Double Your Kindle Sales Review, Will The Course Help You Do Just That?

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Double Your Kindle Sales Review – Can You Double Your Royalties With This Course?

Double your Kindle Sales makes a huge claim that it can double your Kindle income.

But can it really?

Many courses that came before have made claims that just failed to be true.

I’m here to strip down the course and see whether Ollie is, in fact, telling the truth or if he’s just another BS artist with a fancily named course.



What Type of Course is This?

Double your Kindle Sales is a complementary course to any Kindle publishing course.

Its main aim is to teach you the essential copywriting skills to help transform any mediocre title, description or book content and turn it desirable to customers.


How Did Double My Kindle Profits Come To Life?

Ollie El-GorrOllie El-Gorr, yes that guy riding the Ostrich started publishing books back in August 2017.

With his first few books not making much money, he knew he had to change something or he would become just another mediocre Kindle publisher on Amazon.

He delved deep into the Amazon Kindle store looking for an answer.  After days of searching he started to notice all the best selling books had 3 things in common:

  1. Different covers
  2. Emotion-driven titles
  3. Copy driven descriptions.


Ollie already had high quality copywriting skills and he knew he could put them into practice, so he set out to create books people want based on the above points.

He used his honed copywriting skills to start producing books which outdid the competition while presenting the covers, titles and descriptions as something which customers would want.

After using these techniques on several of his books, his royalties steadily started to increase. He then realized he was on to something, he continually tested this on new books and below and behold his income continually rose.

Ollie knew he had to share his message with the world.

And then he bred life to Double Your Kindle Sales.


if you prefer to see the video review here it is

Course Introduction

Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Welcome

This is a quick introduction to Ollie, his backstory and what the course is about.

This lesson delves into the uses of copywriting so that you can understand how well-written copy can transform mediocre writing into a sales driven message even without people knowing they’re being sold to.



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Customer Research

The 8 Reasons People Buy

Ollie doesn’t ease you in, he starts you off with a bang!

You need to be fully focused while watching this lesson or you won’t grasp the concept of what is taught. There are a lot of copywriting terms and if you decide to skip or miss anything you’ve essentially blocked your ability to understand the rest of the course.

This lesson goes straight to the 8 reasons why people buy things.  Tapping into peoples emotions to remove any barrier people put up and disclose the real reason why someone is really holding out from the sale.

Ollie really delves deep here, he helps you understand the barrier you think is holding someone back is actually not the real reason, it’s just one thing they’re saying to get out of being sold to when really it’s something a lot deeper.

If you’re new to copywriting you’ll have to watch this video several times until the message sinks in.  Once you understand those principles, your mind will really open up to the possibilities on how you can change your current books and your new books orientated towards what people really want.

Lastly, you will also learn about what the hook is and how to make your book stand out in the crowded marketplace.


Why you Need to research your Customer

In this lesson, Ollie helps you understand that selling is only half the job, you first need to be able to research your customer effectively.  There’s no point selling to someone if they’re no demand for the product.

The 40, 40, 20 rule is next and he shows you how this can be applied to your book business to help you sell more books and that copywriting isn’t even the first thing you should be looking at.

But once you do have your market and you’re selling you need to decide whether to go with the emotion or logic approach.  One is more powerful than the other and Ollie backs it up with science.

kindle keyword research


How To Research Your Customers

If you want to understand your customer you need to get the backstory on them, this includes some targeted research. Ollie shows you where to look for customer information on and off Amazon. You’ll be surprised that in some niches you won’t just be looking in the Kindle store but outside of it too.

Ollie shows you which specific parts of product pages you need to look at to do the most targeted research.  Off Amazon, he shows you the websites where you can find the vital and invaluable information which real people are sometimes putting their heart out into the world.  This is basically gold when writing copy.

Ollie shows you how you can make this a one-time thing and only spend 2-3 hours for your entire book series and have ideas for multiple books.  I’d say that’s a short period of time to get targeted information for your books.

At the end of the lesson, he gives you your first action task which is to watch a video of a woman and understand why she wants to do a specific thing.

A checklist is also included and he asks you to ask yourself about your audience.


Live Customer Research

Ollie goes live!

He shows you first hand how to easily find valuable information about your target customer.

Everything he’s taught has been leading to this lesson and is a great round off to this module while cementing everything previously taught in your mind.

Ollie’s experience shows as he easily grabs specific sentences which come from the heart of people.  As he goes through this process, he explains the power of each sentence and how you can use them effectively while highlighting points which you can add to your books content, title and description.

After watching this you will be asking yourself, “Why wasn’t I doing this kind of research from the start?”

Once you apply this, not only will it produce higher quality ideas but will also produce books which readers will want.

This made me realize that I didn’t do enough research upfront when creating my books despite thinking I was.

The breakdown and speed are truly amazing to watch.

Although Ollie does this effortlessly this is something beginners will need to work on to see the specific copy/emotion driven words. Luckily once you’ve got the course you can watch this lesson again and again.

live book research



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Headlines

Book Titles

Ollie’s Title approach is simple, he breaking it down into three key types of titles for specific types of people.

Once you understand the difference between them you’ll be able to use them specifically to create very powerful headlines which will envoke a specific emotion in someone increasing the chance they click on your book.


Book Descriptions

Ollie explains the power of the headline of the description and how this can further influence the sale of your book.

If you’re wondering, the description headline is the part before people click ‘Read More’

I like how he expands and lets you know every part, from the title to the description are all interconnected to each other.

At this stage, you may still be a bit confused but you will be able to see the things which you can implement in your own books.

That is OK as learning copywriting is a skill and will take time.

I like how this part is broken down and once you understand the power of selling one sentence at a time, you will see how powerful your book description is.



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Your Book Description

Storytelling, Problem Solving & Building Trust

This lesson is all about how to build credibility, likeability, and relatability, and how they all are key factors to making someone go through and click the buy button for your book.

Ollie demonstrates how to quickly and easily build rapport with your potential customer and make them say yes and agree with you behind their computer screen. So powerful when selling!

This is another lesson which relates back to the first research lesson, if you know about your customer, writing your description for them becomes a lot easier as you’ll be able to use their language.



Oh wow, the break down of the bullets was another mind opening lesson.

Ollie teaches how to effectively use bullet points to evoke your customer’s curiosity and how just one bullet point can lead to the sale of the whole book.

After this lesson, you will understand how bullet points can truly add specific points about the book without giving anything away which will make the customers want to buy your book.

If you get this right, this should excite and push your customer further along the buying cycle.


Dealing with Customer Objections

A customer will always have something which is stopping them from purchasing your book.

Ollie shows you what those objections are and how to easily overcome them.


The Call to Action

This is a short lesson on the wording to use in your call to action (The end section to tell people to buy).

Ollie quickly explains how to word this final sentence and how this doesn’t need to be complicated.



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Tying Everything Together


As with any writing you do you need to be checking your work, your first draft will never be your best work.

As I like to say “your first draft is just a barfing of words onto the page.” You then go back through and check it all makes sense and flows well.

Ollie covers just that, plus how to change the voice of your copy so your customer becomes the main subject of each sentence and what reading level you need to keep your writing at so everyone can understand it.


What not to include

Lastly, he gives you some online tools which will help you optimize your descriptions for higher conversions.



In this lesson, Ollie covers the vital specifics of what will make your description stand out while not making your potential customer want to claw their eyes out and move on to the next book.

Yes, that can happen!

He explains it’s all about the structure which makes it easier for them to read.  If it’s too much of one thing or too little of another it just won’t work.

And the headers, bolding, italics and bullet points also play a huge role and how these can turn a nasty description into something which is a true joy to read.

Lastly, he links to a description tool which will help you structure your description the way you want it.



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - The Writing Process

How to Get Started & Avoiding Writer’s Block

This lesson is a vital part of the course and something I use every day within my writing to help me write quickly and effectively.

I know I shouldn’t reveal anything from the course but this part I will.

The technique Ollie uses is the Pomodoro technique which is 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off.

With this powerful technique, you solely focus all your energy on writing for a 25 minute period before taking a 5-minute break which you just relax your brain and do nothing work related!

I feel he does miss out on the 4 quarter technique if you plan on doing this all day: Every 2 hours take a 30-minute break. The 30-minute break will allow your brain to really relax and when you start again you will feel a whole new lease of energy.

As a tip, I only write my blog for 2 hours every day.

Only spending 2 hours a day allows you to write the most effective as your brain can’t function at the high rate of writing copy effectively for 10 hours straight. It will just fry your brain.

pomodoro timer



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Bonus Lessons

Instructing Your Outsource Writers & Hiring Copywriters

Ollie’s way of creating a book is backward, to say the least.

The traditional way that we all think we should be publishing is tipped on its head with his method and it makes sense!

After assessing it, there are a few reasons how it can produce higher quality books mainly because you’re being very specific in what you tell the writing companies or writer.

This way you won’t get some crap rehashed content from Google.


Copywriting for AMS Ads

This is nothing new here compared to what has already been previously taught, Ollie has pretty much-covered everything in previous lessons.

What he does cover is what type of copy to use to create a higher click-through rate on your ads.

amazon marketing services



Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Book Description Critiques

This is the juiciest part of the course!

Ollie looks first hand at titles and book descriptions on Amazon.

He analyzes each book and gives the good, the bad and the ugly parts.

Some of the books he rips them to pieces and puts them back together.

However, he doesn’t destroy all of the books.

He saves one book for praise!

This book he loves everything about it, specifically highlighting why it’s so good and how every part just rolls off the tongue.


Book Bundles

The book bundles lesson is a wonderful wealth of knowledge.  Most self-publishing course will tell you to do bundles, give you a price point and be done with it.  Ollie, however, goes a lot deeper into the subject and gives marketing and psychological reasons behind why you should do the bundles and just some of the things that have brought him success with them.

New or experienced publisher you are going to learn a thing or two about bundling your books, some of the things he goes over were new to me which I’m now applying to my own bundles.

Within the lesson he covers

  1. The 4 big reasons to bundles your books
  2. The psychology of a bundle customer
  3. A simple tweak to get more royalties from bundles
  4. How to do bundle titles
  5. Effective bundle covers
  6. Description tweaks for bundles
  7. The most effective price strategy for bundles
  8. Some of his personal bundling rules for Kindle, paperback, and ACX.

This lesson alone could be worth the price of the course with the number of royalties it will bring to you.


Email Marketing

Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Email Marketing

This part has been a recent addition to the course but when you think about it marketers have made millions of dollars with email marketing and currently, it is one of the best marketing platforms to build a personal relationship with your customer.  Adding this module is perfect as this is yet another way to increase your book sales if done in the right way.

Ollie has skipped teaching you how to set up a landing page and opt-in and that was a good move as people can do a quick Youtube search and find more than enough videos showing you how to do this.  Instead, he focuses on the vital information needed which will help you use email for your books successfully.

Ollie starts with mindset and thinking about the end in mind, something I use regularly as this will give you more direction in anything you do because you know the exact direction you’re taking.

He has you covered on getting people to subscribe to your email list with what free bribe you should and shouldn’t be using and why some are so bad they will do more damage than good.  Next, he goes onto the landing pages and sign-up form and how to write these so you get a higher rate of conversion, he does add in a few screenshots so you can visualize what he is talking about.  Also, he gave his thoughts on single vs double opt-in and which one will work better for your business.

Next, he covers free vs paid autoresponders and the advantages of the paid one instead of a free one.  The reasons he gives will be vital to the success of the emails you send.  He does make a good point about why you should be using a paid one.

As you’ve already been through the course the headlines and body copy will be familiar to you. If by this stage you’ve already written and published 4 books using the headline techniques taught in the course then writing these types of subject lines using this style will come a bit easier to you, however, it will still take work to learn and get better with this.

Despite this, the foundation Ollie lays out gives you enough to start with and become creative with your email subject lines, so despite whether you think your good, OK or bad now this will improve over time like any skill that’s practiced.

When it comes to the body copy of the email the foundation of what types of emails and the style you can send is covered.  This does go deep and you may have to go over this a few times to understand what he is really getting at.

I would have liked to see a swipe file of headlines and email body text that have been used using this style.  This would help students see a variety of different styles to cement what has been taught.

Ollie goes over some what he calls ‘Email Extras’, this is more again about mindset screw ups people will have and more little nuggets to help with your email marketing.

Lastly, he covers the sequence he uses when someone new subscribes and when he is launching a book.

email marketing kindle


If you want to understand how he does his emails I recommend subscribing to his email list where he sends you daily emails.  He uses the same style as Ben Settle which is a very refreshing style of email to receive, you actually look forward to receiving his emails.  Ollies and Ben’s are two emails that I will open to learn how to improve my own emails.


Keyword Research

Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Keyword Research

Ollie dives into keyword research in the simplest of manners, although this is not a keyword research lesson he gives a great overview of how keyword research works and what has brought him success in his publishing business.

He not only covers the basics of what makes a keyword profitable but he goes into other factors which you should be looking at when analyzing whether to pursue a keyword on not.

Here are some of the points he covers.

  1. Authority vs mini authority authors and whether it is advisable to enter the keyword with these types of books within the keyword or not.  This could mean the difference between your book having success or being dead from day 1.
  2. Reviews and how many you can reasonably compete against to have a chance at ranking your book while at the same time the do’s and don’ts of reviews for ranking.
  3. Short vs long tail keywords and whether one is better than the other.

Although Ollie is pre-selling two courses the way he does it should be admired as he does it like any copywriter should, not thinking you are being sold to.  I really did learn a few things about pre-framing the mindset from the way he shot these lessons.


Rapid Publishing Keywords

The most comprehensive keyword research course on the market which will help you find profitable niches and keywords within 48 hours even if you’re a complete beginner.


Elite Keyword Mastermind

A done for you keyword research service which gives you three new keywords every month to publish a book in.




Double Your Kindle Sales Review - Resources

To add to the ever-growing wealth of knowledge, Double Your Kindle Sales adds in materials to back up the course.  Each one complements specific parts of the course.

The power words are words and phrases you can add to your copy.  They’ve tested and proven throughout the years by marketers to convert customers at a higher percentage.  This is good to refer back to if you’re stuck for a word when creating your title or description.

Although this is a publishing course Ollie is all about copywriting and what works, he shares places outside of Amazon that can help you produce higher quality copy for your books, when you see this you won’t believe how simple this is.

The book description template complements the description part that’s already been taught, it gives you a visual of the outline you need to write while it also has a full description written by Ollie.  You can model this template for your first few descriptions.

To finish off, if Double Your Kindle Sales has already blown you away get ready to have your socks blown off again.  I don’t know what he’s up to but this just makes the course feel underpriced.  He’s giving away his inside secrets to what has brought him success, this document alone is very valuable.  You get to skip the hard process and get straight to what works.


The Facebook Group

One of the biggest parts of the course is the community you become part of.

The Facebook group allows you to interact with other members and the main man himself Ollie.

Ollie is in the group on a daily basis to answer any questions you have.

This resource is invaluable as there will be some concepts you may just not understand and you need that bit of extra help and the community is there to help you.

double your kindle sales facebook group


Who is Double Your Kindle Sales For?

Double Your Kindle Sales is for any publisher who wants to convert more customers into sales.

Helping you optimize your books descriptions, titles and create better books customers will enjoy.

If you’re just starting out the information may overwhelm you but I would highly advise learning anyway as one little nugget from the course can totally change your books.

Just like Kindle publishing, copywriting is a new skill which takes time to understand and get good at. But if you’re determined to learn this course will be perfect for you.


Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Course

If you’re looking for a magic bullet or solution I would stay very clear of this course.

Ollie is teaching you vital skills which will help improve the conversion rate of your books.

If you do decide to move forward and don’t put the effort in not only will you be wasting your money but your time too.


Is It Worth The Cost?

With the price at $197 or $77 in 3 installments.

yes, it is!

This course has the potential to take your business to the next level and skip a huge and expensive learning curve.

If you’re already earning a couple of hundred dollars a month from your Kindle business it is time to invest.
Once you implement the copywriting skills correctly it can hugely impact your business and royalties.


What I Like

It’s a Copywriting course: To start, I love the fact this course uses copywriting to sell books.

So many publishers lack this side of the publishing model and focus on just pumping out books without even considering their product page which everyone selling a product online knows how important that is.

Teaching style: Saying this is Ollie’s first course he’s got a clean and clear teaching style, he breaks the complex subject of copywriting into easy bite-sized chunks which anyone can understand.

Live research: The live research phase removes any fears or doubts someone might have about understanding your target customer.

Examples: I really like how he shows you what titles and descriptions are good and which ones just suck. Something which you can easily model your own books on or not!

Pomodoro Technique: My favourite technique, I love he’s included this one in as it’s a classic.

Resources: This section is full of gold, some which really help but aren’t even part of the course.


What I Don’t Like

I tried, I really tried to find a lot of things which I didn’t like and I failed!

There are only two things Double Your Kindle Sales doesn’t do.

Ollie went to the trouble of showing how to do research but didn’t follow through with that.

No live title formation: He didn’t show how to create a title live.

No live description formation: He didn’t show how to write a description live based on his notes.



Double Your Kindle Sales Bonus

My way of saying thank you for going through my link I will be giving you some amazing bonuses.

  1. KEYWORD FINDING COURSE: My 4 Keywords Search Strategy Course.
  2. EXCLUSIVE COPYWRITING TALK: A copywriting talk with me and Ollie as we dive deeper into copywriting for Kindle publishing.
  3. BOOK ASSESSMENT: I will assess one of your books to help you with any changes that are needed.


Keyword Finding Course

I will give you access to my 4 of my top strategies to easily find Kindle keywords.


Exclusive Copywriting Talk

Me and Ollie dive deeper into the world of copywriting and Ollie’s course and show you more ways to use copywriting to improve your books.


Book Assessment

I will assess one of your books and give you feedback on it.


Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your exclusive bonuses visit Double Your Kindle Sales through my link or go to

To claim your bonuses once you’ve purchased the course send an email to with a copy of your receipt and I’ll send the bonuses straight to you.


Should You Buy It?

With little to nothing bad about the course, it is a resounding yes.

Double Your Kindle Sales allows you to improve your Kindle books title, description and book content easily. Ollie even has a resources section where he gives you extra tips on increasing your profits further.

This course is undervalued at the moment and I have told Ollie he should raise the price. $197 is a bargain when you compare all of the pros and profits it will bring you.

This course gets my backing and is now a front page course too.

To get Double Your Kindle Sales visit.

In this post, I do use affiliate links. These won’t cost you anything extra however it will let me know you value my content.


Thanx for reading.


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