Evan Carmichael - The Top 10 Rules For Success Book Review

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Evan Carmichael – The Top 10 Rules For Success Book Review

Evan Carmichael - The Top 10 Rules For Success

The Top 10 Rules For Success is an interesting book.  These are my thoughts, what I like and dislike.

If you’ve ever watched Evan Carmichael’s Youtube videos on successful people you will be able to dive right into this book, understand why he did it and why a condensed version of his work is complementary to his videos.

Time is the essence of life.  Watching and deconstructing all of his videos to get the best information would take hours to do, so I appreciate him breaking down his videos into bite-size chunks for each successful person.

You can take at least 20-30 life/business rules from this book because the advice is not just Evan’s, it is from the most successful people on the planet.


Who Is Evan Carmichael?

Evan is an entrepreneur who started his journey young.  At only 19 he built and sold a biotech software company. At 22, he became a venture capitalised helping raise $500k to $15 million.

Evan now runs EvanCarmichael.com, a popular website for entrepreneurs.  He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship.  You could even call him obsessed!

His aim is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs, change the world and unlock human potential.

He is the author of Your One Word, The Powerful Secret To Building a Life and Business That Matter and this book The Top 10 Rules for Success, Rules to Succeed in Business and Life from Titans, Billionaires and Leaders who Changed the World.

Evan carmichael Top 10 Rules for success book


This is Not A Book

This is not a book in the sense of you read it from start to finish, there is way too much heavy information in here that you will be too overwhelmed and you would learn nothing, compared to if you took in small bite-sized chunks and learn more over time. As they say, less is more.

It doesn’t really matter who you are, there is a rule or several rules for everyone. There is an amazing amount of highly successful people, 40 in total. Even if you’ve never heard of that person before it is well worth going into their 10 rules and seeing if you can take anything from them.

The book is more of a reference guide, I have already used it to gain small bits of inspiration and advice, it’s like having your very own mentor giving you the right bit of advice.


Who is This Book For?

This question is a difficult one because it is for everyone and no one.

You will find at least one or more people you resonate with within this book.  For me, I like a few people; Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Their advice changed my thinking and the way my mindset progressed. And I can guarantee you will find someone within this book that you can gravitate towards and learn from.


How You Should Read This Book

As I said above, this is not a book in the traditional sense, it is more of a guide/reference, and you should treat it that way.

By trying to cram all of the knowledge and advice of every successful person you will ultimately end up learning nothing, you want to take this book like your sipping a hot beverage, little by little. If you try to gulp it down in one helping it will do more harm than good.

By taking in a little knowledge and then coming back to sip a little more you will get far more benefit.

So, I would read the book as advised by Evan, read one page a day. I would even add on to that, use one week to take in the rules of each person and go back to reread because not everything you read the first time will stick with you.

evan carmichael top 10 rules for success book review


Evan’s own Take on Success

Evan even gives his own rules for success, which he demonstrates with a quote from individual entrepreneurs.

These include:

  1. Follow Your Passion (Quote from Bill Gates)
  2. Have Self-Awareness (Quote from Gary Vaynerchuk)
  3. Raise Your Standard (Quote from Les Brown)
  4. Focus (Quote from Jack Ma)
  5. Work Hard (Quote from Will Smith)
  6. Embrace Failure (Quote from Sylvester Stallone)
  7. Ignore the #LitteMan (Quote from Bob Proctor)
  8. Build a Team (Quote from Mark Zuckerburg)
  9. Model Success (Quote from Mark Cuban)
  10. #Believe (Quote from Opera Winfrey)


Entrepreneurs In This Book

Who’s included in this book?

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Simon Sinek
  4. Bill Gates
  5. Eric Thomas
  6. Sadhguru
  7. Warren Buffet
  8. Robert Kiyosaki
  9. Jack Ma
  10. Opera Winfrey
  11. Les Brown
  12. Gary Vaynerchuk
  13. Wayne Dyer
  14. Will Smith
  15. Maya Angelou
  16. Conor Mcgregor
  17. Louis C.K.
  18. Donald Trump
  19. Elon Musk
  20. Jordan Belfort
  21. Mark Zuckerburg
  22. Joe Rogan
  23. Michelle Obama
  24. Bob Proctor
  25. Denzel Washington
  26. Barak Obama
  27. Zig Ziglar
  28. Dalai Lama
  29. Tim Ferriss
  30. Kevin O’ Leary
  31. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  32. Joel Osteen
  33. Priyanka Chopra
  34. Nelson Mandela
  35. Morgan Freeman
  36. Sylvester Stallone
  37. Tupac Shakur
  38. Sundar Pichai
  39. Sir Richard Branson
  40. Mark Cuban


How Each Entrepreneur is Set out

Each person has a set format which follows throughout.

Starting with a caricature of the person which are pretty cool, followed by an all-time quote by that person. If you’re unaware of who the person is, don’t worry the quote is followed by their name.

Followed on by what type of person they are, companies they currently or ran in the past, the recognition they achieved, how much their worth and another fact about them.

Then it goes into their 10 rules for success.

Each person has their own rules but it’s interesting how many of them have similar beliefs, this just shows how much success crosses over between individual people.

If you wanted a list of their 10 rules, don’t worry, their profile is finished up with a summary of their rules and an exercise.

This exercise is asking how you can apply their rules in your business or life today. I particular like this part as a lot of books have great advice but rarely ask the reader to take action. And as you know with anything you learn if you never take action on those lessons and knowledge will slowly fade away.


Action, Action, Action

Evan wants you to take action, and right before your finished reading, he asks again. This time it’s for your own rules for success.  What rules do you want to live by?

I like the word rules but I prefer principles, principles are something which feel are embedded in your soul, but you could say the same thing about rules too.

These rules should be something that you live by and move forward with.

If you don’t have rules in your life you should start to create some today and Evan’s book is a great place to start.


Which Advice Stuck Out The Most

This advice is based on recent changes in my life but it had such a powerful effect that I have been able to change myself from focusing on other people to focus on myself as well as stopping my own shiny object syndrome

Before this book I didn’t know who Sadhguru was, he wouldn’t have been someone I would have researched about but now I am glad to have found his advice as it has put me more at ease within my life and allowed me to be happy even through struggles that I’m having.

It came from Sadhguru. His 8th rule just hit me and made me take a step

Rule #8: Your Happiness Comes From You

“You’re paying too much attention to everything around you, not enough attention to this one. But the quanlity of your life is essentially determined by how you carry this one, isn’t it so?

This moment, what kind of coat your wearing, what kind of car you park outside, what kind of home you live in does not determine the quality of your life. This moment, how joyful are you feeling within yourself determines the quality of your life, yes or no?

Nothing has been done about it. You think it will happen in consequence, and you’re setting impossible goals for your happiness. If I have to be happy, my wide should be like this, my husband should be like that, my children should be like this, the world should become some other way.

Well, these are impossible conditions you are setting for your happiness and peacefulness. To peacefully essentially mean this: That you are not messing your mind.

To be peaceful means that your system is at ease. You know how to conduct your mind. You know how to conduct your emotions, your body, and your energies. you are peaceful. It is not a rocket technology. It is the most basic thing.”


The Biggest Advantage Of This Book

There are so many successful people in this book it would be hard for you not to learn about someone or something new.

One of the greatest things about this book is discovering someone you’ve never heard of before.  When you find them you will think, hmm, they’re just the person I want to follow.


What the Book is Lacking

Evan has had so much success with his videos I do not understand why he didn’t include a link to his YouTube channel or individual videos of each person.

I understand it would have broken the reader experience if he had put it at the end of each person’s rules, but at least he could have put it at the end of the book, which would have been a great place for people to discover the YouTube videos which helped create this great book.


Video Review


My Overall Thoughts

On the whole, the book is a great reference guide for anyone who is looking to improve their thought processes and implement solid principles into business or life. Yes, I said life because whether you know it or not your life has a huge effect on how well your business goes. Mindset is key!

With the wide variety of entrepreneur, actors, actresses, presenters, businesses owners, singers and fighters, you can choose from who you would like to learn from. You can quickly scan through their rules and see if what they say resonates with you or not.

Even though I have specific people I follow, I am sure as I read more of this book I will discover new rules I can implement and add to my life as a whole.


I believe that whatever stage you are at in your life there is always someone you can learn from, it always surprises me what I learn just by listening and taking in new knowledge.

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