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Income Report October 2016: Slow Improvement

I felt October has been one of my slowest months with only small improvements.  When you feel you aren’t moving anywhere but when you look back at the month and see what you have achieved, you then think “It wasn’t what I wanted to achieve but I made progress.”  There will always be those times but you have to think what did I really achieve and how will it help my overall goal, that is when you have an “ah ha” moment and think “I didn’t do as bad as I thought” 🙂


If I thought last month was a lot of learning then this month could have topped that.  I have been trial and testing a lot of things, from Amazon Marketing services, email lists, hiring team members.  It has been slow but I have learned a lot and now I feel I will come out on top and will be in a better and stronger position for the future.

I have been studying a lot, and because I have been taking a lot of new courses it made me feel overwhelmed, sometimes it is not about the big things but the basics that make everything run smoothly.  I do think basics can make things run smoothly but when you feel you can add good tweaks from your research then it is worth the work.


Amazon Kindle Business

October has been very similar to September in regards to royalties, the defining factor has been how much I have been spending on advertisements.  I left my Amazon Marketing on without looking at it and that really gobbled up a lot of money which I shouldn’t have been spending, this was a huge mistake and I should have taken it more seriously because Amazon basically took a free ride on my ads and I have ended up paying the price!  It is a new month and I decided to start a fresh and see how it will effect my sales and expenses.


Here is a breakdown of how much I made

Kindle Paid Royalties: $711.13 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Decrease -$48.77)

Kindle Unlimited Royalties: $49.43 (10518 pages read x $0.0047 per page) = (Decrease -$23.34)

Create Space Royalties: $1290.52 (Includes US, UK & Euro Royalties) = (Increase +$151)

ACX Audible Royalties: $97.83 + $50 Bounty = $147.83 = (Increase +$25.32)

AMAZON KINDLE ROYALTY TOTAL: $2148.91 = (Increase +$104.07)



Out Sourcing Fees: $685.53

Book Writing: $0

PLR Materials: $0

Domain name: $0

Images: $0

Software: – $27

Marketing: $491


Total Profit from Kindle publishing $945.38 = (Increase +$200.88)


Kindle Sales



Kindle Unlimited Pages Read



Kindle Royalties



Create Space Royalties



ACX Sales


This month I have not added any more books as I have decided to go back to the drawing board and learn how to scale up my email list for Kindle and launch a book.  In this time I have been discovering quite a few things which I feel can make a difference on launch date, there is still quite a bit more research to go but in November I should have it rapped up ready for the live test.  The reason why I am doing this is, I launched 3 books in September and they didn’t do as well as I wanted them too, the keyword was just too competitive.  I want to be able to avoid that and dominate in any keyword from the start, I am now in the process of working out a good launch strategy.  If I can do this along side what is taught by Luca I believe I will have an unbeatable strategy.

This will be a fun experiment and if launched in November you will see the results end of November.

My Kindle business has been steady and I believe that is because of the previous work I put in, I believe my current book sales will raise once I have worked out the key components.


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Passive Income: Affiliate Commissions

This month has been another one which has blow me away because for some reason I still can’t believe I have earned over $1’000 from blogging.  At the same time it is totally awesome to me because I have made commission from only referring products which I truly believe in and want everyone to benefit from.  The best part about it is many people have already benefitted from my recommendations and when I hear of their success in the same program as I took it makes me feel really good.

With all that said I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog as knowing people are liking and enjoying what I write only helps me improve.  My blog started out of passion and it will always stay that way, the income made is a bonus on top. 🙂

So here it comes, here is a breakdown of what I earned this month from my affiliate income.


JVZOO: $1184 = (Decrease 55.80)


Click Bank: $136.82 = (Decrease -$68.41)

Amazon Associates: $0.69 = (Increase +$0.37)

Site Ground: $0 = (Even $0)

Aweber: $0 = (Decrease -$5)

Total affiliate commissions income: $1320.82 = (Decrease -$129.53)


I believe anyone can do the same in any niche, the key to making affiliate income from your blog is offering consistent value to your readers.  If you do start a blog don’t expect to make money from the get go.  People have to warm up to you.  For me it is all about give, give, give and then when you do recommend something they will value your opinion so much that if they’re ready to buy they will just buy from you because they trust what you have to say.  A blog is a personal diary which you’re sharing with the world.  The best thing you can do is share everything you know on a subject.  When you do write about your passion it will come out in your words, people will love to read your blog and always want to come back for more.

For me this all started with the foundation when I took Earnest Affiliate.  The course gave me the tools to learn exactly what I needed to succeed with my blog and give me the right direction and I believe it can do the same for anyone else.  To start your own blog and get 30 minutes Free mentoring with me visit  If you’re serious about starting a blog this is the best place to start.


Grand Total Passive Income

This has been another big month for me and I am really excited with the progression of where things came from and are going.  Sometimes it is hard to grasp what you have achieved because you never really see the big picture, just what is happening now.  I have taken this opportunity and I am not letting go, I want to keep working hard whether it be fast or slow, I will get to my $10’000 a month goal and no one will stop me!!

I really want to add another income stream to my business but my current projects are taking up too much of my time, but hopefully soon I can clear them all out and start moving forward quicker.

Other Expenses

Hide My Ass = $9.99

skype = $22.29

Aweber = $19

Education – $0

Google – $4.99

Software – $38.99

Donation to Wor. Watthana = $15

TOTAL = $110.26



Total Passive Income: $3464.73 (Increase +$80.27)

Total Expenses: $1313.79 $1578.87 (Decrease -$265.08)

GRAND TOTAL PASSIVE INCOME PROFITS: $2149.94 (Increase +$153.81)


If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

Warm Regards



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  • 05/11/2016
  • Walid Afrah says:

    Hello Michael

    Amazing to see your progress, and i’am sure you’ll reach your 10000$ goal i’ve bought the luca’s course through your link, my goal is to get to 3000$ a month net, i see you’re spending a lot of money and even if you’re making 2000$ you don’t keep everything, if you was ok with your kindle sales right now do you believe you can stabalize that and make 2000$ net profit right now

    • mike says:

      Hi Wallid
      Thank you for your comment.
      That month I was testing a few things and spending way too much on Amazon ads. My belief is you should reinvest the money you have earned back into your business that way you can make more money. The main bulk of money this month has gone on ads and editing the next books I will publish.

      I believe soon everything will be more stable, just taking time for me to get everything on the right track

  • Scott F says:

    Nice ¿work¿ Mike, keep it up! I love how you break everything down into their own sections. I hope you achieve your goal of $10000 a month! Your at $2149.94 which is an increase from last time, so it looks like your on the right track. Cant wait to see your next monthly break down income! I think I might get on the kindle publishing soon too, looks awful tempting!

    • mike says:

      Hi Scott
      thank you for the comment.
      I try and be as transparent as possible, to let other people see the true income to expense behind the Kindle business, no one else does it like this and I feel it is important as most people just talk about their royalties.

      Kindle is a great way to make money, I recommend you do start again.

  • David says:

    Great post, always look forward to reading these monthly reports. Finally got around to getting Lucas course and finished it yesterday, determined to put in the work to find my niche and to get my first book out. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see what follows!

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