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Drop Shipping Progress: Week 2

Oh wow, second week is over and we are now getting close to our goal, I feel we are very close but so far away at the same time.  Strange but true.  We are progressing well as I will talk about today.


It has been a hard but fruitful week for us, we have finally got a few things sorted and now moving in the right direction.



We decided on the niche we will be moving forward with.  It kind of fell into place like magic, we found more drop ship competitors and suppliers and this helped with our final decision.  Through all of the hard struggle and our up hill climb it is now becoming easier.  Even though the niche research was a very hard part of the process I would do it all again just because I know there is a shining light at the end of the road.



Creating a store through Shopify is very easy, it is just a few clicks and you are done with how it looks, there is no coding involved.  Part of the course you are taught step by step how to create a store, there is a lot of variation so you can make the store look exactly how you want it to.  I really can not believe how simple it was to do.  If you are a complete beginner and don’t know how to do anything on Shopify the course teaches you how to do everything or you can simply use Shopify’s resources to learn yourself, there is a whole library full of information and videos.

We first added the products to the site and then edited it.  It took a total of 1 hour to have the dummy store set up with the store looking the way we wanted.



The cheapest place to go when creating a logo is Fiverr.com, simply type in logo and many gigs will appear with varying amounts of reviews.  When choosing a gig get at least a level 2 seller with many reviews and also look for 24 hours completion.  We selected one seller who made four different logo concepts, this was worth it as he created three which were not to our liking but one which fitted perfectly with our store.



Again Fiverr.com was the choice for creating our banners.  Searching for a banner was a bit harder as most of the sellers would do one but it would take them a few days, we needed it in 24 hours.  Instead I created a gig request and stated I needed it finishing in 24 hours.  We had 30 applications, I deleted people with under 20 reviews, over 24 hours to finish.  Out of these I select 5 gigs.  It cost $25 but it was worth it as we got a variety of different banners.  Some of the gigs got back to us in 3 hours, some took 10 hours, some took the whole 24 hours.  Out of these we had 5 different banners, 3 of them we will be using for the store.



Using Fiverr.com

Anyone using Fiverr.com should order multiple gigs as this will give you a variety.  Allowing you to choose whichever one you feel best fits the design of your website.


What’s Next?

The clock is ticking and ticking fast, we have 14 days which includes today.  I am feeling the pressure, the worst thing is now it is Friday and the suppliers won’t be open on the weekend.  But as it will be day time during the USA so I can start calling suppliers tonight.  I want to get our first supplier or suppliers tonight so Andrew can start adding products to our site over the weekend.

Me and Andrew will be working separate rolls.  I will be calling the suppliers and Andrew will be adding the products.  This makes it easier as Andrew works 9-5 and won’t be able to make those calls.  I have some late nights ahead of me but this will be worth it, a week worth of calling to create another income stream is really worth the effort.  This is a mammoth task but I feel we will succeed!


Setting a Goal

I never thought the goal of the 18th August would motivate me and increase my work ethic, but it has!  I am actually worried now that I will not hit the goal and disappoint you my readers, myself and Andrew.  I never realized how much a goal would cause an up in my motivation and give me the push I really needed all along.

I feel it is always good to set a goal as this will not let you slack, it will allow you to progress forward quicker, the worst thing you can do is miss that goal.


Picture by Nick Youngson


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I hope you are enjoying the journey



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