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Kindle Software You Should Get!

Kindle Software You Should Get!

Running a Kindle business can be a hard task and doing it on your own can make the task even harder, luckily there are different types of software to help you with your Kindle business. I personally use three pieces of software, all of which make my life easier, help me complete tasks quicker and […]

Kindle Publishing: 6th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

Kindle Publishing- 6th Month Progress With My Amazon Kindle Business

I am now starting to realise that Kindle publishing can be a difficult business.  Something you can not take it lightly, you always have to be on the ball and looking to improve your business.  You have to maintain your business or your business will die!     This month has been another fruitful month, […]

KDROI Review – How To Easily Publish Your Book To 30 websites

Review of KDROI - How To Easily Publish Your Book To 30 websites

Promoting Kindle books can be one of the most time consuming tasks in your kindle business, your time is better spent on aspects which will grow your business such as producing new books.  However if you don’t promote your book your sales may lag behind your competitors.  Promoting your kindle books is a mind numbing […]

K Money Mastery: 5th Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business

The 5th month has come around since I started K Money Mastery and things are really starting to look up for me.  My revenue from my books have gone up two and a half times since last month and I am more excited than ever to see what will happen in future months.     […]

Doubts I Have Whilst Building My Kindle Business

It has been a bumpy road with many ups, downs and a constant learning process along the way.  It has been over 4 months since I started K Money Mastery course and just over 3 months since I published my first book, and I have had many doubts about whether this can really work, but […]

K Money Mastery: 4th Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business

I have now been going through the K Money Mastery course for four months and now things are getting better for me.  I am starting to see some better numbers and the strategy I am using is working.  Compared to my first two books I published my success has been higher when publishing a book for […]

K Money Mastery: 3rd Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business

K Money Mastery 3rd Month Progress

  K Money Mastery course has kept me focused on my goal of becoming location independent entrepreneur, this month I implemented more things that I forgot to do from the start of the course and learnt from the mistakes I made the previous month.     First Week The first day of sales went excellent […]

KDSPY Review: How To Make Kindle Book Niche Research Easy

KDSPY, How to find a profitable niche

Having started my Amazon kindle book business with two books in November I was really excited to start this new business and spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect niches for my first two books.  Even though I felt happy to do this, this task took me hours of searching before I […]

K Money Mastery Progress: Free 5 Day Promotion On Amazon Kindle


The free five day promotion for my kindle book has just finished.  The free five day promotion is a time when you can promote your book, have a lot of sales which will help boost your books Amazon Best seller Rank and also is a great opportunity to have people sign onto your email list.  These […]

Selling Kindles Books on Amazon: My Progress with K Money Mastery

Selling Kindle books with Amazon Blog Post cover

I first heard about selling kindle books on amazon through a pod cast.  After finished listening I took a close look into the course and did my research on the course, scoured the web for more information and I found out that other people had been having success with the course.  I watched many videos, […]