that we would never have expected, it’s truly been an exciting time to be a publisher. Most of the changes have been for the better and made not only myself but many publishers step up their game and being rewarded […]

How To Find Magically Profitable Keywords with Jacob Rothenberg (Elite Keyword Mastermind)

elite keyword mastermind jacob rothenberg interview

I recently got to sit down with Jacob Rothenberg from the Elite Keyword Mastermind to see how his mind ticks when he looks for keywords. Jacob is no normal publisher, he has been able to find keywords publishers could only dream of such as Fidget Spinners Yoyo Tricks These two keywords alone went on to […]

Double Your Kindle Sales Review – Can You Double Your Royalties With This Course?

double your kindle sales review

Double your Kindle Sales makes a huge claim that it can double your Kindle income. But can it really? Many courses that came before have made claims that just failed to be true. I’m here to strip down the course and see whether Ollie is, in fact, telling the truth or if he’s just another BS artist […]

How To Self Publish a Book on Amazon: Quick, Easy and Simple

self publish a book on amazon

Self publishing a book on Amazon has never been easier, it’s one of those businesses which can become very passive if you set it up right. I have books I published years ago which still earn me royalties every single month which I do absolutely nothing to upkeep, and that is what I love about […]

4 Self Publishing Courses You Need to Accelerate Your Publishing Success

self publishing courses

Self-publishing aka Kindle publishing is a very lucrative business model that anyone can start with a minimal investment. Think of investing $300 and getting that back in 1-2 months. What other business model gives you the ability to do that? From my experience very few. The ones that do give you a quicker ROI require […]

7 Kindle Publishing Tips To Get More Book Sales

kindle publishing tips more sales

  I’ve been Kindle publishing for 2 years and during that time I’ve realized a few things that can dramatically change the number of sales a book has for the better or the worst. You preferably want to be aiming for the better. There are a few things that really stuck out to me as […]

How To Create a Landing Page For Kindle Books That Converts: The Beginners Guide For Newbie Publishers

kindle landing pages that convert

You’ve probably heard it before. “You need a landing page, an email list and an opt-in gift.” But most of those telling you this don’t actually tell you why, or how to utilize them effectively, and you’re probably confused. Right? I’m here to tell you, you do, why they’re so important and how to utilize […]

Emeka Ossai Interview: How To Make Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing

make your first $1000 kindle publishing

Emeka Ossai has been rising steadily in the Kindle publishing world and today I sat down to interview him about self-publishing and his course My Self Publishing Blueprint. With the Kindle publishing landscape vastly changing over the last few years. Strategies have come and gone. Courses have risen and fallen.   In 2018, it’s Emeka […]

Amazon Kindle Publishing 2018: The Coming Changes


Amazon Kindle publishing is an evolving beast for most Kindle publishers.   They’re chasing the next new fad, tactic or strategy to make their business easier when at the end of the day, they’re just running on the same hamster wheel and fighting at the lowest levels. These old publishing shortcuts and strategies are slowly being […]