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How Johnny FD Helped Me Make $17,000 And The Lessons I Learned

You’re probably thinking “wow that’s a lot of money”

And for me, yes it is.

The money came from learning lesson taught by Johnny FD in his course Earnest Affiliate 1.0 which is now called Income Boss.

The crazy thing about this is I didn’t do anything special I just followed the lessons and just started my blog. You could say I just winged it (do it and see what happens).


Pre Beginning

Everything starts somewhere and even before I had tried a few blog before just a way to journal my progress on my travels and Muay Thai training.

This site was on blogger, check it out at

As you can see I didn’t really know what I was doing, my photo’s are all over the place but I wanted to journal my progress in Phuket, Muay Thai Training and my trip to Lao.

Since that time I stopped blogging for a few years.



I had been following Johnny FD for a while. I was listening to his podcast Travel Like a boss Podcast and he had one guest Adrian Ingram who had been doing Kindle publishing.

I had previously tried drop shipping with no success, I also tried Fiverr selling with some OK success but after looking into the Kindle publishing model I saw it was just for me.

I wanted to try it because it was cheap to start up costs and it was something easy to implement. At the same time, I wanted to talk about my journey.

Luckily for me, Johnny had just release Earnest Affiliate and even though I had previous experience blogging I wanted to get everything started on the right foot so I thought I would learn from someone with experience.

The one thing that really appealed to me about Earnest Affiliate was the earnest part, being honest and open about everything and you will succeed long term.  Also it was down to Johnny earning thousands of dollars a month from his  blog. 😛

The earnest part is true today, I have seen the rise and fall of many people who just tried to sell the next best thing to their audience to make money and slowly burned them. Even people I used to respect have now gone into the lowest reaches of my respect to no respect because of what they’re trying to push to their audience.

My main focuses of my blog were Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing.

I just wrote about what I was doing and loved the progress at the same time. I knew that I could look back at this and see where I came from to where I am today.


When Did I Earn My First Commission

You could say this came out of the blue.

On 2nd January 2016, 4 months after I started my blog I posted my review of KDSPY. It was a week later I received my first commission. As you can guess I was so excited and buzzing that now I had made money on my blog.

KDSPY, How to find a profitable niche

It didn’t stop there, this post has gone on to earn me $1’500 to date, not bad for one post.

I feel my success with this post was due to not many people were talking about KDSPY and even today my post and video are ranked very high in Google and YouTube.


The One Post To Rule Them All

Johnny talks about finding your niche and talk about just that, as you know Kindle was my niche.

The defining moment that changed my finances was my post: Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started Self Publishing Revolution


The controversialness of it is what made it a widely shared post.  In total 200 people shared this post.  The reason for this was at the time K Money Mastery was the course to go for, everyone was on it.

Then all of a sudden Self Publishing Revolution came out and provided a simple straight to the point strategies which helped people to start earning hundreds of dollars in their first month.

Many people resonated as they were in in my same position and didn’t know whether to switch.  It was a long and detailed post, that went into every detail of both courses, the good and bad.


Continual Income Rise

I continually wrote about Kindle at the time and the more I wrote the more my income increased.  I was early in and no one for months talked about Self Publishing Revolution, I basically had a monopoly on the affiliate commissions.

Eventually, other people started to get in on the opportunity and I lost out on some potential affiliate commission but they still stayed steady.  My brand reputation stood strong.


The Break

Around April this year, I burned out and no longer wished to do anything. I decided to stop everything and take a rest.

My days started to turn into mush, I was turning into a lazy boy, watching movies, playing games, partying.

This small period of time was good for me to regenerate and become the powerhouse of who I am now. The best part of my break is I was still earning affiliate income despite not working on my blog.

And that is the small thing I like about this is I have been open and honest about everything and I feel people appreciate that.

Commission April – May 2017

Apil & May Affiliate Commission Click Bank Apil & May Affiliate Commission JVZOO



I have now been blogging just under 2 years (Today is 23rd September 2017). To this date, I have earned over $17’000.

Below does not include other courses I have promoted, PayPal transfers by the course owners and SiteGround Commissions

jvoo affiliate commissions Clickbank Paychecks

Even though I would have liked it to be more I understand the reasons why it hasn’t been more than that amount. I never did any SEO, backlinking, email marketing, or tried to gain much traffic to my blog besides sharing.

I just didn’t understand that stuff and wanted to concentrate on my content.

My traffic for the last 12 months, as you can see I don’t get more than 500 users a month to my blog.  I would say I earned a good amount for the amount of traffic that I received.

Google Analytics

I have a lot of articles and I know there is a lot of value to people, currently, I get an average of 30 people per day to my blog and I believe I can raise that with some tweaks I am learning from Income Boss.


I’ve Received Offers

Writing and having an audience attracts product owners who will try to get a review in exchange for their product, even pay you to write a review for them.

I have had several of these people come to me, 2 Kindle course. One course came while I was promoting K Money Mastery.

After going through the course I said to myself I could never promote this, as it is a bad carbon copy of K Money Mastery.

I’ve received payment offers to promote someone’s product, but again I turned it down because it wasn’t beneficial to my audience and I just didn’t like the product.

A course that I will proudly promote that I did receive for Free is Publishing Email Success by Marta Magdelena. With Marta’s track record of email marketing with Kindle, when she offered me the course I felt it could be a game changer on how publishers get reviews for their book instead of review swapping and it did just that.

Even though the course is relatively new, it brings a whole different idea to the Kindle review process and due to the quality of the course, I was happy to promote it and even put it on my recommended resource page.


Keeping Up My Standards

Lastly is the newest offer I received, it was for another Kindle publishing course.

This person is the #KindleGuru of 2017.  He has a good reputation and has risen up as the new authority on Kindle publishing. Even though I want to promote his course, I refuse just because Kindle is not my main focus right now.

It would not be fair to my reader for me to switch and start talking about this course even if I thought it was the best as I am currently not publishing and would never apply his strategies on my books.

This I feel is very important as earning your reputation takes time, but you can lose it in an instant.  And gaining it back after you’ve lost it is ten times more difficult because people will always remember what you did before.

However, when I do start publishing again in the future I will take him up on his offer.

made money blogging


What The Future Holds

My main aim with my blog is to keep writing, sharing and helping people while at the same time making affiliate commissions on products.

I would never sell out to just make a quick buck so I have to look for and test products which I feel will be good for my audience.

At the same time, I am now starting to learn and implement SEO, Backlinking, email marketing and different traffic methods taught in Income Boss.

The work I have put in so far is, I have just created a new email autoresponder with Get Response which I think will help a lot with traffic and retention of visitors as in the past I lost a lot of potential readers because they came and went.

To do this I am using Thrive Landing pages to create my landing pages and Thrive leads to create my opt-in boxes.  Both are so easy to use and modify.

I am back in my hungry mode and want to raise the affiliate income from my blog just like Johnny has.


What Do You Need To Start A Blog?

To get started yourself all you need is a domain name, hosting and something to talk about. That’s the simplified version.

My recommendations are Name Cheap for domains, SiteGround for hosting and something to talk about, well… that’s really up to you.

The main thing is you have a willingness to just write at least once a week, that way you can start to get some SEO juice from Google, build an audience that will come back every week to check out your new content.

But ultimately the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and cut out all of the misdirections you’re going to get by taking a course.  This is the first step in anyone’s journey because you will spend more money trying and failing than if you learned from someone who has done it already.  I learned the hard way with other businesses but that’s a story for another day.

The course that made me the $17’000 of passive income is Income Boss and Johnny FD the teacher made over $200’000 in 2016 alone, so you know you’re in the right hands.

Also, I forgot to mention if you go through my link for Income boss I will give you 30 minutes free mentoring.  Just send me a copy of your receipt and we’ll get started


Final Thoughts

I hope you gained a lot of value from this and can see from this case study the exact points in which I had success and that it didn’t just happen overnight.

That is exactly the same thing that will happen when you start anything, it will take time to achieve your success.

You need to focus on one subject and one subject only, you want to be known as the Kindle person, or blogging person or the drop shipping person.  That way people can easily remember you.

please if you have any questions feel free to ask below or send me a message.


Talk soon.


  • 23/09/2017
  • Joe says:


    How come you stood doing kindle?


    • mike says:

      Hi Joe,
      Not quite sure what you mean stood, can you explain a bit more?

      • Joe says:

        Sorry! I meant stopped.

        • mike says:

          Ah OK.
          I got bored of bringing out new books and them doing OK, I got tired of it all. I think it was actually burning out.

          I am now focusing on Paid advertising to affiliate offers, something I will be talking about in the future


    Nice post! Helpful tips, insights and encouragement for newbies like me. I checked the email marketing course you recommend, but I’m reluctant to spend more money (I’ve already invested roughly £300 on Self Publishing Revolution + £50 on Kindle Spy) I will bear it in mind though…
    Why don’t you write a review of Earnest Affiliate/Income Boss? I think your readers would find it so useful and I could only find one other review of it saying some modules were incomplete…just an idea..

    • mike says:

      Hi Maia
      The email marketing course I mentioned in this post was solely in regards to myself recommending it.
      At this point in your journey as you are just starting out just use Self-Publishing revolution and KDSPY. Email Marketing will come further down the road when you have a few books.

      I will be writing a review on Income Boss, I already have my review of Earnest Affiliate Review that I did a few years ago:

      This post was mainly about me showing what I achieved from my blog and how I started out and the main steps which helped me earn the money I did.

      I will definitely be doing a review in the future.

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