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Income Report November 2016: Education

Oh man, this has been a long month of education, I haven’t worked much on my current businesses.  It has affected my growth but at the same time, I am glad I have the passive income to be able to keep me a float which gives me the freedom to do other things while still earning money in the background.


This month has been a lot of testing again, something which I feel will have a positive impact on the future of my businesses.  I’m not looking at this as a short-term thing.  It’s always better to look at it long term and I feel that the foundation that I am building are important to the future growth.

I am in two Facebook groups, one for Kindle publishing and one for affiliate marketing.  I feel happy that everyone is making money but at the same time a little jealous because some people are hitting quite a few thousand dollars a month and I want to be hitting at least $3’000 a month for my publishing business and $2’500 from affiliate commissions, but I understand it will come in time.  Steps do have to be taken, but in the back of my mind I will get there, it is just time and hitting the right spot.


Amazon Publishing Business

November has been a bit of a disaster, I tried different things with Amazon marketing and I lost money on Kindle, luckily I made money with Create Space and ACX to tackle some of the deficit.

What I feel I gained from this is a better understanding of how to tackle Amazon marketing.  I do feel that some of my books are gaining a little bit of life again from me marketing them, but it does cost to test the trial and errors.  Again I see this as a short-term loss for a long-term gain


Here is a breakdown of how much I made

Kindle Paid Royalties: $604.49 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Decrease -$106.64)

Kindle Unlimited Royalties: $47.52 (10’110 10518 pages read x $0.0047 per page) = (Decrease -$1.91)

Create Space Royalties: $1140.51 (Includes US, UK & Euro Royalties) = (Decrease -$150.01)

ACX Audible Royalties: $80.11 + $150 Bounty = $147.83 = (Increase +$82.28)

AMAZON KINDLE ROYALTY TOTAL: $2022.63 = (Decrease -$126.28)



Out Sourcing Fees: $0

Book Writing: $0

PLR Materials: $0

Domain name: $0

Images: $0

Software: – $30

Marketing: $1010.28


Total Profit from Kindle publishing $982.35 = (Increase +$36.97)


Kindle Sales



Kindle Unlimited Pages Read



Kindle Royalties



Create Space Royalties



ACX Sales


I have not added more books this month as I want to get my email marketing knowledge up so I can use it to my advantage when I release a new book.  I feel things are moving into place now and progress will get better.  Amazon is getting smarter so you have to play by their rules.

The basics in anything you do are important and I learned the best basics for publishing from Self-Publishing Revolution, it allowed me to profit more from each book I produced just by changing a few things, I really wish the course was around when I started a year ago, it would have put me on a better standing than I am now.  But with all that said I am happy I am where I am today and I feel it would have never happened unless I changed Kindle courses.

I now don’t do much of the manual tasks when it comes to producing my books, I leave it all to other people.  I’m mainly focusing on the important things such as thinking about which niche to go into next, and the outline of the book, I leave the rest to virtual assistants.  You can learn all that and more with Kindle AutoPilot which will show you how to outsource your whole Kindle business,  it helped me understand how to outsource my Kindle business so I work on it and not in it.


I always believe Kindle is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to start making money online and it’s so easy for anyone to start.

I want you all to get the best start so I have put together a special gift for you.  Buy Self-Publishing Revolution through my link below today and I will give you 30 Minutes Mentoring for FREE (Worth $100).

Click on one of the links below and start to change your life like I have. (Life time access)

. (Monthly payments)



Passive Income: Affiliate Commissions

It’s a weird feeling looking at my affiliate dashboard and that same money appearing in my bank account.  It seems like some witchcraft but it’s real, and I’m grateful every time I see an amount appear on the dashboard.  This month has been my best month yet for affiliate marketing.  I still haven’t hit $2000 but I am hopeful that will happen in the near future.

With all that said here is how it goes down.


JVZOO: $1445.55 = (Increase +261.55)


Click Bank: $201.80 = (Increase +$64.98)

Amazon Associates: $0.16 = (Decrease +$0.53)

Site Ground: $0 = (Even $0)

Aweber: $0 = (Even)

Total affiliate commissions income: $1647.51 = (Increase +$326.69)


Creating a blog about something you love is easy, anyone can do it.  Putting the foundations down is so important.  If you don’t have the strong foundations it will fall over.  I feel that I created a strong foundation a year ago to allow myself to get to the position I am in now.  The learning curve was steep but I got there in the end.  I feel anyone can do the same if they have a passion for something.  If you do it will really come out in the content you produce.

As with most things I do I took a course to speed up the progress, it helped me gain a better understanding of what was needed to be successful and gain a following, as of now I have over 2000 likes on Facebook which I feel is an achievement all on its own.

As I want you to start in the right direction, when you purchase Earnest Affiliate through my link I will give you 30 minutes mentoring for free.  Answering any questions you have.

Visit  If you’re serious about starting a blog this is the best place to start.


Grand Total Passive Income

It gets a bit annoying with increased profits come increased expenses, but this month it was a bit of a stupid one with the Amazon marketing  going crazy but at the same time was needed to learn the process, I still came out on top so it is a win-win for me.  You will never succeed in business without testing things first.  That is the secret essence to everything you do.

I’m still a bit annoyed I haven’t made over $3’000 profit but I know that will come and the best thing is it’s passive, the work I do is more of an investment in my businesses that will help increase the growth.  It’s the little tweaks that always help and the more you test the better results you will get.

Other Expenses

Advertising Black Friday = $76.12

Hide My Ass = $9.99

Domains = $7.68

skype = $7.50

Aweber = $19

LeadPages = $477

Education – $268.3

Google – $4.99

Software – $30

Donation to Wor. Watthana = $15

TOTAL = $915.58



Total Passive Income: $3850.14 (Increase +$385.41)

Total Expenses: $1955.86 (Increase +$242.07)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $1894.28 (Decrease -$255.66)


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

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  • 09/12/2016
  • Paul says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great post.. found you on a video you did for Trello .. very interesting..

    Anyhow.. I am intrigued by the marketing you have done with leadpages… $500 on leadpages.. curious as to how you spent that.. and the rough results.



    • mike says:

      Leadpages was a yearly update, I did no marketing with leadpages, it is solely for my squeeze pages

      The amazon marketing was a lot of tests which I am very confidence will pay off this month

  • Feven Tefferi says:

    This is amazing! I have been following you since you started and it’s great to see your progress! Keep up the great work and I’m sure you’ll surpass the 3K mark in notime!

  • Question says:

    What’s better Johnny FD’s affiliate marketing course or Luca’s affiliate marketing course?

  • Willy says:

    What’s the different between the content of the course LucaMethod and LucaMethodMonthly? Which one I should choose?

  • Willy says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the clarification. Will there be coupon code for the coming Christmas season and New year celebration?

    • mike says:

      Willy, sorry for the major late reply, I was more relaxing in December, I think Luca still has 50 coupons now so you can still get $100 discount off the course

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