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Drop Shipping Progress Week 1

Ever since I started this new journey it has been a hard road, now things are starting to speed up and gaining momentum, even though we are hitting some obstacles we keep pushing and progressing forward.




As you know from my last post Drop Shipping In The USA From Canada, me and Andrew decided to do drop shipping in the USA with a Canadian partnership.   This is the first of four weekly progress reports.

Welcome to week one.



By now we wanted to already have our niche, unfortunately we haven’t been able to find it but we are really close.  We have one niche which we are 90% sure will work, but have to do a little more research to see if it is viable.  It has been a difficult week.

By now we should already have our niche and dummy store ready, but I feel this is only a slight delay.

The advantage of doing good niche research  is now we have 6 other potential niches which we can use for future stores.


Take This Serious!

I am guilty, very guilty of thinking this would be a breeze that I could do multiple things at once when really I should have been putting all my efforts into this.  After coming to the realization this week that our efforts were slowed down because of me, I am now 110% in and concentrating all my efforts on this project.

I have to treat this like a business if I am to make this profitable.

This realization came to me after Andrew was doing a lot of the digging in regards to the Canadian partnership start up and I was relying on him to sort it all out.  After I started to do my part and researched into the Canadian partnership that’s when things started to move forward quicker, the problem Andrew has is he works a job and does not have as much free time as myself.

I believe we’re now both on the same page, we will make this successful and get our first sale within the 28 days.

It takes mistakes to learn and become a better you.


What Now?

We have to finalise our niche and get our dummy store up and running before we move forward.

This weekend and next week will be a lot of hard work and I believe we can get there.


Thanx for following along on the journey





  • 29/07/2016

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