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Income Report February 2017: Return To Hubba

February has been an interesting month, things are starting to progress along with all my businesses and I am starting to feel more comfortable with everything I am doing.  Monday always seems to be a rush to get everything organised again for the whole week so it seems to be the busy day of the week.  I really need to improve on that.

My Kindle business is starting to calm down and become more automated so I am able to start concentrating on the next thing which I want to build up which is affiliate marketing and email marketing.  I have been learning a lot about both and I hope with the help of Affiliate Marketing Revolution I can start to increase that revenue too.

Amazon Kindle Business

February was interesting, I have now got quite a bit of my Kindle business outsourced and I am now just working on the most important tasks to build up my business.  Finding keywords, categories, reading my book to check it is relevant and create a title.  I have tried to outsource all of these jobs but so far it has been very difficult to do this and still gain the quality I want in my books.

I published one new book in February and have nearly had several more finished.  With this all in place I feel now I can start to progress quicker than I had done before in the past.


Here is a breakdown of how much I made

Kindle Paid Royalties: 511.36 (Includes US, UK & Euro Royalties) = (Increase +$140.46)

Kindle Unlimited Royalties: $56.28 (11’974 pages read x $0.0047 per page) = (Increase +$13.80)

Create Space Royalties: $769.61 (Includes US, UK & Euro Royalties) = (Decrease -$96.14)

ACX Audible Royalties: $283.59 + $0 Bounty = $283.59 = (Increase +$105.69) (January Royalties)

AMAZON KINDLE ROYALTY TOTAL: $1620.84 = (Increase +$38.81)



Out Sourcing Fees: $727.05

Book Writing: $450

PLR Materials: $56.98

Domain Names: $26.23

Software: $22

Marketing: $0


Total Profit from Kindle publishing $338.58 = (Decrease -$378.77)


Kindle Sales


Kindle Unlimited Pages Read



Kindle Royalties



Create Space Royalties



ACX Royalties


This may look like it has hit rock bottom but I do not feel that way, I have made a big investment and that should start to pay off in the future.  Fingers crossed following the methods from Luca and applying them to my new books will help with increasing revenues.  This is what business is all about, good and bad times.

The only way I could have achieved this is with the help of Luca and his course Self-Publishing Revolution.  I only have 17 books, so averaging around $100 a book is great for me, a quick ROI on my investment.  If you’re interested in hearing more about the moment which changed my Kindle journey check out after I changed Kindle courses.

When I first started Kindle publishing I wish I had someone to guide me, the course is very helpful but there are the small things which I needed help with understanding more.  What I am doing to help you get started is when you sign up to Luca’s course through my link I will give you 30 minutes mentoring for free.  (Valued at $100)

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. (Monthly payments)



Passive Income: Affiliate Commissions

Right now my affiliate commissions are coming solely from my blog, but I feel in the near future that will be changing and they will be coming from my new affiliate websites which I will then have to split this part into section.  I may even have to split it three ways to add in affiliate commissions from email marketing, I am excited about this new step in my journey and I hope you will enjoy it too.

For this month it has been steady keeping at over $1000.  To this day it still amazes me people will come to my blog, read what I have to say and buy a product through one of my links, this makes me feel good as they have found value in what I have written.

As a way to get your started on your own blog I have put together a quick start guide on how to get start your own blog.

Everything started over a year ago with the course Earnest Affiliate.  This basically took me from understanding the foundations to creating a  successful blog to where I am right now.  I believe it is a great course to get your started.  The course has allowed me to make 100 times what I invested which is not bad in my opinion

To help you get started when you purchase through my link I will give you 30 minutes free mentoring, check out

JVZOO: $1344.60 = (Increase +74.10)


Click Bank: $67.41 = (Increase +$67.41)

Amazon Associates: $0 = (Decrease -$0.40)

Site Ground (Web Hosting) : $45 = (Increase +$45)

Aweber: $0 = (Even $0)

Total affiliate commissions income: $1457.01 = (Increase +$129.10)


Grand Total Passive Income

This months income is a bit more interesting as there has really been no increased effort for my old books but they kept the same level which is always nice.  I am feeling there is something that needs to be done in regards to my blog as I am not making as much as I want.  It would be lovely to be making $5’000 or even $10’000 but it has seemed to stay at the same level for the last few months.

With that said, I feel making niche specific websites, email marking, and earning more affiliate commissions that way, it could be a more profitable route, but I will see.



If your interested in any of the product mentioned in this post check them out below

Start your own blog today = Earnest Affiliate

Start your own Kindle business = Self Publishing Revolution

Start an Affiliate website = Affiliate Marketing Revolution

All are helping me with my passive income journey.


It’s truly amazing what you can do in a time period when you set your mind to it.


Other Expenses

Hide My Ass = $9.99

skype = $22.29

Aweber = $19

Education – $103.16

Google – $4.99

Software – $79.98

Outsourcing – $31

Domain Names: $58.74

Fresh Books = 30

Donation to Wor. Watthana = $15

TOTAL = $355.15



Total Passive Income: $3077.85 (Increase +$167.91)

Total Expenses: $1637.41 (Increase +$207.93)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $1440.44 (Decrease -$40.02)


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

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  • Emeka says:

    Great breakdown Michael. Really cool to see all that income coming from your blog.

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