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Fresh Belief Refurbishment

Since I started my blog I have just concentrated on creating good quality content which I want people to be able to use and gain value from.  I never took any notice of the way my blog looked it just wasn’t at the forefront of my mind.  I have now realized that there are certain things that need to change and I am now working towards changing them to make my blog better.




I will explain what I feel are the current most important thing that I need to do in the order I will get the done.


Cover Picture

A cover picture can speak a thousand works and it can make the difference between someone clicking on your post and someone scrolling on.  I feel this is something which I could have done better to increase traffic to my blog and ultimately increased readership.  This week my friend created a new blog post picture for my last blog post ‘Top 6 Ways To Increase Your Productivity’.

We had been talking during our break about how I wanted to improve my blog.  During his free time he created a post picture and asked me what I thought.  I was a bit taken back with how good it looked, I loved it as you can see the difference in quality, you can see my design vs his design below.  After seeing what he could do it made me think that I needed a certain pattern for my post pictures, a way for people to associate with specific posts whether they are advice, an income report or a product review.



With so much going on and my design skills next to zero, I am in need of hiring someone.  I have started the process of testing a few different designers to see who will match my blog style.  Unfortunately for this blog post, it has been back to the good old DIY post picture with  The blog picture for this post could change in the future and I am considering to change quite a few of my old posts pictures, but on the other hand I could keep them the way they are so people can see where my blog came from and where it is going to, it’s a big decision to make.  What do you think?


Blog Look

The next part is the look of the blog which I feel is the most important part.  When I first started my blog I went for something which looked nice and would show my blog posts on the front page, as I like people to be able to go to my blog and see what the latest posts are without having to click on another link.

I am not 100% completely sure what I would like my blog to look like but I do know I want something which looks a bit fresher, modern and has more functionality than what it has now.  I will be looking for a new theme on Theme Forest as they have a huge variety of themes I can choose from.


Creating a logo is one of the hardest if the not the hardest part of my whole refurbishment as I feel that changing my logo can only be done once.  I am not sure how much people associate with the current logo so it will be interesting how they react when they see my new one.  I am looking to come up with something smart, modern whilst at the same time give it a growing entrepreneur look.  I want people to be able to look at my logo and know it is

Website Fresh Belief Logo 2


Email List

In the past I hadn’t been paying much attention to my email list and this was very wrong of me, they signed up to receive news from me and when it went silent for weeks on end I am not surprised people started to unsubscribe from my list, it wasn’t fair on them and was something which I should have expected.

Now I am looking to have more interaction with my list, I have already started telling them things which I don’t make public on my blog, which is something I feel my list deserves.  I also feel this is down to learning how to use Aweber better and being more comfortable with their broadcast and autoresponder sequence.

I am currently creating new gifts for anyone who signs up to my email list and this free gift will be sent to everyone who has already signed up so they won’t miss out as I love the loyalty.


Time Scale

I am trying to do all the tasks as quickly as possible but these things take time and I can’t currently put a time limit on it.  The tasks involved I can only outsource a few of the tasks.  Finding a logo design I like I have to do myself as no one knows my mind, but once I have the idea I will outsource it to a designer.  I truly believe in outsourcing as much as you can as quickly as possible as it frees up so much time and that extra time you can concentrate on important tasks of building up your current or start a completely new business while you virtual assistants run your current business.  This allows you to spend more of your time on the things you want.



This is a huge task and I feel I will get it done, it just a matter of when.  I am working hard constantly to achieve what I want, in recent weeks I have been working into the late evening which I wouldn’t recommend doing, but some times it has to be done.  Right now it is midnight as I am finishing this blog post.

The refurbishment has already begun and hopefully I can look back on this post and see what I did in what time scale.


I hope you enjoyed this post








  • 14/10/2016

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