Increasing Blog Traffic To 10,000 Monthly Visitors in Only 11 Step

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11 Steps To Increasing My Blog Traffic To 10,000 Monthly Visitors

Increasing my blog traffic to 10,000 monthly is one of my biggest goal for the next 12 months

I could technically say I’m stuck in a solid mound of traffic stagnation at the moment.  In the past, I really didn’t care but then I started to think I wanted to get more from my blog.

I want that 5,000, even 10,000 visitors to my blog every month. I started to investigate and saw there were some major errors with my blog and the way I was running things and that really hurt my traffic.

To me those small things are not good enough when at the end of the day it is something which I know can easily be improved with some small tweaks.

What are those tweaks you ask? Well, they involve SEO, site speed, and linking.

To get into more detail I will be showing you all my findings and exactly what I will do to be increasing my blog traffic in this post.

11 Simple Steps To Exponentially Increase Your Blog Traffic To 10,000 Visitors A Month


Education Action

Without any SEO knowledge, I knew I needed to do something to understand exactly why my site was being punished. After watching multiple Youtube videos I knew it all started at home and the speed of my site.

When I ran my site through Google’s page speed insights tool I knew I was in some serious trouble! The site speed was at a big fat 1, meaning it was in the worst position it could ever be in.

poor google site speed

How the hell had I gotten to this position? I know that even if I improve outside traffic and optimize my links within the site, Google will still penalize my site for speed.


Step 1: Starting With My Site

At this stage, I knew there are some serious steps I needed to take to improve my site.

The first one is transferring my site over to Thrive Themes.  I just had this feeling that Divi CSS coding and all the plugins I’m using has done some serious damage to my site and I will have to basically break down my site and even have to start again from scratch. I’m not talking about content, I’m talking about the look and speed of my site.

I know that once that has been upgraded then I can start moving on to the next step.

And speaking of the devil my site speed is already up to 47 after installing Thrive Themes, a crazy and amazing improvement.


Step 2: Google Page Speed Stats

The next stage is to make Google happy. This will not only make them happy but it will increase the speed of my site and in turn, make my readers happy and help with rankings.

I have quite a few things but the aim is to get the site to 100/100. I would copy and paste everything I have to do but here is a link to my site so you can see the progress and what I still need to improve on.

(BTW this will go up and down based on plugins I have switched on and off)

I hit 85/100 for desktop and 73/100 for mobile but getting to 100/100 will be a challenge.  Just a few image optimizations and some script removal and I will be there.


Step3: Improve Current Blog Posts

I’ve already written over 100 posts to this point, many of them are already ranking in Google.  My thought is, why should I just settle to try and rank new posts when I have quite a few relevant old posts which can rank for relevant keywords I’m aiming for.  All I need to do is update them and they will rank.

I know many of my old posts have absolutely no SEO consideration taken into them and that is why they rank so badly, but I know with my new found SEO knowledge that I will able to update them and rank them for certain keywords.

It’s really a winning situation with less work.

I will do this by:

  1. Going to the Google Search console
  2. Clicking on my website
  3. Search Traffic > Search Analytics
  4. Check Position box
  5. Order by position and look for keywords I’m ranking for already in lower down position
  6. Find the posts
  7. Tweak for the SEO keyword



It won’t be for all the blog posts, just posts I want to rank for.


Step 4: Create A Site Silo

I call this a site silo but according to Mile Beckler it is one of the best ways to rank websites for keywords.

What I will be doing is creating a huge mega-post and then that will link to sub-posts which will link back to the huge post.

So for example

I will be having a few different silo’s, one for affiliate marketing, one for blogging, one for Kindle publishing.

Under Kindle publishing, I will have several silos; book marketing, book cover, book launch and a few more. Each of those is a silo.  For book cover I would write articles on, for example:

  • What makes a good book cover
  • Should you go cheap or expensive for your book cover
  • how to convert your cover into a hardback version
  • Top 10 best book covers on

All of these are under the book cover silo, they will all link back to the main book cover post and the main book cover post will link to each of them, creating some serious internal link juicing.

This, for now, is an outline.  I will be hiring a professional to help me further with this.


If that was confusing, here is a video of Miles explaining it all.  I normally put it at double speed.


Step 5: Internal and External Linking

The next booster and the cheapest and easiest way to improve SEO is internal linking. This will be adding links in my blog posts to other pages on my site whether it be a page or another post.

The other powerful link builder is linking to relevant powerful sites outside of my site. I used to think screw linking to other sites outside of my website I want my traffic to stay on my site. This, however, was a wrong way to think.  By linking out it will help Google recognize my site is linking to a high authority site, which in turn is helping my reader but also giving me a small ranking boost.

Both of these will not only help with SEO but it will make it a much better experience for my readers.

In this post, you will notice I link to,  Google search console, and a few other sites.  For this post, the links are a bit all over the place and not relevant to what my site is about, but as this is about SEO and ranking backlinks, and Google search console are both relevant.


Step 6 + 7: Huge Boost in SEO Through Authoritative Linking

The biggest part of the plan is to gather external links and point them back to my website but not any old links. These links will be from authoritative and relevant websites. I will be using The Skyscraper Technique and The Moving Man Method by Brian Dean of

The moving man method is:

  1. Finding sites which have changed name, shut down, moved domains or no longer updated
  2. Find the sites linking to that page
  3. Email the site that’s linking and let them know, I will also have an amazing piece of content they can link to.
  4. Get the backlink


The Skyscraper Technique is:

  1. Find link worthy content
  2. Make something ten times better
  3. Reach out to the people linking to the original content
  4. Get the backlink

If you’re a bit confused here is a video by Brian Dean himself

And that right there is a ton of free backlinks for me 😛


What I will have done is not only produce an amazing piece of content those websites can link to but that content will be highly beneficial and relevant for my readers too.

It’s a win-win!!


Step 8: Guest Posting

My guest posting strategy will be less about the link building and more about the audience.

The reason behind this is the link I will receive from most blogs will be at the bottom of the post where it will gain much less backlink power than a link higher up in the post.

In my post ‘So You Think You’ve Got What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur‘ I asked Marta to put a link higher in the post and she agreed, win for some backlink juice.

I’m aiming for an audience who will like my blog post and come to my site to see more of what I have. NO, I am not stealing that blogs audience as that person will already be a fan of that blog and it will merely be them having an interest in the two blogs.

When I look for blogs to guest post on I will be more strategic as I want to be using my time effectively.

I want to be searching for blogs with a similar size audience to mine or bigger, mainly with a traffic amount of 5,000 viewers per month or more. The reason behind this is because I want to get my message and name to as many people as possible.

Why put in the work to an audience of 500 people when I can do the same work and hit 10x or 20x that.

Do you see my point?

I didn’t take these metrics into consideration when I guest posted on Marta’s blog doesn’t get that many readers as of now. The reason why I did it is that I like the message she portrays on her blog and I know that in the future her audience will grow.

That post is more about future audience growth than the current one.


Step 9: Networking

Many of my strategies I will be using have been through online research but they were cemented by Steve Scott and his book ‘My Blog Traffic Sucks! 8 Steps to Get 100,000 Blog Visitors Without Working 8 Days a Week‘.

He lays it out pretty simple:

  1. Pick 10 – 20 potential blog alliance partners
  2. Follow the 4 steps to build relationships with them
    1. Leave blog comments
    2. Give social Media love
    3. Email each blogger
    4. Schedule a Skype conversation
  3. Write one high calibre blog post each week
  4. Optimize the blog posts for the given keyword
  5. Promote to relevant sites
  6. Write 1-2 guest posts each week
  7. Spend 30 minutes each day marketing on Twitter
  8. Analyze your traffic every month to see what’s working
  9. Use the 80/20 rule to do more of what is working

There are a few more actions in there that can be done, but this is if you have more time.  Also some of the actions I will modify such as using Instagram as well as Twitter which I am doing right now to link up with some one huge.

In the past, I didn’t think much of networking as I am quite an introverted person. I even used to hide my profile picture on Facebook.


Yes, it was Elmo!


Now after linking up with a few people in relevant industries, I see that working together with other people not only helps you but at the same time can give you more ideas and helps you grow quicker.

I really do feel that the more relevant the people you network with the stronger you become because you might just meet with one person who is a friend of a friend to someone very powerful in your industry and it only takes a few interconnections before you hit the audience jackpot.

For example, let’s say I want to get in contact with Barrie Davenport who is a prolific blogger and author, good in the fact it would help with my book launch if I built a good reputation and friendship with her.

Her blog is

It would only take me 2 introductions. My friend Marta knows Steve Scott, and Steve Scott knows Barrie. Do you see how simple that is?

Marta would make an introduction to Steve and after I have built a relationship with Steve I can ask for an introduction to Barrie.

I learned this technique from David Gowels book: The Power in a Link: Open Doors, Close Deals and Change The Way You Do Business using LinkedIn

Even though it’s for Linkedin it can be applied in every scenario.


The 10x Rule

This is not particularly the 10x rule your thinking of in the mindset term but it is 10x in the term of using other peoples traffic.

Think about it for a moment.

If another blog has 10,000 readers per month and only 5% of those become my followers that are 500 people I would not have had before.

If I do that 10 times that is 5,000 extra people. If I do it 100 times, that is 50,000 extra people. Now, do you see how working with other people is so powerful?


Step 10: Gaining Amazing Success In Kindle/Self Publishing

You may say I have already had some success in Kindle/self-publishing but I don’t consider that success.

Even though I made thousands of dollars it wasn’t consistent. My book eventually went to the waste side. I would consider a success if my books were making me thousands of dollars consistently for years.

I am however starting something new. I am taking the knowledge I learned from Self Publishing Revolution and applying that to a 10x method where I will be sending thousands of visitors to my book from outside of Amazon on launch.

You ask how? It’s using networking, influencer marketing, and email lists. Yes, I will have a list of 5,000+ people on my list before the launch of my book, which I will be writing myself.

I will then use those networking connections, influencers and my email lists to drive an insane amount of traffic to my book on launch, and successfully get sales.

But enough of that, I will talk more about that in another post.


Step 11: Email Marketing

Not doing email marketing is one of the biggest mistakes I have neglected within my business. I just wasn’t successful and didn’t have the right message to try and capture people’s email address. With that, I have lost potentially hundreds if not thousands of potential monthly readers.

In my analytics 80% of my traffic are new readers, that is crazy to think how many people have come to my blog and left never to come again, that needs to change!

My concentration is now on learning email marketing so I can take those potential lost readers and turn them into lifelong fans.


I Like Test

As an entrepreneur, I like to test things and this will be a huge one for me and the only way to know if something works or not.

The best thing about all of this is I will be showing you my results of what works and what doesn’t. I want to turn this into a super specific analysis of traffic.


Final Thoughts

First off I would like to say thank Jeremy Harrison of His SEO skills are insane and I passed this by him, got suggestions and he helped me improve it. He also helped me understand the Silo method and the power of it.

Now I have written this I am really eager to get started on it and even though the thought of failure is something that will always be on my mind at the end of the day once I do succeed I can look back and this and say, eh I actually did achieve those results, what’s next?

I am no SEO expert just taken what I have learned online and used that to help my site and my business. I now feel that SEO will be a huge part of my ranking increase as well.

The one thing I want you to take away from this is the goal I have set and how I will achieve it because I would say that was the biggest thing I was lacking up till now in my entrepreneurial journey which led to a few crashed in my journey.

I believe what defines us is what we do after we’ve failed.


Thanx for reading



  • 05/12/2017

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