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Grab 100 PLR Books For $5

I usually get my PLR Ebooks and articles from but in recent time I have started getting some from a different source,  I get multiple PLR Ebooks and articles for only $5.


Grab 100 PLR Books For $5


Yes you heard me right $5, well $5.50, the extra 50 cents for the website fee.

I can’t believe I didn’t see this before and have wasted quite a bit of money buying individual E-books when I could have brought packs for only $5.50.Fiverr

This week I brought 100 PLR E-books for my new niche for only $5.50, before some of these books could have cost me between $1-$15 each.


Why Are PLR Ebooks and Articles important?

PLR Ebooks and Articles can be republished in many ways.

  1. Email List: You can give away a free Ebook as an ethical bribe for people to enter their email to receive a free Ebook and at the same time they will sign up to your email list.
  2. Autoresponder Series: writing out emails for your autoresponder can be a time consuming task, an easy way to get around this is use PLR articles or parts of the PLR articles as a part of an email in the series.
  3. Website Giveaway: You can re-purpose a PLR Ebook as a free gift on your website.  I would not do this for my blog but for a niche website it would be perfect.
  4. Website Content: Using a PLR article can help give you ideas for content to add to your website.  You can use the whole PLR article or use it to gain ideas.
  5. Sell Them: PLR articles and Ebooks are your right to resell them once you have brought them depending on what the original writer specifies.  You can sell individual gigs like on or create a website like



PLR articles and Ebooks are great if you know how to use them, they can help with solving certain aspects of your business.  I feel that they are an excellent for giving away as a way to gain new email subscribers.

I like the variation has brought to me.  Some of the PLR articles and Ebooks won’t be on so you may have to go to the specific website to find one you are looking for.


I hope you found this useful


Warm Regards




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  • 26/07/2016
  • Jose says:

    Hi Michael,
    Just came accross PLR on Fiverr a couple of weeks ago and was quite a discovery. Have not bought yet as I m researching a niche and still have doubts regarding quality. I ll make a test to find out 😉 . I also plan to use them just as you said and I agree the key is to know how to use them the right way, like adapting them to create an autoresponder. I feel authenticity in your blog so well done as it s not easy nowadays.

    • mike says:

      Hi Jose
      Yes the PLR material is great for giving you material but don’t jut use it like it is, modify it so it has your own sound, use it as a guide as you want to have something unique and not be like the rest of the people doign the same thing.

      Thank you for following along, and your comment 🙂

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