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Drop Shipping Progress: Week 3

The pressure is on, the time is ticking, seven days to go, can we make this happen??

There is a Yes and a No in my head in regards to our success.  This week was a good week, but also it sucked!


So it is on!  Time is ticking, only seven days left.  I am confident we can do this as a lot of the hard work has already been done, just time will tell if we can achieve our first sale in time.


Adjusting The Body Clock

This week has been horrible one for my body and my body clock, it all started on Friday, I started to stay up late so I could adjust the time my body thought it was suppose to be awake, my aim was to tell it to be up at night and sleep time was 7am.  The first night I stayed up till 2am before I fell asleep, the second night was 5am, and then it was the same for Sunday also.  I wanted to work all night so I could get as many calls done as quickly as possible, the work night started at 8pm and would end at 7am.  This was harsh but so totally worth it as it only ment one to two weeks of this small sacrifice in time so I could create a another passive income stream.


Calling Suppliers

I was nervous calling suppliers when I started, all of my other business ventures didn’t require me to actually speak to someone.  This was something I had to prepare myself for.  I spent around 1-2 hours writing out scripts for every possible situation that could happen so I sounded professional to the people I was calling and didn’t become a stuttering mess.  I practiced the scripts, recorded myself to listen to what I sounded like.  After a lot of practice I was ready to go.  I started to call the suppliers and it was easier than I thought.  It wasn’t some mean company who didn’t want to work with me, every person I spoke with was eager and listening.  The more calls I made the more confident I became and when someone did ask why their product was on my site I was able to tell them why, I didn’t look at the script I had written it just came out free flow, it was really amazing.


Getting Approved

The aim for this new business is to be approved by suppliers so we can start selling their items and make money, fortunately we have two suppliers who we have already been approved with, which is an amazing feeling.  Two more suppliers have sent me forms which I have to fill out and I have to call back two more suppliers.  I am waiting on over twenty suppliers to get back in contact with me, which if they do not it will be another round of calls on Monday.  The great thing now is Andrew has started uploading products to our website and we can start selling and make our first sale.

My task now is to get the other suppliers on board.



As with getting approved there were some suppliers who we didn’t get approved with for a variety of reasons.  That is not to say they are dead in the water and we will move on.  These ones I will come back to, after we have shown a proven track record of sales, we can show that supplier who said no, a reason for them to work with us.


What Will Happen Now?

We are in the final week and now the pressure is really on.  I slipped up a little bit yesterday as I didn’t work the normal night and went our with friends and I saw this as a huge mistake because two suppliers called me and I was not there to answer the phone which we will see has caused me to lose them as a supplier or not, I don’t think so as I can call them back and make up a good excuse.

The last seven days is more of a waiting game, I will wait for the suppliers to email me back or call me back.  Suppliers who have not called or emailed me back I will go and call them again.

Andrew has a huge job on his hands, he has to upload and optimize the products.  We also have to get our marketing started which will start this weekend.  I really want this to work so bad, there is something big which I want to attend in October but I need to raise $2000 for it, I will tell you more about this in the next post.


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I hope you are enjoying the journey



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  • 12/08/2016

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