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June 2016 Income Report: Working Hard

This month has been a crazy month for my online income.  I never would have thought I would have made as much money as I have, it was really a pipe dream.  I wanted to get there so much but I never thought it was possible.  Now I am seeing the reality that it can be done and I will keep pushing and pushing to get higher.




I have been blogging hard this month trying to push out at least two posts a week as this will help with reader attention, being able to offer more free content and increase on my affiliate commissions.  This has helped me with that as both have increased.


Amazon Kindle Business

This month I have not worked on my old books, only done promotion on one book which has helped it with a few more sales.  Everything from the sales is passive as the money earned has not been on books I have worked on.

I feel now with only 12 books the best is yet to come and in future months now I have a system down I will be more aggressive with producing books, a lot of investment is coming forward


Here is a breakdown of how much I made from each source

Kindle Paid Royalties: $548.82 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Increase +$55.06)

Kindle Unlimited Royalties: $46.40 (9’872 pages read x $0.0047 per page) = (Decrease -$31.34)

Create Space Royalties: $783.72 (Includes US & UK Royalties) = (Increase +$251,23)

ACX Audible Royalties: $92.52 = (Increase +$78.06)

AMAZON KINDLE ROYALTY TOTAL: $1471.47 = (Increase +$353.02)



Out Sourcing Fees: $54.55

Book Writing = $195

PLR Materials = $8.27

domain name – $32.61

Images – $274.80


Total Profit from Kindle publishing $906.24 = (Increase +$385.29)


Kindle Sales



Kindle Unlimited Pages Read



Kindle Royalties



Create Space Royalties



ACX Sales

Learning how to scale up my business would have never come without the help of Luca’s Kindle Course.

To learn everything you need to know about publishing Kindle books on Amazon.com click on the below.
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Passive Income: Affiliate Commissions


This month i can say BOOM!!! Because my affiliate income has done a huge increase this month.


I can’t actually believe it happened but it did


JVZOO: $543 = (Increase +$402)


Click Bank: $2.72 = (Even $0)

Amazon Associates: $0 = (Decrease -$6.23)

Site Ground: $43 = (Increase +$43)

Total affiliate commissions income: $588.72 = (Increase +$438.77)


Learning about affiliate marketing was tough but I eventually started to get my style however it all started with learning how to start and eventually monetize it.  I learned the process from the course Earnest Affiliate.

I recommend if you want to learn about monetizing your blog that you purchase Johnny’s course, if you do purchase through my link as a thank you I will give you 30 minutes free mentoring (Worth $100).


Grand Total Passive Income

Things are really looking up and I this month has blown me away as the best to date for both Kindle and affiliate commissions.  It has been a slow journey but now I have my feet I feel this can keep on increasing at a quicker pace as I have more time for the important things in my work.  I have a good flow of work and relax which really helps with getting work done at a faster rate and having the time to wind down and relax after a hard days work.

Now is the time for me to work my ass off because I feel that by working hard now an creating a strong passive income source I won’t have to worry about money in the future as the money will be flowing in month after month.

If you have come to this post and not sure where to start I recommend checking out where I got started, here’s a post of where to get started

Other Expenses

Witopia = $5.99

skype = £7.70

Aweber = $19

Education – $55

TOTAL = $120.38



Total Passive Income: $2060.19

Total Expenses: $685.61



If you enjoyed this post and would like to know more, have a question or just say hi, please leave a comment below.

Warm Regards


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  • 09/07/2016
  • Khairul Izad says:

    Hey Michael!

    It’s so awesome to see your income increasing! Again thanks for sharing. It’s inspiring to the rest of us!

  • Johnny says:

    Nice buddy! Glad to see you crushing it!

  • David says:

    Hey man, been following your blog since i saw the interview on JohnnyFD’s, got to say you’re killing it with the kindle stuff man. Been looking at getting into it myself but not sure which course to take. Would you recommend the K money mastery or Lucas course to start with ? Just want the best start i can get. Appreciate any advice you have 🙂

    • mike says:

      Hi David
      Thanx for following along.
      I recommend you go with Luca Method as this is a lot easier to follow.

      After implementing the techniques from the course I doubled my kindle income in 2 months with no extra books added.

      If you do sign up and use my link I will give you 30 minutes mentoing for free so its a win win.


      • David says:

        Just gone to use the link and appears not to be working anymore :S hope it has’nt been taken down ? Ready to get started with my kindle journey!

  • I know it can seem like it takes forever to make an income from your blog, but it’s great to see you working hard and being patient as you grow. It’s great to watch! Thank you for posting your reports, and CONGRATS on your success for this month!

    • mike says:

      Hi Christi
      Step by step. It doesn’t come at the start of the journey but keep working and it will eventually come.
      I see your hustling hard too, amazing you made over $6’000 from copy writing that’s awesome!!

  • Trevor says:

    Keep up the great work Mike! It’s inspiring to see how you figured out how to make use of a system for creating wealth using multiple streams of income from selling information. This is a path I’m currently on and will probably be signing up for Luca’s program through your link in the coming months.

    • mike says:

      Hey Trevor
      Thank you for following along, it’s great that you are working towards your goals too.
      Also great blog 🙂

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