How To Create a Quality Book That People Want To Buy

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How To Create a Quality Book That People Want To Buy

Gone are the days where you can publish a 30-page pamphlet and hope for the best.

Readers just won’t take that kind of crap any more.

Just like every market place, people have become wiser and smart to what is available and the need and expectations rise.

It has taken a few years but the self-publishing community has started to realize this and that in turn has increased what is the minimum standard which is needed for a book to be successful.

I’m not saying you need to produce a 30,000-word book every time, that is just playing a numbers game. You’re better off creating the correct book length and producing something which is just right for the customer.

Yes, some customers will complain a book is too long.

But how do you know what is right length? and what will receive a dismal review?

Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly how to produce a quality book which people want.


Starting With The End in Mind

Whether you’re creating a brand, a book, a video or anything else you should always start by thinking what is the final result I want the end user to achieve from consuming this.

By thinking this way you will change the way you produce and plan things forever.

This is the small key to what will make the difference between you succeeding or failing

Instead what most people tend to do is

  1. Think of a niche
  2. Find some keywords
  3. Produce a book
  4. Pray for the best

If you instead look at the final outcome that the customer wants to achieve you look at your business from a different angle which will ultimately help you achieve a lot more.


How To Plan With The End in Mind?

This is pretty simple, as I just said, look at what the final result you want your customer to be able to achieve from using your product and plan backwards.

Yes, I said backwards.

What this will allow you to do is look at the steps of how they will achieve that final result.

Let’s take a typical sale of a book in reverse.

Customer buys < Looks at the sales page < Clicks on your title < Reads the title and thinks, “Oh this is what I’ve been looking for” < Looks at the keyword search page < Types the keyword into Amazon < Visits

I have highlighted two things you have control over

The title, book cover and description.

These are only part of the equation to producing a quality book but the end goal of your book plays a huge role in them because if you understand your customer and exactly what their problem is, you will understand how to create the right book for them.

If you’re a beginner you’re probably saying how do I learn this stuff?

Pretty simple!

  1. You can go to Youtube and study the hell out of it
  2. Get books off and study copywriting

The problem with the first two is it is not specific to publishing and this can take you down a huge rabbit hole which will ultimately waste time looking at unspecific publishing related content.

What I would suggest as a crash course is Double Your Kindle Sales

Not only will it teach you copywriting but it will show you

  1. Step by step how to research your customer
  2. Understand what they want.
  3. Create a title which draws them in like a bear to honey
  4. And write a description which is so irresistible they just have to have the information inside.


Book Goals

As I said previously, every book should have a goal.

Without one your basically just writing a book, and no one wants another book which will fill up their book shelf and collect dust.

Instead, people are looking for you to solve their problems.

I wanted to leave it there and be dramatic but there’s a bit more I need to expand on.


As with the end goal, you need to be thinking what is the big problem you will solve for the user, it doesn’t have to be every problem they have.

That wouldn’t be good for the user!

That’s like mixing chocolate and strawberry ice cream together.

unspecific copywriting

And I just don’t want to eat strawberry with chocolate, give me chocolate, GOD DAMN IT!!!

By mixing too many end goals in you will have a book which doesn’t really solve a specific problem and will be more lukewarm than helping anyone.

So choose one thing to help the reader with and keep that other problem for the next book.



Now you have your book subject you want to start researching about the customer, finding out their wants, needs and ultimately their biggest problems they’re having.

By doing this research you will find new problems that you would have never thought of, giving you new ideas for the book you’re writing and future books.


How & Where To Research

Think of where people are hanging out and where they say their happiness or frustrations?

That’s right, Facebook, forums and online communities.

book research python forums

These are the first place you need to be looking.

Go in and look at what the people are saying, you will find some truly honest things, good and bad which will help you to start understanding your customer in better detail.

But don’t forget the source of where your books will be.


Your efforts should also be focused on looking through the reviews on your competitor’s books, good and bad.

This will require a lot of sieving through hundreds of reviews to find what you need which can take anywhere from an hour or a few hours to get what you need but this is another vital step.

Amazon Review


Just look at this review, she tells specifically that the book is missing instructional details. Something you must include in your book.

One of the many problems you can solve for this reader

However, beware!

Not all reviews are what you think. Some are fake reviews are planted by a virtual assistant to assist in giving some books fake social proof.

This will do absolutely no good for your research and give you a false idea of what your target customer wants and needs.

Bad Amazon Review


This review is praising the book and it also has grammatical errors which are tell tell signs of a non-native writing the review.

Not all glowing reviews will be fake, but just a typical sign to look out for.

Nowadays this is less of a problem, as Amazon deletes many reviews which have the tell-tale signs of a review swap, but they are still out there.


Title & Outline


Your research is complete, you will need to craft a title which does two things.

Ranks your book while at the same time makes the customer want to buy your book over all the other ones.

To rank your book you will need to include relevant keywords in your title to tell Amazon’s algorithm your book is about that subject.

This is not keyword stuffing but keyword stuffing with skill.

You see, if you can put the keywords into your title in a way which allows your customer to see your book is relevant but at the same time, the book is for them your on to a winner.

You want to avoid a spammy looking title, but keyword stuffing without skill.

Just wait, I have a title which has some skill in it in just a moment.

Look at this example for python

Amazon Search

In the drop-down menu, you can see the most relevant search terms people are typing into Amazon when search for the term ‘python’.

You can include some of these in your title as long as it is relevant.

A quick title for python programming would be.


Python Programming: The Simplified Version of How To Use Python Machine Learning To Effectively Automatize everyday tasks For Beginners


I came up with that title in 5 minutes, just to show you how you can use certain keywords to rank for expanded keywords while also hitting the customer’s pain points.

If you remember from the review the customer was frustrated that it was missing instructional guide, this is why I included simplified and beginners in there so they knew it was for them.

As long as the book is about python programming for machine learning you should have no problems with this title.

I would try to improve it a little first.



The outline is important whether you’re writing the book yourself or having it outsourced.

Think of it like this.

You’re taking a trip for the weekend and you want to visit a few places while your there.

Would you

  • A) Wing it and just go with the flow
  • B) Plan to make the most of your time while you’re there.

Now, although your planning your trip you don’t have to be time sensitive, it is an outline of what you will do, and when you will do it.

This way you will be able to have a much better trip.

By having an outline for your book you will be able to effectively know exactly what you want in your book.

As I have all my books written by a writing company I like to give them direction so they know what I want. If I left it up to them I know I would get something which the writer thinks is good but not what I planned.

But with an outline, it leaves no guesswork and you will get the book you asked for instead of some crap.


Writing The Book

You have two options when it comes to writing the book you can write it yourself or you can outsource it.

If you decide to write it yourself I would use Pomodoro timers to help you, this is 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off.

I use this when I write every post.

This helps with writing at speed. Also, check out my post 10 steps to write your next killer post.

It helps me write posts in just a few hours, some in no time at all.

This one took me 2 hours from start to finish.

If you’re on the other side and outsource the whole writing process you have two options

  1. A writing company
  2. A freelancer

There are advantages of both


A Writing Company

By using a writing company you don’t have the headache of having to hire someone, you just give the book outline to the company and they have it written in a set time limit.

They have written many books and know the type of style that is needed however be very careful when choosing your writing company as you can have a very generic book despite your best attempts.

Remember they’re hiring freelance writers who are just churning out content.

The quality of your book will depend on how much you spend, but at the same time, I have seen this can vary.

My last two books I had written both came back with a very generic feel, it was a churned out content.

I was not happy, to say the least.

After checking through the book I highlighted every single point that I was not happy with.

It did take 3 rewrites to finally get what I wanted but that is the problem with paying a lower rate.


Freelance Writer

These can be some of the best writers you can hire.

If you’re just starting out I highly recommend staying away from freelance writers, just because you don’t have enough experience.

Stick with a writing company to start.

This again can be hit or miss, but I feel with a freelance writer you will have a better quality book and the book will be more relatable to the reader as you can choose the writer you want, whereas you are shooting blanks with the writing company.

What I mean by this is generally when a writer loves and knows a lot about a subject they will generally write a better book as they will know more nitty-gritty details about the subject, giving you a book which may surprise you.

So whether you choose a company or a freelancer just be aware they both have their advantages and disadvantages


Final Production

Once you have your book written and you’re happy with it, it’s time to proofread and edit it.

Although some people will say you’re not creating a masterpiece this is vital to a books success and a proofreader can start from around $0.004 per word on

Yes, I have found quality ones for this cheap.

You might be able to avoid this step if you hire a writing company with this service included


Final Thoughts

You should now have the outline to produce a book that you and your customers will love. Something you will be proud to produce.

With the publishing space getting more competitive and the quality of books rising you need to be staying on top of your game.

I always believe learning and executing is the best way to progress.

Earlier I did mention Double Your Kindle Sales which I feel is a must for all publishers to stay a step ahead of their competition.

This will not only help you with your book but will shift your mindset on how you create and publish your books.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did share it with someone you know it will help




  • 22/01/2019

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