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First Sale Happened, What Now??

After a lot of hard work and late hours we had finally finished our store, now was the time to sit back and relax.  The hard work was done, now it was time for the sales to role in.  I was pretty excited about this.




Three days had passed since we finished our store, ads, social media and everything regarding our drop shipping store.  I needed a break, so I finished all my work for all of my businesses and got ready for a week long break, which was well earned and also a mini holiday away from Bangkok.


First Sale

I took the late bus to Buriram province in Thailand to go and see my friends.  Whilst traveling I find it difficult to sleep.  During this trip I watched movies, played games on my PS Vita and played on my phone.  The trip is a long one seven hours so the activities help pass the time.

During the trip I was watching a move and at about 11pm I hear a cha ching from my phone, I was thinking, what is that, my phone hasn’t made that sound before. I turned on my phone to see a notification from Shopify.  I was thinking, NO WAY!  It couldn’t have been this quick.  I opened the shopify app and saw a sale for $35!  I looked at the screen for a little bit in disbelief.  No way had I had success again so soon after starting another business, I felt good vibes were coming from this new store.



I messaged Andrew to tell him the news, I was not sure if he was awake or not but this success needed his knowledge.  I couldn’t care less if he was sleeping, it was a huge celebration and achievement, we knew the concept worked and we had our first sale!



Even though I have been making money from affiliate marketing and Kindle publishing I still felt an overwhelming feeling of WTF just happened, is this real because I always had those little doubts in the back of my mind whether this could work for us.

The biggest part of the feeling is it felt like a reverse panic attack, I was in a state of semi shock, I couldn’t get over this for 15 minutes, this had to be one of the weirdest feeling I have had and then a thought came to my mind after, DAMN, I AM REALLY MAKING IT!!!


What Has Happened Since

Since the first sales there has been nothing, I mean nothing in regards to sales.  I thought the first sale would start to open the gates to allow a trickle of sales to come our way but nothing.  We have looked at our analytics, ads, spending, social media and people that are visiting our store.  People are becoming fans of our social media platforms so we know we are being seen but we are missing a vital piece and we are not entirely sure what this is yet.  We have changed our ads, and campaigns so we are not throwing away money, planning different ways to use our marketing so it becomes effect.  This is going to be some hard work!



What this has taught me is you need to be constantly tweaking things to see what works and what doesn’t.  This will be a small uphill walk with so battles but I believe it will work.



Me and Andrew know we need some help and the coaching is the best option in our opinion as we can source the mind of someone who has already made their own stores successful.  I used the same approach with my Kindle business and it has done wonders as I now have rising royalties every month.


Final Thoughts

Drop shipping is not as easy or difficult as it looks or sounds, if you have the right coaching or course you can succeed.  I believe this as not only have we made our first sale but many people I know have created successful drop shipping store themselves.

It will only be time before the store becomes profitable and becomes another source of income for me.






  • 02/09/2016
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