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From Crazy To Sane: The Move To Bangkok!

When I started my entrepreneurial journey last year I was working from home, this was OK but I felt as if I was going crazy.  I was waking up, going to the local restaurant to eat, coming back, working all day with eating breaks in between.  I felt trapped and really wasn’t enjoying what I was doing but I needed a way to make money to survive.
When I started over a year ago it was exciting at first, but eventually, I felt like a prisoner in my own home, I worked, relaxed and slept in the same room, it was my prison cell, I saw the same four walls day in day out.  I felt trapped!   At the time of starting I was living in Nonthaburi province which was a good hour outside the centre of Bangkok.  My room contract didn’t run out for another few months so I had to stick it out.


Move Back To Bangkok

June was coming round, my contract was set to finish and I had the opportunity to move back into Bangkok, I chose Bangkok particularly because of the Coworking spaces.  I had heard about a few but wanted to go for Hubba because it was close to the Onnut area which I was very familiar with.  I had lived in and around the area for most of my 10 years in Thailand.
I planned which apartments I would look at, I got on my bike and spent the next 2 week looking at a lot of potential apartments which were close enough to Hubba Co-working space.  I settled on one, paid my deposit and I was ready to go.
It was a relief!  I had found a place which I could now breath in, ironic that I was now in a more polluted area but still.  I felt a new kind of freedom.  Around the same time, I went to Hubba to actually see what the place was all about.  My curiosity did not let me down, it looked perfect for what I needed, a space away from my room where I could knuckle down and get work done, I felt like a kid who just got his newest action man toy!


Co-Working at Hubba

Hubba is a place that I won’t forget easily, it’s pretty unique.  It’s a house converted into a place of work.  What I like particularly about the place is it has a garden which after an hour of work you can leave your work desk and walk around, take in nature and relax or if you love a bounce they have a trampoline which is great for getting rid of tension and getting your idea’s together.
It has given my work a whole new meaning, I have a dedicated place which I can go to just work, it’s like a breath of fresh air.  You will never know the feeling until you try it.


New People

One of the biggest things I have got from Hubba is meeting new people, I have not worked in a 9-5 environment for several years and I have forgotten the feeling of working with other people.  Even though we are not working for the same company I feel like their my work colleagues.  During breaks we go to the local coffee shop, eat lunch together, hung out after work and gained a good bond with them, always having a good laugh with each other, something I would have never had if I had been stuck at home.


Final Thoughts

I now feel more motivated to work and enjoy waking up every day, ready to take on the current project I have.  The co-working spaces give me that opportunity and space to sink into the work I am doing and get so much more done than I would have done if I was working from home.


Thank you for reading




  • 18/11/2016
  • Kevin Hughes says:

    Hi Michael,

    This is great to hear only been a follower for last month or two but you are a big inspiration for me. I to am working on trying to move to Thailand and live that is my end goal. Currently full time employed in the uk and starting a side hustle with Kindle. Love your expense reports and the progress you have made.

    Keep up hard work and if yuo have any tips be great to hear from you.



    • mike says:

      Hi Kevin
      Glad that’s your goal, you will be able to save so much more here than in the UK, I spend about £400-£600 a month on personal expenses and I am doing things I want.

      Keep moving forward, you will get there. Best thing is now be frugal with your money you will save quicker.

  • Trevor says:

    Awesome blog post! I totally agree that co-working and making friends makes being an entrepreneur so much more enjoyable. It gets you out of your comfort zone too. I’m 100% more productive when I’m at a co-working space too, so it’s worth the cost.

    • mike says:

      Thank you trevor, glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      Ye co-working spaces has changed my life, sometimes you have to be disciplined so that you actually knuckle down and do work.

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