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Discovery Hubba Co-Working Space in Bangkok Review

Discovery Hubba is another co-working space which has popped up in Bangkok.  Co-working spaces are a great place to get work done away from home.  This is part of the Hubba network of co-working spaces and makes a great addition with a different feel to the other two.  Hubba has three co-working spaces in Bangkok.  Their Siam facility is one which is located downtown Bangkok.  I only spent a day there but I got a good feel for the place.

Discovery Hubba is located in Siam Discovery shopping mall in a small and compact space but it has everything you need to get a good days work done.



Discover Hubba co-working space is one big room.  The layout feels a bit too open when you first come in, there is a feeling of anyone can watch you from the outside, but after you have settled in you don’t think that any more and just get on with your work.

The space is clean and professional, the only sound you hear is the soft music in the background which is not disturbing for your work.

It has a professional feel to it, everyone is doing their work getting on with what they need to do.



How Was My Work Day?

Working here was good and I got a lot done, I got into my zone and nothing really distracted me from what I was doing.  Even with some people moving about you don’t notice it.  I was able to blast out a lot of work while at the same time I did not feel tired at the end of the day.  It was nice to have a change from Hubba Ekkamai.



The kitchen has all the basics you need, an area to prepare your food, a microwave, free water, coffee and a fridge to keep your food and drinks cool.



Relax Area

Located at the back of the co-working space separated by sliding doors is the relaxation area.  This area is for what it says, relaxing.  There are arm chairs with foot stools which give you a great view of Bangkok, I saw a few people taking a nap there.    This is a quiet area for people to get away from their work and just switch off their mind or have something to eat.


The full view



The other half of the relax area is filled with sofa’s and bean bags, if you’re like me and love a bean bag to jump onto and get comfortable this area is perfect for you.




Supplies for creativity or writing.



Or if you want to get some planning done or have lunch you can.discovery-hubba-co-working-space

I really like this area as it gives you a place to get away from your work and truly relax even though it is right next to your work place.



Located on the 4th floor of Siam Discovery.  To get there, when you get off the BTS enter Siam Center shopping mall which is connected to the BTS, walk through the shopping mall till you get to the end.  You should see the Siam Discover entrance, then just take the lift to the 4th floor.

You can also watch the video at the top of this post to see how to get there


The prices are very affordable as shown below.

hubba-coworking-space prices


Overall Thoughts

I like Discovery Hubba, it has a good area for working and you didn’t feel like you were being intruded on even though there is a big window with an open view to the whole of the shopping public in Siam Discovery.

The space was quiet and this allowed me to get some serious work done without distractions, the only two downsides are the opening time and everybody generally keeps themselves to themselves.  I did however have some brief chats with some of the members there.

The opening time as I said above is another downside.  I like to get in early to start work but I couldn’t as it opens at 10am which caused me to have to work in a cafe before hand.


If you’re in the Siam area or close by this is a good option for you.


Have you ever worked in Hubba Discovery?

What are your thoughts, let me know by commenting below.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Hubba Discovery check out Hubba’s website:






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  • 21/02/2017