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Hungry For Knowledge

I am hungry, very hungry.  Knowledge is my food and it’s what I am consuming a lot of right now.  I am more of a video learning guy than reading a book, I find it hard to concentrate when reading.  I also starting to enjoy podcasts more.  My main focus recently has been on my blog and my Kindle business.  They are my two main sources of income and I feel that it is right to improve on something which is already working.




For quite a while I was happy with where I was but now my progression is starting to hit a plateau, I know I am in need of increasing my knowledge.  When I started learning about online business I preferred to find information on YouTube or Google as it was free and there was a lot.  But now I find them time consuming and sometimes can be a waste of time because you are spending more time searching then finding the answer you want.  I prefer to buy a course which will give me exactly what I need.

I recently went on a spending spree and brought 10 video courses on Udemy.  Some of them I am not sure yet whether they will offer value but I wanted to take advantage of the offer they have right now which is 30% off all their courses.  If your interested too put in your name and email below and I will send you a link.  If you read this post after the 20th put your name in anyway and I will send you any future offers that come my way.

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Online Learning

It is so easy to get an education online nowadays and it won’t cost you thousands of dollars or pounds like it will at university.  I have never taken a university degree because the school environment has always bored me, I can’t handle learning for hours on end in a room.  Online courses have given me the opportunity to learn new things in my own time, learn when I want.  I don’t have anyone to answer to but myself, I am not judged on my success by a test, my success is judged on how well I perform in the real world and I like that feeling that I can pace myself whether I want to learn something quickly, slowly or take a chill day off.  There are no schedules.

There are a variety of ways to learn online,  I have put together some of the resources I have learned from and learn from now:



YouTube can be used for many different things.


I use it to solve a problem I have, here is a video I shot on how to mask a domain name.  YouTube is great for learning about anything, if you want to find something it will be there.  The problem that can sometimes happen with YouTube is you can be given some misinformation, the person is just out there to sell something to you or you see a video and the content has nothing to do with the title.

In general YouTube is a great place to get started.


Search Engines

There are many different search engines online, I would say the 3 biggest are Google, Yahoo and Bing.  With updates over the last few years, you are more likely to find valuable information compared to years before.  What I mean by this is in the past people were manipulating the search engines algorithm to make their sites rank higher.  Those sites were there for the purpose of making money just from google adsense or affiliate commissions, offering no real help of advice.  The search engines have changed this now with updated algorithm so you find more high-quality content online.

Search engines can provide a huge variety of information on the subject you are looking for.  There are millions of websites online which will either offer fluff or good information you are looking for.



Udemy is one of my favourite places to go and learn about something via video.  Video is the easiest way for me to learn I find Udemy perfect.  The courses are cheap and there are courses on literally anything.  Right now there is not a course on Pokemon Go, but give it a month and you will see a course pop up on it.  The platform is evolving all the time and new courses are being uploaded daily.


To help you assess whether to take a course, Udemy has a system of students enrolled and ratings.  This is a good way to see if the course is of any quality.


Online Courses

An online course will have its own domain name and be hosted by itself.  Courses can be a variety of things, from articles, videos and audio.  An online course is for people who want to get an education but don’t have the time to go to a specific place due to other commitments.

To assess whether an online course will be of value to you, you should look for a few things:

  • Who is teaching the course?
    • Do they have a reputation?
    • Can they prove what they are teaching works?
  • What are other people saying about the course?
  • Have any of their students had success?
  • Does the price represent the value being taught?



There are thousands of blogs online for different things.   You will find a few blogs on every subject and niche.  Blogs are written by people just like me and you, they start a blog because they have a passion for something or they want to talk about their progress.  Every blog will have a different style and feel to it.

You will find something which will appeal to you.

One of my favourite blogs is  The owner Pat Flynn earns over $100’000 a month in passive income and tells you exactly how he does things.  He has guests on his podcast who have built their own online businesses and this will bring you a wealth of information.

My friend Sam has started a food blog which he goes to different restaurants in Bangkok and gives his opinion on them:

Fresh Belief blog is my blog, I show you what I am doing and how I am doing it.

You can see there are many different blogs which cater to different people.



People are listening to podcasts more and more than music as time goes by.  They can be listened to while you are doing something else such as running, driving or cleaning.  I listen to them whilst I am riding my motorbike to the co working space or while I am working.  I like them because I can learn things whilst doing something else, if I hear something useful I will make a note of it.


The current podcast I am listening to is the Pro Blogger Podcast which is helping me with tips for my blog.

Another pod cast which has helped me is Travel Like A Boss pod cast, after listening to many episodes, Johnny FD was interviewing Adrian who was doing Kindle publishing, I felt this was something that I could do also and this inspired me to research into Kindle publishing and start a Kindle publishing business.  At the same time I started my blog both because of Johnny FD.  I even got featured on his podcast in episode 116.


What I have Brought Recently

As I said before I went on a spending splurge on Udemy.  I brought courses on learning more about blogging, increasing traffic to my blog, email marketing and copywriting skills.  I brought 3 courses on learning more about  I also looked for free courses, I made sure the free courses had good ratings.  I saw them as potential future courses which I could learn from and with them being free what did I have to lose.


Easy Peasy!

I feel for anyone who is wanting to get an education nowadays it has never been easier, there is soo much free information online that you shouldn’t really have an excuse.  If you have a bit of money you could sacrifice a few snacks or a coffee.  No course on Udemy is more than $50, a lot of them are $30 or less and when Udemy has a sale you can get for as little as $10.



I feel that you should be constantly learning something new, find whatever method is best for you to learn and apply it.  There is every medium to learn from now, this is the best time for you to do it.  Things are getting easier and easier to do.  You can learn on your laptop or mobile phone so if you have a spare 5 or 10 minutes use that to learn.

I made this post really because I have heard people saying so many times that they don’t have the time to learn or don’t have the resources when really they do, they just aren’t motivated enough.  I hope this has helped with people seeing there are options out there to further your education and learn something new which you never thought was possible.


Thanx for reading, if you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments below and share with anyone you think will benefit from it.





  • 19/07/2016

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