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HUBBA-TO Co Working Space In Bangkok Review

For the last few month’s I have been working out of HUBBA-TO co-working space in Onnut, Bangkok.  I chose here because it was closer to my home and at the moment I changed I felt it was better for my work.


Hubba-To is split up into several sections.  These are great as if you feel bored with one area you can move to another one and not have to worry about finding a new WIFI connection.
The co-working space has a more serious feel to it, everyone just seems to work with no distractions happening especially if you are in the main co-working area.


Below I have broken down each area so you can get a feel for each.



The Cafe is located on the lower floor and this is like any other cafe, they serve drinks, food and some snacks.  They have tables for groups of people and in the corner a comfortable sofa area.  I feel this is great to have discussions, plan your work day or just chill and relax with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.


Reception Area

Just at the top of the stairs is the reception area.  This is mainly for people to pay for membership and ask questions if needed.  But there is also tables and chairs which you can use as another area to work in.


Co-working Area

This is the main attraction of Hubba-To co-working space.  This is the upstairs area as you can see from the picture below.  People are mostly quiet and most have their heads down and are getting on with their work done.  Many of the people here have their headphones on and eyes pointed at their screens.  No one is really distracted with their lazy sharp focus.



Around the co-working area there are 4 offices.  The office’s purpose is for groups of people to come and have meetings and work out of but the members also use the offices for shooting videos, taking voice and video calls.
Sometimes the offices are locked so the staff will come and open up one as long as they are not booked.


Events & Other Functions

Hubba-To is not just a co-working space.  In the time I have been there it has held conferences, filmed TV commercials, and they also rented to a few companies.hubba-to-co-working-space



Hubba-to is located on the 3rd floor of Habbito mall in Onnut Soi 1/1.  To get there you take the BTS to Onnut and tell a taxi or motorbike taxi Habbito Mall.  Most of them know this but if they don’t know just go to Onnut Soi 1/1, then go over the bridge and it will be there.



The price is only 2990 Baht per month.  I feel this is very affordable for many people who are working online and need a space away from their home to work.

hubba-coworking-space prices


Overall Thoughts

Hubba-To is a good co-working space, I get a lot of work done and it feels just like a work environment, it must be the high ceiling in the main co-working space.  One of the best bits is if I need to mix it and think about things, I can go down to the cafe grab myself a cup of hot chocolate and plan out my day, or even just go to the cafe to just change my working environment.
The only downside with this place is the noise. 70% of the time it is great to work in and quiet, but 30% of the time there are groups of people either in the offices or the main conference hall and it becomes a little bit too loud.  Sound proofing is needed for the noise.


Overall I liked Hubba-To, it is a place which I enjoyed working in and would return to in the future.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Hubba-To check out Hubba’s website:






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  • 17/02/2017
  • Joe says:

    Nice write up! Looks like a good spot. I went to the Hubba in Ekamai a few years ago.

    It was good but a little small so it’s good to see they’ve got a bigger location.

    Looks like Onnut is coming up in the world too!


    • mike says:

      This place is better than ekkamai, feel like you can get more work done, and planning can be a big part which this place helps you with too just due to the environment.

      I like both Hubba Ekkamai and Hubba-to. I like to switch and mix it up

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