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Drop Shipping Progress: Week 4

So it has finally arrived, we have come to the final week and what a week it has been, well what a month it has been! :D.  This has been a whole new level of fun, stress, excitement and hard work.  I didn’t think it would be such a journey but that’s just the fact of thinking one thing and another thing happening.


drop-shipping-in-the-usa-from-canada - Part 4

When I got into this I didn’t think I would be working so hard, night shifts are not fun to tell you the least.  I have been on the caffeine drinks, which I think are more caffeine and sugar than you should put in your body in one shot.



Final Week

This week has been a sprint, more than anything else, a lot of things have had to be done this week and a lot was achieved.  We had to start ads for Google, Facebook and Bing.  The course provided information on this and it helped a lot to get the basics of it down.  Working at night time it is difficult to concentrate sometimes, even though you are stocked up on sugar and caffeine, you feel buzzed for an hour and depressed the next one.



You win some, you lose some!  And this is exactly what happened here, I was the main man on the phone and email to the suppliers.  It was better than I thought with some supplier as I was able to turn around one supplier who said they do not drop ship and then I sold him on becoming a drop shipper for our company, there was an extra fee but it is worth it as it fills out our website with their beautiful products.

As of now we are still working on a few suppliers who are in the umming and erring stage, I just have to sell them the idea and I feel we will get 60% of them.  Then there are the suppliers who said they don’t drop ship or are not taking on new suppliers now, those ones I am going back to them after a month, to show them some proof of our sales and why it will be a beneficial business relationship for them to work with us.

At this moment I really don’t feel our store is fulfilled, it has just over 30 items and I really wanted double that, however we will work with this, as it’s possible to still get sales.



As soon as we got our suppliers in we optimized the store, making our products pages unique, by changing description, updating the SEO of each page so it was better at ranking on Google and gave our product listing ads more of an efficient rank.  We changed quite a few things on each page to give the website a cleaner and more professional look.  In this week we had a new supplier call me up and want to drop ship with us, this company had been on TV and their product endorsed by celebrities, and they commented on how professional our website looks, I feel this is thanks to Shopify as you can make a beautiful looking website very easily and quickly.



This is something I wish we had started earlier.  We started this too late and have suffered, what we did start was Google, Facebook and Bing Ads.  We are tweeking the ads everyday so they become more efficient and more cost effective.



Yes these happened, me and Andrew had our fair share of them, I felt like I wanted to murder him sometimes, and not sure his feelings about that but it all came round in the end.  We are happy friends again for now until we want to kill each other again :D, but this is business, sometimes you will have a disagreement and its all about working them out.


Any Sales?

With a sad and heavy heart the answer is no, what we did achieve is our first abandoned cart.  I feel this is big because someone went through the whole process before leaving the site.  As soon as I saw this I was on the phone to him, but the number didn’t ring.  There could have been two reasons for it, fake order or the fact we were advertising free shipping and he was charged for shipping and left his cart.  We will never know as I haven’t been able to get in contact with him.  I have sent out an email to remind him and will send another one out today.



What Have I Learned

This has been a hard month, and it has been a huge learning experience.  Me and Andrew know exactly what to do to start a store and we can do this a lot faster than last time, we can set up a store and have everything going in 1-2 weeks.  I have new skills which I can now use, even though we didn’t make a sale we can set a store up so much quicker now without the trial and error we had on this store.


What Now?

There are a few tasks, some of the suppliers are in the wild right now, and I have to reel them in, become an approved retailer and put their products on the website which will help to fill out our store more.  Getting our ads converting is another big thing as now we are spending money and not getting a return on it.  The biggest thing for this store is making our first sale, that will be the moment we have both been waiting for and it will come in a matter of time.

Me and Andrew have been discussing about future business and new drop shipping stores, we know we can set up a store very quickly now so we plan to make more of them, we have to first work out the best strategy with the ads and then we can build our next store and get suppliers in a quicker time.

There are very exciting times ahead!


I hope you are enjoying the journey



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  • 19/08/2016

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