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How To Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough

Business is like a boxing match. You have to be consistently on your toes.

Punches are coming at you from all angles, sometimes you can dodge them sometimes you get hit square in the jaw.

It knocks you down but not out.

The next few seconds are what matters, will you stay down or get back up? It’s your choice on what you do.

Do you have the heart to win or will you stay down and give up?


Getting Back Up

Unlike boxing you do have more time than a few more seconds to bounce back but why would you want to take that long?

It takes a split second to make a decision and once you start to ponder it then starts to become an unravelling mess.

You start to bring in your own excuses and reasons to why you should stay down which are totally unrelated to what you originally thought.

The only thought you should have in your mind is “Get back up and keep moving forward”

It should only take you 5 seconds to make that decision.

As in the 5-second rule by Mel Robbins

‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!’

On go you just move forward.


how to keep going


Things Change At A Rapid Pace

I can’t believe how quickly things have changed in the Kindle communities over the year that I took a break. It really showed me the taking my foot off the gas and relaxing was not the smartest idea and I should have just kept publishing and made a consistent effort as I would have kept up with the changes that happened and would be earning a lot more from my business now.

Although I have now caught up with most of the new info there are still a few things that I’m still behind on.

One of the biggest things I’ve missed out on is Audible books and not producing more of them.

A year ago Audible was still the wild west for publishers and although it still kind of is now, Audible has matured and grown, like any other platform and the opportunity is still ripe to make a lot of money from it.

The biggest change that happened to date was the bounty system.  In August 2018 the bounty system changed from paying you for every new person who got your book as their first book and now only pays when you bring that person to the platform.

Audible must have hit some goals and targets and are going on to their next phase.


You Always Have Time

I’m now 30, I’ve been in publishing for 2 and a half years and although I’m not at the stage I want to be at I know I still have time.

I know I would have been in a much better position if I had just focused on publishing instead of jumping around from opportunity to opportunity, but this happens to the best of us.

You see something which looks better than what you have now or you think can add it to your portfolio takes your full focus away from what you’re doing now and this then becomes little snippets of focus, 10% here, 10% there. DON’T DO THIS!!

Master the one field and then add another income stream which is closely related so that you don’t lose focus on what you’ve already achieved.

As my focus wasn’t targeted I’ am completely to blame that I’m not at the 5 figure a month in my publishing business right now.

That is changing though, as I have doubled my publishing royalties in the last month.


Never Look At Someone Else And Pray

The worst thing I did to myself was looking at other people, look at what they’ve achieved and became jealous of it.

When you do this it’s like you’re eating yourself up inside wishing that you could be just like them, when at the end of the day that focus and time should be on your own business.

They should be merely a study of what success looks like.

You should be thinking about what lessons can I take from them? what did they do to get to that level?

Then you take those lesson and take action. This lack of action and wallowing in your sorrow is one of the biggest things that kills progress, my own and many others.


People Are Worse Off Than You

Because of how pampered we are we always seem to forget that just around the corner there is someone way worse off than you and someone way worse off than them, and then again someone a lot worse off from them.

Some people are fighting to stay alive, some people don’t have fresh drinking water, some people are forced to be a slave. You just have to do a search online and you’ll realize how real this can get, you’ll then realize life is good compared to theirs and you have so many more opportunities than them.

I live in Thailand and I only have to go one mile to see how poor people are and how they’re just getting by. I go another 5 miles and I see people that live in shacks beside a disgusting canal.

When you see their reality of this for your own eyes it makes your own reality a lot clearer.


Still Having The Drive

Looking at other people’s situations and having a realization shouldn’t stop you from knowing where you want to go. This should only make you realize that you are OK and life isn’t as bad as you think.

If this does become a driver for your success then so be it, but at the end of the day having gratitude is only the base level of what defines you as a person. Your goals are what will push you in the right direction and make you want more from your life, make you realize that you can achieve so much more if you have one focus and one focus alone.


Final Thoughts

It’s really amazing what you can achieve when you put all your energy into something. You can start to move forward to where you would like to get to.

Even if you’re not completely where you want to be right now, just remember that it just takes one of those actions to change everything.

Never give up, know where you’re going and keep pushing till you achieve it. There is no set timeline.

  • 11/09/2018

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