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LeadPages: How To Create A Squeeze Page (Sourcing PLR Books, Create a sign up form)

Creating a squeeze page can help you with capturing emails from your Kindle books.  You can use those emails to further promote new books and other books by the same author.  Another use for squeeze pages creating beautiful landing pages for your blog.




What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page or landing page is designed to capture opt in email addresses from potential subscribers.  The goal in mind is to convince someone to enter their email address, you can do this by providing something for free.  The subscriber will need to enter their email to have access to this free content or item in exchange for them giving you their email.  A persons email address is gold for anyone as it is free advertising for future products and services.


Why Is It So Valuable?

A personal email address is one of the most if not the most sought after personal pieces of information as you can directly message anyone.  A lot of people think Facebook and Twitter is valuable, they are but not on the same level as a personal email.  With social media you have to pay the social media company money so you can advertise to those people.  With email addresses you don’t have to pay, once they have signed up to your list you have the opportunity to send anything you please to them.

Don’t Spam or Just Sell!!

The easiest way to gain and lose an email address is to spam the subscriber with offers and useless content which is unrelated to them as the email subscriber can unsubscribe from your list just as easily as they subscribed and probably never subscribe to you again.


How To Create A Squeeze Page Set by Step Guide

For this example I will be using the subject Weight loss, Lead Pages for the squeeze page and linking with a list on Aweber.

Here is the other post I did which shows you how to set up an autoresponder series which you can link to this squeeze page. >> How To Create an Email List and Auto Responder Series For Kindle with Aweber


What Do You Need?

To make a squeeze page there are three things your need, something to give away, a sign up form and a squeeze page.  In this post I show you exactly how you can create a professional looking squeeze page.


Master Resale Rights

You will need PLR book as a free give away to include in your squeeze page.  I use Master Resale Rights, I use them for all of my free books for my Kindle promotions.


First search for the subject you would like the PLR book on.



Find the PLR book you would like and click ‘Add to Cart’



Check the book will match what you are offering to your readers.  Read the product summary and whether you have the rights to give away as a bonus.



Click ‘Checkout’



If you have an account Login, if you don’t register.  CLICK HERE to register



Click on ‘My Orders’



‘Click to view’



click on ‘Download URL’



Copy the file from the Zip file to a folder in your computer.




Create The Sign-up Form with Aweber

Before starting the squeeze page we need to create a sign up form with Aweber.

If you don’t have an Aweber account CLICK HERE to sign up

If you want to set up a list and an autoresponder, here is my post on how to do it, it will link easily with your squeeze page. >> How To Create an Email List and Auto Responder Series For Kindle with Aweber


Select the relevant list (you will need to create a list first)



Click on ‘Sign Up Forms’



Click on ‘Create Your First Sign up Form’



For this sign up form you don’t need anything fancy, just take the basic one.

Click on ‘Go To Step 2’



Name the form.

Click on ‘Save Your Form’

Click ‘Go To Step 3’



And your done!


Creating The Squeeze Page


First you need to sign into Lead Pages, if you don’t have an account CLICK HERE to sign up.


Click on downward arrow next to your name, scroll down and click on ‘Integrations’


Click on ‘Aweber’



Click ‘Connect’



Type in your Aweber login and password



Click on ‘Lead Magnet Delivery’



Click on ‘upload new file’



Find the file and upload to LeadPages

Fill in the Lead magnet delivery information and click ‘Save’



Click on ‘Lead Pages’ in the menu



Click on ‘Create New Page’



Find a template which suits your style and click ‘Use Template’



Click on the book image.




Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘UPLOAD NEW PICTURE’



Find the picture you want and upload to Lead Pages.

Click on the image you want and scroll done and click done



The image you downloaded may have a white back ground.  I will show you how to remove the white back ground and make it transparent.  CLICK HERE to learn how.

Here is how your squeeze page will look with a JPG picture with a white back ground



If you remove the white background it will look like this.



Change the text in the box, to do this click on the gear icon and click on ‘Link Options’



Type in the text you want the box to say and click ‘DONE’



Change the text to something which will convince people to opt in, you do this by clicking on the area of text and re-writing it.



Change the Legal information year to the relevant year.



Click on the box.



Fill out the opt in form, I personally remove the image.  Write something which will make people want to give their name and email address.



Select the lead magnet you uploaded earlier



lead-pages-options lead-magnet-delivery-leadpages-form


Click on ‘Integration settings’


Select the form you would like to link the page with and click Okay



Click on ‘Lead Pages Options’



Type in squeeze page title and URL and click ‘DONE’



Click ‘SAVE’


If you cut out your image you should have something like this when your finished, minus the white squares.



Why Do I Like Lead Pages?

LeadPages is very easy to use and gives you the ability to create beautiful landing pages / squeeze pages (Same thing).  There is no coding skills required just drag drop, upload an image or change the text the software does it all for you.  LeadPages integrates with your email service provider making linking ll of your lists and sign up forms easy as abc.


Check Out The Video For A Step By Step Guide

Links To software products used in this post

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Find top quality PLR articles from Master Resale Rights click on this link —> MASTER RESALE RIGHTS

Create squeeze pages with LeadPages Click on this Link –> LEADPAGES

Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links, if you buy through one of them I will gain a small commission but this will not cost you any extra.


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  • 14/06/2016

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