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Guide To Erawan Museum

The Erawan Museum is a distinct landmark to the south of Bangkok in the province of Samut Prakarn.  What makes it distinct is the huge elephant statue which can be seen for miles around.

I have passed this statue many times but never took the opportunity to go and visit the Erawan museum.





The Erawan museum is located in Samut Prakarn province of Bangkok or 4.3 km from Bearing BTS.  It is not hard to miss with the huge metal elephant which is visible from miles around.    The best way to get there currently is take the BTS to Bearing station and get a taxi from there.

Just say Erawan and the taxi driver will know where to go, around 60 Baht.



Admission is 400 Baht, this was the same price for Thai people and foreigners which did shock me as normally there is a 2 tier pricing.  Thai people receiving  a far cheaper price then foreigners.

There are no extra costs after the 400 Baht.

An audio device is provided for free but is your option whether to take it or not.  The audio device has pre-recorded audios which are broken down into numbers and each place you visit has a number printed on the ground or a sign to let you know which number to listen to.


What To Do?


The Erawan museum grounds are small with a garden surrounding the museum.  The garden has many different statues, each statue has a different meaning based on Buddhist beliefs and literature.  The garden is a great place to relax and gain your thoughts, at the time there was very few people there so the garden was literally empty.





Before you go into the museum/temple there is an area to pray.  The flowers and incense sticks are free to use for your prayers.

Located in the praying area is a round box with stick in it, you can shake the box to make one of the sticks fall out, each stick has a number on it.  You take that number to a board on the left side of the praying area, this board will tell you the meaning of the number.  Each number represents something different and depending on the number it will predicts something regarding your future.



Erawan Museum

The main attraction is the huge elephant statue and the Erawan museum.  The museum is more like a temple with several floors.

If you are interested the audio device provides an explanation to the meaning behind each area and the meaning of the images of the sculptures.  The art work inside the museum is quite amazing, with the whole inner being carved and sculpted, this including the columns, staircase, walls and roof.  The inside of the museum is a thing of beauty.

column-art-work-erawan-museum art-work-erawan-museumshrine-erawan-museum




Once you get to the first floor there are two options for going up to the 2nd floor, you can go via an elevator or a spiral stair case.  The spiral staircase can make you a bit dizzy as you are going round and round a lot.  The whole of the stair case walls are covered in art work similar to the sky representing you going higher into the heavens.

The 3rd floor has a shrine and a window, if you’re scared of heights I wouldn’t advise looking out the window as it is a view straight down to the ground.

The last stair case takes you to the top of the structure which is inside the body of the elephant.  This area has no windows and is painted amazing which looks like you are in heaven and the clouds.  No photo’s were allowed in this area but I got a sneaky few.





The Erawan museum is a nice place to come and visit and see but I do not feel the 400 Baht justifies what you are receiving, I was expecting a lot more for the price.

The museum with audio will offer an insight into the history and beliefs behind each of the structures.  It is an interesting place to come to for a one time visit.



I hope you enjoyed the post and found it useful. 🙂


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