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Earnest Affiliate Review – How To Make Money From Your Blog

I have always liked to tell people what I am up to and I wanted a way to keep a record of it too.  I needed somewhere to tell the world what I was doing, so I thought a blog is the best option.  I started a blog over a year ago when I was starting my drop shipping business but I didn’t manage to get that business off the ground.  Opening a business bank account under a Limited Company in the United Kingdom was difficult to do and because of this the business didn’t go anywhere.  You can check out the original blog – maikonltd.com.


How To Make Money From Your Blog - Overview of Earnest Affiliate


After not being able to do the drop shipping business I needed something new to do.  My mind was buzzing around looking for something to fill the void in my time.  Many months passed and I found an online course which taught how to build a Kindle business.  The course was called K Money Mastery and it taught me how to create and publish books, and how to sell those books on Amazon.com.  The first thing I checked was how I would be paid, it was via royalties into my Bank account, this ment no messing around trying to open a business bank account, it was perfect!

I searched around on the internet for more information and found there were many people who blogged after they were successful but there was no one who had started blogging from day one in their journey, I though this would be perfect for myself and any person starting as I and they can see my progress and journey.

As I had previous blogged but wasn’t as successful I decided I needed some guidance.  At the time I was following Johnny FD’s Blog and how how he makes thousands of dollars a month online.  He has just brought out a course which shows you how to start a blog and monetize it at the same time.  I found this a perfect combination.  I went ahead and bought his course Earnest Affiliate.

The course is broken down into 8 modules with several steps within each module, I will give you a guide through the course and what it involves and how it can help you.


Module 1 – Introduction

Johnny introduces you to the benefits of affiliate income and how anyone can become an affiliate marketer.  He tells you the do and don’t of how to build your blog and how to become an authority in the niche you choose.

Earnest Affiliate Module 1 - Introduction


Module 2 – Niche Selection

This module really started to open my mind to the possibilities of affiliate marketing and how I can make money from my blog.  This module showed me how endless the opportunities are!

This module really starts to delve into choosing what products and services you can promote on your blog, whether it be a digital, physical products or both with always the golden rule of having used the product first.

Then it is onto you, Johnny gets you to do homework where you have think of your end goal and how you will achieve it.  once you have this he shows you how you can get paid at the same time.  By the time you have finished this module you will have more of an open mind about the opportunities there is to make money from affiliate marketing.

Earnest Affiliate, Module 2 - Niche Selection


Module 3 – Affiliate Networks

Now you have your list of products which you would like to promote and recommend, you need some how to make some money in the process.  Johnny starts by recommending two of the biggest affiliate networks and walks you through how to sign up, how they work and how much you can earn by using them.

He explains how the affiliate commissions work, how to get your affiliate links so you make money when someone clicks on your link and buys the service.  He also shows you how you can give discounts to your readers.

In the last step he shows the possibilities of how much can be made by showing his own dashboard.  HE MADE THOUSANDS IN 2015!

Earnest Affiliate Module 3 - Affiliate Networks


Module 4 – Blog vs. Website

You now have a big decision to make, whether you will make a blog or a static website.  Confused? Don’t worry Johnny will show you the difference with real live examples of websites and blogs he operates himself whilst showing you the pros and cons of each choice.

Johnny then delves into whether you should go for a free option or paid and the different services you can use to create your blog or website on.  Myself, I personally use WordPress to edit my blog, I use SiteGround for paid hosting and Johnny uses the same.  The free options are good however you do not own any of the content you write where as on your own website you do.

A domain name is next on the agender as you need one to build up your brand and let people know the website is you and not related with some other company for example: WordPress.com: freshbelief.wordpress.com, Blogger.com: freshbelief.blogspot.com or with my own domain: www.freshbelief.com. you can see the difference in how professional it looks.

Do not confuse wordpress.com with wordpress.org

  • WordPress.com = You don’t own the content
  • WordPress.org = You own the content

For a domain name I personally use Name Cheap for all of my domains.  I do this as it keeps all my domains in one place and they offer Whois Guard for free for the first year so spammers can’t find your email and send spammy emails to you.

The third section Johnny talks about what you should name your blog whether you should use your own name or a niche name and how important the dot com (.com) is.

The fourth and final step is creating your website and how long you should spend on creating it.  What theme you should use, why it should be responsive and why you should start collecting emails addresses now.  And if you want a logo made how to do it on Fiverr.com for as little as $5.50.

Earnest Affiliate, Module 4 - Website Platform


Module 5 – Content

Its time to upload you content to your blog however your not going to be making money just yet!  He wants you to build a trust with your audience before anything else so they can see you are genuine and want to help them.

He shows you how you should write your first five posts so your readers get a feel for who you are.  To help you with this Johnny shows you five examples of blog posts which can help you write your first five posts.

After your first five posts have been added its time to start making your recommended resources page and a start here page, both of which are crucial in your sites success.  Johnny goes into detail why.

The 4th step to round everything up is about offering consistent, high quality free value.  And with Johnny’s earnings of $10’000+ a month from affiliate marketing who better to learn from?  He shows you the different ways you can present your content whilst giving examples.  Again everything is down to building trust with your audience, no trust, no one will click on your links.

The last steps Johnny shows how to use subtle marketing, he uses an example of his own personal video he made and demonstrates how important subtle marketing is.  How you can plant a seed in someones head and how this is better then hard selling someone.

After watching this video Johnny invites you to the forum to ask any questions you may have whilst creating your blog which Johnny and other members will help you.  I will write more regarding the forum later.

Earnest Affiliate, Module 5 - Content


Module 6 – Traffic

So now you have your site looking the way you want, you need to get visitors.  Johnny shows you step by step how to get traffic for free.

Johnny shows you how to make your posts rank in google with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  There are many small things in which you would not know mattered but they do, and he reveals all and how they will benefit your site in the long run!

Shareable content is up next, Johnny shows you how to make your posts shareable and what can be shareable in your post.  He uses his own blog as an example to point out which parts are shareable so you have a better understanding.

In step 3 Johnny shows how you can gain traffic from Subtle marketing in forums, groups and social media, and how this is better than direct selling.  And how adding small little things will eventually get people to your recommended resources page and eventually buy from you.  At the end he makes you take action.

One of the biggest forms of traffic on the internet now is social media and Johnny explains how you can take full advantage of this.  He also include Youtube into the mix and how you can easily create a video and those videos can make you more traffic.

The sixth video is regarding podcasting.  He talks about how much of a game changer this can be and how it can boost your traffic.  Johnny gives you tips to set up your own podcast and how you can get featured on someone else podcast.

In the last step of the traffic module he talks about getting featured and guest posting.  He explains how getting featured can sky rocket your status in what ever niche your in, and the pros and cons of guest posting.  With everything he shows you examples.


Earnest Affiliate, Module 6 - Traffic


Module 7 – Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding, Right?  Well as they say!  And Johnny does exactly that, he shows you how and why he has been able to gain the income he has from promoting certain products.  He shows real numbers he has been earning from each.  After seeing this I knew there was huge potential to make money from using Johnny’s method.


Earnest Affiliate, Module 7 - Case Studies


Module 8 – Advanced & Automation

The last module is about automating your blog so you have more free time to do new projects and things you have had your eye on but could never do because you just didn’t have the time.  Johnny shows you how you can use old content in new posts saving you time and energy and also being able to spur up old  posts which people may have forgotten about, how to write a lot of posts and have them scheduled to go at certain times so that gives you weeks of time off from your blog.

Johnny gives you ways to get people onto your email list using old content, this method is very smart!!  Johnny also goes through how you can automate your emails.

Johnny introduces you to the software tools which help run your social media and website, making your job and life ten times easier.  Johnny uses those tools himself to make his life easier too, he discloses the tools which he uses and they are unbelievably good!

Earnest Affiliate, Module 8 - Advanced & Automation


Forums and Support

One of the biggest helping factors of this course has been the forum.  The forum is there to help with any needs you may have.  You can look through the topics already open to try to find the answer your looking for or if you can’t find the answer your looking for you can start a new topic and people will reply to help you and give advice.  In the group there are many members who have been there for a while including myself who will help with any questions you have.  Johnny is an active member of the forum and will answer most posts on the same day or within 24 hours of you asking a question.  I really like how Johnny is such an active member of the forum.

I have used the forum on multiple occasions and always got an answer which has helped me solve an issue.


Does The Course Work

In my whole hearted opinion, YES it does work.  For the first few months I saw Johnny’s results and thought to myself he is one of a kind, no one can earn those figures month on month and the crazy thing is I am starting to do the same, last month I hit over $250 for the month, that was a vivid dream to think I could do that.  I was just writing my blog and the only reason I knew I made money is because I got an email from Paypal telling me I received money.  Then I went and check my affiliate dash board and saw I had in fact made quite a few affiliate commissions.

I am pretty excited to see what will happen as I go forward.  I will keep writing like usual but now I know my efforts can make me potential income at the same time, so it is a double exciting thing to happen!!

Here is a break down of how much I have earned from each affiliate product for the whole time I have been writing my blog – 6 months of earnings.

K Money Mastery = $53.54

KDSPY = $169.20

KDROI = $112.80

Siteground Hosting = £30

Udemy = $27.60

Self Publishing Revolution = $136.18

Amazon.com = $7.49

TOTAL = $518.21 + (£30 x 1.41 = $42.31) = $560.52


Just seeing that amount makes me take a step back, I’m still amazed I earned this amount from a blog and affiliate commissions, it just seems impossible but it happened :).  For me this proves that the course works and the techniques I have implemented have worked for me.  I bought the course for $197 and as you can see I have made over double that in commissions.


Additional Expenses?

After buying the course there is always the worry of extra costs involved.  With earnest affiliate there are a few but they are pennies on the grand scale of things.


  1. Domain: Buying a domain name is crucial to the site identity so people know where to go.  My domain name is www.freshbelief.com, simple and easy to remember.  You will need to either purchase your domain name, I recommend a dot com (.com).  I personally use Name Cheap for all of my domains and this will be around $10 for the year.  You can however get a free domain name when signing up with SiteGround for hosting.
  2. Hosting: This does not have to be an expense but I recommend it as you will own your content.  Myself and Johnny both use SiteGround for hosting services.  I use SiteGround not just for my blog but I also use it for all my websites for my books.  So it is a good 2 in 1.
  3. Logo: A logo can give your blog an identity, the logo on my blog only cost me $5.50 to make, this is very affordable which you can have made at Fiverr.com.  A logo is not essential but can give your site more identity which you can also use on your YouTube videos.

I personally got started with a domain name and hosting, I waited a while before I created a logo.


Value For Money?

The big question: is the course value for money?  And I give it a big resounding YES.  I could have learned all the techniques and methods in this course on my own but I don’t think I could have got to the success I already had in the same amount of time.  I would have been trying to learn from free sources which you can easily do but I would have been going around from one source to the next looking to see what works and many people on the internet have their own opinion on what works and doesn’t, a lot of people contradict each other.

By going with Johnny and his method you are learning from someone who makes $10’000+ a month from affiliate commission and shows you step by step how you can do it too.  I have been taking the course for a few month and I am already seeing results.  I have in fact made double what I paid for it so the course has paid for itself and more.


Video Overview

Last Words

Everything is starting to come together now for me and the blogging.  I feel the flow of writing getting easier and finding the lessons Johnny taught easier to implement into my writing.  I feel Johnny’s Method will benefit everyone who is starting a blog because not only does it show you how to monetize your blog but it also shows you how to start a blog and how to be successful with it also, so if your goal is to start a blog, this course is for you too.

The course is currently $197, Johnny has mentioned about raising the price soon, so I am not sure how much longer the price will stay at $197.  To gain access click on this link —> JohnnyMethod.com

(Buy through my affiliate link and I will give you a 30 minute free mentoring)


Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


I hope you gained a lot of value from this post.  I always like hearing what you have to say, please leave a comment below, share the post if you liked it.


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