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How To Become More Productive Using Free Tools

Have you ever had the feeling you are working harder then you should be and your working all day long but feel you are not achieving the results you should be.  If the answer is yes then you need to reassess your work schedule and become more productive in your work.  By changing certain things you can become more productive  and prevent yourself from having health problems in the future.


How To Become More Productive Using Free Tools


I have been guilty of overworking in the past and thinking I was being productive when at the end of the day I caused myself to not get to where I wanted to be in the time I wanted and caused myself some work related injuries in the process.


Work Time

You should work to a set time whether it be 7-4, 9-5, 10-6 you need to keep to that time and when that time is over need to finish your work, don’t over work yourself, it will not increase the amount of work you do, it will make you tired in the long run and decrease your productivity.


Don’t Stress

The worst thing you can do is get stressed.  It is a time waster and will stop your productivity straight away.  I have become stressed in the past and it was because I was did not have a clear head on the task I was doing due to I was trying to take too many tasks on at once.  If this happens you need to slow down and start to plan out what you will do step by step, this way you brain can focus on the one task and complete it faster.


One Task At A Time

Believe it or not this is the easiest way to do things.

  1. Stop everything
  2. Make a list of the tasks you need to do
  3. Follow those tasks one by one (if it is a big project set a certain number of hours to it per day)
  4. Don’t work more then your set time


Seriously do this and you will see a change in your productivity.


Tools To Help You Work

Making yourself work quicker is sometimes harder than it looks and you can become stuck on one task when you really don’t need to, I myself have fallen in to getting stuck when I didn’t need to.  I now use three tools to help me work more efficiently.  Oh and they are all FREE!!


Here they are:

Trello: It allows you to see the progress of a particular project you are working on at the time.

Before I had trello i was writing everything on notes and even though this was good I sometimes was not able to track where I was because of losing bit of paper and wasting time to find them.  Trello allows you to move the cards to different lists.

You can track the progress of the current tasks you are doing and see exactly where it is at.

Trello Software


How To Use Trello For Kindle Publishing Video

Google Keep: This is very good for keeping notes of tasks you are doing, and once they are finished you can tick them with a simple click.

Google keep can also keep all other notes you have and you can organize them into different boxes so you can see what you need to do.

Google Keep


A Note Pad: The traditional note pad is an excellent way to keep you notes outside of the computer, for me this allows me to think more freely, sometimes I become confused when I look at a computer all day long, it is nice to get away from technology once in a while.

Write A List


Write Down Tomorrows Task The Night Before Video

Something I do everyday after I have finished work.
It helps my next day flow so quickly!
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Posted by Fresh Belief on Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Take A Rest

Rest is very important and this is something you may forget about when you’re working hard.  I don’t mean bed time rest, I mean breaks in between your work schedule.  You should take a rest every hour for at least 5 minutes to give your body a recharge, this will help your mind rest and help keep you focused.

The software I use is work rave, it is FREE and works like clockwork, it stops your computer every 50 minutes for 10 minutes and makes you do exercises, and every 10 minutes has 30 second mini breaks.  You may have seen the work rave icons popping up in my videos.  Work rave really helps with making you take breaks  as some times you forget to take the breaks and are working for hours at a time not moving which can have long term health effects on your body if you do that long term.

There is software IOS which does exactly the same thing called Time Out.

When your work schedule time has finished, STOP, don’t work over that time, you need time to yourself, you need time to relax and enjoy your free time.


Health Problems

This is a huge thing with working too much, you can succumb to work related injuries. this article will go into more detail – common computer related injuries

Myself I have had a few computer related injuries, inflamed my tendon in my hand, damaged nerves in my back.  Both of these injuries made it hard for me to work at the time and now I still get tingling sensation in my back when I sit down for long hours, I use the exercises in work rave to help with prevention of more injuries.


Don’t Check Your Business!!

Really!  This is a huge thing a lot of entrepreneurs, they think they have freedom from their business, but give yourself a check, are you really?  When was the last time you checked your business whether it was to check if you had made money, checked a customer emails or anything else related to your business?  If you did during your down time then you are not free from your business.  You are checking it all the time, you need to let go!  Yes your business will make money while you sleep but your money will still be there in the morning.  A customer sends an email, the email will still be there in the morning.

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Then And Now

Since I started doing business online things have changed a lot in the way I work.  I used to work long hours thinking I was being productive and would get tasks done quicker but in reality all I was doing was overworking myself and could have worked myself to an early grave.  Yes I have put in the long hours on certain project but now I have come to the understanding that your body needs rest and those projects won’t be completed over night.  You can not think that you can work many hours in one day, day after day and get away with it, your body won’t allow you to do it in the long term.

So please for the shake of your own health start to create a schedule which you keep to and this in turn will help increase your productivity.


What do you do to increase your productivity? Comment to let me know.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

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