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Future Kindle Plans

Over the last few months I have become embedded in education and trying to do too many things at once, this has ultimately slowed down the progress of my Kindle business and not allowed me to get to where I wanted, I have really stagnated in my journey and I haven’t hit my full potential. I have decided to change that now and I am now ditching everything else and solely concentrating on the books to really increase my income.


New Found Vision

You may have heard me talk about this a few times but this time I feel I am hitting the ground running, before I was doing too many things at once, too many distractions and this ultimately lead to my businesses slowing right down. I have decided to ditch everything else besides my blog and Kindle and concentrate on those two things. By doing that, it is now allowing me to solely focus on the one business, build it up and then move onto the next one.


What Have I Done?

I am not just talking for the sake of it, I have put the work in and I have already found over 50 keywords which I can potentially go into, that is over 200 books.  I probably won’t publish that many, but I am considering partnerships in the future and use them to increase my royalties, I will look partnerships when it comes to it. Finding those keywords has eliminated the hardest work for me, most people struggle with this. After being in the business for over a year everything is starting to click into place and now it is time for me to publish the books.

I tried previously to outsource many aspects of my business and I had done this with the ghost writing of my books, covers, formatting, proofreading and marketing. However creating the title, keywords and categories is something virtual assistants don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of, so I am continuing to do this myself. It doesn’t really matter about the title because I have them all created now, something extra I don’t need to worry about.


Publishing Books

Having the process as automated as possible is the important factor on the amount of books you can publish, the more you have automated, the more you can bring yourself out of the business. I like to keep a certain standard to my business so I keep an eye on all proceedings, I am not saying you can not outsource the whole business but I prefer to have a high quality book which people will gain value from instead of pumping out something which people won’t benefit from and which will leave a bad taste in their mouth. I prefer for them to have a good feeling and go and buy future books from me.

I have published 3 books in the last 3 weeks and the plan is to publish 1-2 books a week and max it out at 4 books a week if possible. That way, I can handle all of the tasks and keep an eye on everything that is happening.


Future And Beyond

I have been in the business for a year now and I am averaging $1500 a month, I have been doing that for the last 4-5 months, and I really feel it could be so much more. That is why now I want to push out more books and really take my business above the $5’000 a month mark and then $10’000 a month. Once I hit that target I will probably stop. I want to use this money firstly to take a well earned holiday, get the rest of my debts paid off and get a bit more comfort in my life.

I really want to get into building affiliate websites and Email Marketing. I have taken courses and understand how it works but after trying to juggle all of them at once it just wasn’t working for me, I was unhappy and felt overstretched.

I will build up my income to the level I want in the next few months and once I hit that it will be time to move on.

I feel now is my time to shine and show what I can really do with my Kindle publishing business.

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  • 01/04/2017

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