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My First Mentoring Testimonial, SWEET!!

  • 13/09/2016

Three months ago I officially changed the Kindle course I was learning from as I felt Luca’s Kindle course was a better course.  After changing the course I felt I had to explain my reasons for why I changed so I wrote a post on the reason for the change. At that point I had been […]

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Grab 100 PLR Books For $5

Grab 100 PLR Books For $5

I usually get my PLR Ebooks and articles from but in recent time I have started getting some from a different source,  I get multiple PLR Ebooks and articles for only $5.     Yes you heard me right $5, well $5.50, the extra 50 cents for the website fee. I can’t believe […]

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Questions Answered About Self Publishing Revolution

Ever since I did my post about switching to Self Publishing Revolution Kindle course people have been asking me questions about the course and reasons for my switch.  I have had quite a few of the same questions so I have written them down and listed the ones I feel will benefit you the most […]

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Kindle Publishing Sucess Story - An Interview With Luca De Stefani a Kindle Publishing Success Story

Kindle Publishing Success Story: An Interview With Luca De Stefani a Kindle Publishing Success Story

In April I did an interview with Luca regarding his Kindle publishing success.     In the interview I wanted to find out a bit more about his Kindle success and how he got there. Just a quick oversight, he started his Kindle publishing business just over a year ago and it wasn’t till a few […]

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AMZ-Seller-Browser-The Free-Tool-To-Check-If-Your-Kindle-Keyword-Is-Profitable

AMZ Seller Browser: The Free Tool To Check If Your Kindle Keyword Is Profitable

  • 24/06/2016

Research for your new Kindle niche and keywords is important and it is the difference between a book which will sell and a book flopping.  This part should be taken the most serious when you are producing your Kindle book.  It is a make or break!     I will always stand by KDSPY as […]

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Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started My Self Publishing Revolution

I have now made a change, a big one!  This has been a hard decision that didn’t come lightly, something that I have been pondering over for a month.  The decision came after a lot of umming and erring for weeks and I finally made a decision this week to make a change which is […]

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LeadPages: How To Create A Squeeze Page (Sourcing PLR Books, Create a sign up form)

  • 14/06/2016

Creating a squeeze page can help you with capturing emails from your Kindle books.  You can use those emails to further promote new books and other books by the same author.  Another use for squeeze pages creating beautiful landing pages for your blog.     What is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze page or landing […]

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How To Create an Email List and Auto Responder Series For Kindle with Aweber

Aweber: How To Create an Email List and Auto Responder Series For Kindle

  • 17/05/2016

Creating an email auto responder series for my books has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced and I’m always looking to improve.  An email list is very important as you can use it to do many things; advertise a new book, gain reviews for a new book or one of your existing […]

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How To Create A Kindle Book – Video Blog

  • 09/05/2016

I asked many people what they wanted to see me do in regards to Kindle Publishing and they asked for my step by step journey in how I created a Kindle book.   This is quite a long journey with a lot of struggles but you will see that all the sacrifice is worth the […]

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Kindle Publishing- 7th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

Kindle Publishing: 7th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

What can I say, this month has been a steady month very similar to last month, I now have 12 book published, 4 towards the last few days of the month so those ones are difficult to assess on the grand scheme of my earnings after not applying all the techniques with them.  So lets […]

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