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Top 6 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Every day can be a grind whether you’re working on your own project or someone else’s, you have to set your own schedule.  When you are your own boss getting your workflow correct is very important so you can get the most amount of work done in one day.  For entrepreneurs or freelancers, it can be one of the hardest things trying to get as much work done in the shortest amount of time whilst balancing your breaks.

I use 6 things to balance out my work day and keep myself fresh.

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When someone says you need a rest, this is very important.  Taking short interval breaks in between your work does wonders.  Right now I break for 10 minutes every hour as this is comfortable for me.  There are other timings available such as break for 3 minutes every 20 minutes, 5 minutes every 30 minutes and many other alternatives, it is down to you to work out which one is best for you.


1) Schedule

I would say the most important thing for your work day is creating a schedule, without one your work will be a mess and all over the place, you will bounce from one task to the next without completely finishing that task and then you will have to come back to it.

In my work day I always start with planning something new to improve my business, then an important task that needs to be done and then going onto the easier tasks, this way your mind doesn’t feel like it is having an uphill struggle.

I use ToDoIst to help me easily organize my work by date and time.  I don’t have to worry about remembering what to do next as ToDoIst has me covered.


Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is something which many people overlook but it’s a huge factor of maximizing your productivity.  If your body is dehydrated your brain will not be as efficient and your productivity will decrease.




When you’re working hard you forget about time, it just flies by.  You forget about taking a break, this can be your downfall as you can be working for hours upon end.  When you work for several hours day after day your body and mind will feel it.  It will creep up on you and them BAM you will feel demotivated and lazy to work, this is your body telling you, you need to rest!  The rest after the prolonged period of work could be a few hours or even turn into days.  You can try to fight it but it will come back harder.  It is always best to feel fresh whilst working.

I use two methods to keep track of time and my breaks:

This is a free desktop timer which stays on your screen and counts down the time you input in it.  I currently use this one as I like to work for an hour at a time and then take a break.


Work Rave mixes up the times with mini breaks in between the hour, and at the end of the hour gets you to do 3 exercises to keep your body nimble.  Every break it freezes your computer screen forcing you to stop whatever you are doing and take a break.  I like this one as it reminds you to do exercises.




I used to work at home because there was nowhere nearby to go to work.  Recently I moved to Bangkok and close enough to Hubba Thailand to have a place to work from.  One huge benefit of working at a co-working space has been meeting new people.  This has allowed me to enjoy my time at work more.  During my breaks I have been able to sit down and talk with people.  If your anything like me you love a good natter this will be a great place for you.  Whilst this is good, try to keep to your schedule on time as a chat may go from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.


Work Environment

Finding the right environment will help to greatly increase your productivity because if you are comfortable and relaxed you will work more as your mind will feel more at ease.

I felt this as soon as I moved to Hubba because even though I was not working with anyone at the co-working space I had the contact of people around me which made me feel better, and at times I could have a quick joke with them which was impossible when I was working from home.


Stand Or Sit

This is really a preference and I feel it depends on the work you are doing.  If you are doing a lot of typing I would sit as it is more comfortable on the arms and you can concentrate more.  If you are in thought mode and need to gain ideas standing is better as it allows you to move more freely, this freedom of movement will help with your train of thought allowing you to have more ideas.

I have always found that it works for myself when I am doing specific tasks.


Tools To Use

To help with my productivity I use two tools



Apply these things into your work day and you will see your productivity increase.  You should always be looking for new things to help you in your work day.  Your work day should evolve as you evolve, see what you can do to be more productive.


Let me know what you think, do you do the same, disagree or do something completely different.  Comment below and we all can discuss.





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  • 11/10/2016

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