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Hiring People and Why You Need To Prepare

Hiring people for your business can make your work ten times more efficient because it can take a lot from your plate, you’ll feel a sense of relief.  Your business can expand and you don’t feel like you are competing against yourself to get more work done, you have other people doing the work for you in the background while you’re concentrate on the more important tasks.
Hiring People and Why You Need To Prepare
In recent month I have started hiring people to do certain aspects of my business, it has been a big learning curve hiring people and I feel there is still more to go, but as with what I said earlier I feel I have had a huge load lifted off me.


Better Quality Work

As you grow it is important to hire the right people, this will not only take work off your plate but it will allow you to create better quality work than you could have done yourself.  With the world so connected now it is so easy to find a talented individual who can do the work you need at a fraction of the price you would pay in Europe or the USA.  For example for my blog I pay $5 per post picture, this allows me to have high-quality art work done, saving me time and giving a more professional look to my blog.  If you look back at my previous articles some of the pictures were ok, and some were bad.  As you could probably tell I am not good at art or design and I know that.  My stick men were the best but not really the hardest thing to do.


Previous post picture

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Make More Money

Better art work can make you more money.  What I mean by this is if someone new sees your blog article picture on social media or somewhere online for the first time, people are more likely to click on a picture which is more appealing and professional looking rather than one which does not look professional at all.  That difference can mean someone going to your blog, clicking on your affiliate link and going through to purchase something or them not even viewing your article.  Of course there are other ways of making your article more clickable, and that is by becoming an authority in the niche, but that takes time.


Save Time

Saving time is one of the biggest factors you should consider having someone else doing other jobs for you.  If you are not particularly good at something you can have someone with the skills to do that job.  My former picture creator would give me suggestions for pictures I should take or he would select which picture to use.  I used to mull over pictures for a long time and wasn’t sure which one to use and this would kill my time on this task.  Now I have someone else do it and I can concentrate on more important tasks


Prepare Yourself

A lot of people don’t consider this one but this has been my downfall for 2 weeks in a row.  I had my content created but I didn’t have the post picture created.  My old picture creator had gone silent on me, he wasn’t responding to me and Friday came and passed, I then realized I needed someone new to help me so I went on the hunt for a new picture creator.  He came back to me on Sunday with a picture.  This was hard for me, his work was clashing and he wasn’t responsive, he needed to go.
I had relied on him so much that it had been my downfall, I need my picture creator to create something within 24 hours, that way if I  had an idea I could publish it soon after.
As a solution to this problem, I am hiring 2 people so I have at least one in back up if the other fails, I will mix and share the work depending on what kind of topic it is I am talking about.


Where To Hire People?

There are several website online who will provide freelancers from around the world for you to use on your projects and tasks.  The two places I use are Upwork and Fiverr.  Both have provided me with the freelancers.




I used to communicate with my employees via Skype, but this soon started to get messy, I was talking with family and a notification would pop up from an employee or someone who was in an interview process who just messaged me.  I didn’t like it because it mixed personal with work.  I now use Glip, Glip is free and I have a place where I can communicate with my staff all in one place, its great as it is just like any instant messaging app, you can use on your phone or your computer.


Automating My Kindle Business

When I automated my Kindle business it gave me some much more free time, it made me feel free.  I had already started to automate some parts of it but after I took Kindle AutoPilot it helped me automate nearly every aspect of the business and if I wanted to I could outsource all of it.  It gave me a new perspective on how to make things flow and move forward and now I only concentrate on the important tasks in my kindle business.


Final Thoughts

I believe everyone should reinvest their money back into their business by hiring people, this will make your business grow faster and give you more time to do things you want to do.  While you are on holiday other people are running your business, it’s a great feeling to have your business running while you are relaxing.
You also need to consider having a back up because we sometimes think the worst will never happen and then it does, so we should always prepare and look at the potential worst case scenario and look at how it can be avoided, such as putting a back up plan in place, that way our ass is covered.
I do hope you get started with outsourcing something and move from there.






  • 30/12/2016

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