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K Book Promotions Review

I have been using K Book promotions for a few months and it has been helpful.  The software has different features aimed at helping you to grow your Kindle business, I will go into detail to see how all of the features add up in this post.


K Book promotions has several tools which include niche picker tool, automated website submission, amazon review finder, book rank tracker, automated facebook promotion, automated twitter marketing, HTML description generator, keyword link builder.

The creator Dewan Bayney has everything on one platform so there is no need to open separate software’s.


 Niche Picker Tool

The niche picker tool is a simple yet effective tool for finding a niche.  You don’t even have to go onto Amazon.com to search for the keywords if you don’t want to, it can all be done in-house.  The software allows you to change the settings so you can customize exactly what you want.  You can change based on which location you are selling to, the number of results you want with options of whether it is 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112.


From the results you receive you can change whether you want to receive the average results for All, Top 10 or Top 5.



The tool provides information for each book as you can see below, the statistics it provides are:

  • Sales Rank: Where the Kindle book is positioned in the Kindle book store. (The lower the more copies that sell)
  • Est Sale: Amount of copies sold per month.
  • Est. Sale Rev. Monthly: How much money the book makes per month.
  • Num. Reviews: How many reviews the book has.
  • Num. Pages; Number of pages in the book.
  • Title Contain Keyword: Does the book title contain the keyword you are looking for.
  • Main category: This shows the main category the book is ranking for

All of these are vital when planning your book and if you use these statistics correctly they can mean the difference between a book which sells and a book which flops.



As well as having a website based search tool you can also use it in the Amazon store, and this takes it to a whole new level.  This is the only software out there which can compare to is KDSPY.  But in my opinion this Niche Picker Tool does a better job in regards of doing your keyword and niche research, there is less looking around.

The software comes with a chrome add-on.  When you click on and will bring up the results in an easy to read format.



Once you click on the chrome add-on the information about the books will appear, as you can see below.



Click on a book title and it will bring up all the data on the book.


One of the top features is when you click on ‘Show Top Categories’  it will show the top categories used in the books and you can use this data for selecting the categories you want to use for your own books.


The tool makes finding keywords and a title easy, and it is just one click of a button.  To find them click on ‘Show Word Cloud’ and this will present the top used words for the book titles in that keyword.


Overall this is a great addition to anyone doing their niche research and compared to KDSPY I feel it offers a little more functionality in one place.


HTML Description Generator

The HTML description generator allows you to create a description without having to know the Amazon HTML code.  Sometimes when you are creating your description for a Kindle or CreateSpace book you do it on the whim and hope it comes up the way you want.

When you’re on the HTML Description Generator page you will see a box which says ‘HTML Description Generator’.  The best way to use this is to do a search on Amazon, find a book description that you like, copy the ASIN number, paste it into the box in the software, select the specific Amazon site you copied it from and click ‘Lookup’.  This will bring up the book description style of the book you copied from, or you can click ‘Insert Manually’ and drag and drop the boxes yourself.



If you decide to click ‘Insert Manually’ you will be presented with a blank left collum, you will have to  drag and drop the boxes yourself.  You can drag and drop a ‘Headline’, ‘Bold text’, ‘List’ or ‘Regular Text’ to where you want in the left collum and then start typing in the boxes.



Once you have dragged the boxes in the order you are happy with you can start typing in the boxes.  As you type in the boxes on the left side the text will appear in the ‘Description Preview’ on the right side.  You can view live what your description will look like.  I like this as it makes writing your description easy and straight forward.



Once you are done you can scroll to the bottom and either click ‘Delete All Fields’ and start again or click on ‘Generate HTML Code’ and the software will generate a code for both Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace.  You can copy this code straight to your Kindle or CreateSpace description.





The HTML Description Generator is good and gives you the ease to create a creative and awesome title without knowing the Amazon HTML  code but I feel it could have more functionality as you are restricted to doing four things.

There are 6 headline texts alone and you are only offered one, as you can see below there is a lot more customization you can do.  I have added the official Amazon HTML description editor chart below.

HTML Tag Description
<b> Formats enclosed text as bold.
<br> Creates a line break.
<em> Emphasizes the enclosed text; generally formatted as italic.
<font> Determines the appearance of the enclosed text.
<h1> to <h6> Formats enclosed text as a section heading: <h1> (largest) through <h6> (smallest).
<hr> Creates a horizontal “rule” or line. Often used to divide sections of text.
<i> Formats enclosed text as italic.
<li> Identifies an item in an ordered (numbered) or unordered (bulleted) list.
<ol> Creates a numbered list from enclosed items, each of which is identified by a <li> tag.
<p> Defines a paragraph of text with the first line indented; creates a line break at the end of the enclosed text.
<pre> Defines preformatted text.
<s> Formats text as strikethrough. See also, <strike>.
<strike> Formats text as strikethrough. See also, <s>.
<strong> Formats enclosed text as bold. See also, <b>.
<sub> Formats enclosed text as subscript: reduces the font size and drops it below the baseline.
<sup> Formats enclosed text as superscript: reduces the font size and places it above the baseline.
<u> Formats enclosed text as underlined.
<ul> Creates a bulleted list from enclosed items, each of which is identified by a <li> tag.

Keyword Link Builder Tool

The keyword link builder tool allows you to put multiple keywords into your amazon URL link.  The URL link in theory will tell Amazon people are searching for the keywords that have been added in to the URL when they’re buying your book, helping boost your book in those keywords.

I personally wouldn’t use this method as Amazon has changed its algorithm to spot this more and the biggest fault of the generated link is it has a time of ‘9433004258’.  What this tells amazon is the exact time in seconds the link was generated.  So if you do use this method be aware that Amazon knows that this is your link because it has a time in it.



Reviewers Finder Tool

The ‘Reviewer Finder Tool allows you to find other Amazon reviewers who have previously reviewed a book in your chosen keyword.  This is handy when it comes to sourcing for reviews for your new book as you can type in a keyword, number or stars and the software will look other Amazon reviewers with emails or websites in their profile.  This will help you to save hours of search time as the software does it all for you.

To use the tool type in a keyword, click on the number of stars you want and the software will start to work.

Books will start to appear with all their details.  For each book click on ‘Add Book’ and the software will add the book.

Once you have added all of the books  click on ‘Find Reviewers’


The software will look for the reviewer’s profiles with emails and websites.  You can then click on each profile to source the reviewer’s information and write them down into a spreadsheet.



You can export the data but it will not show the email addresses.


Automated Website Submission

This tool will automatically submit your book to twenty-three websites.  You should submit a week in advance, this is because some websites require one week before they will submit your book.

To make the software work you type in your ASIN number, click on ‘Lookup’ and the software will grab your books information.  When submitting your book you have to type in your Email, start and end date, current price, regular price, genre and then click on ‘Submit To Free Sites’.  Then it will submit your book to all of the sites you have selected.

I have mixed feelings about submitted my books to website directories as I never really see a huge increase in downloads from doing this.



Automated Facebook Promotion

This tool allows you to post to Facebook groups of your choice.  First you have to create categories, add yourself to groups that are related to your book, when doing this be careful as if you add too many groups to your profile in a short amount of time Facebook may stop you from adding or posting in any group for 15 days and if you abuse this Facebook may even ban you from groups for life.   Once you have added your groups to a specific category you can type in a message you would like to send to that category of groups.  The advantage of using this tool is that once you have set up the process you only have to type the message once and the software will post to all the groups at random times.  I like this as it reduces the risk of your account being locked by Facebook.


This is great for building a fan base if you have one book and you have created a fake account but not so good if you have multiple pen names.

I would be careful about using this method as Facebook is catching onto these types of software and may ban your account or stop you posting for a set period of time.  It’s pretty easy when you think about it as you are posting the exact same message in multiple groups.


Automated Twitter Marketing

This does the same thing as the Facebook posting but with Twitter account’s you are following.  The setup process is basically the same as the Facebook setup process and can be used in the same way.


Overall View

I  like K Book Promotions tool and I found a few of the tools useful; Niche Picker Tool, HTML Description Generator and the Reviewer Finder Tool.

I liked how the Niche Picker Tool works both on and off Amazon.  You can save book info you like, track the books progress to see how it does.  This tool just has a much better feel than KDSPY.

The HTML Description Generator is simple and easy to use and I like how I can copy a description of my choice and then edit the text from my book description, but it does limit you in the variety of how you want your description to look.

The main reason why I bought this software was the Reviewer Finder Tool because I wanted to find reviewers who I could add to my email list and use for future books.  I like how I don’t have to search manually through thousands of reviewers, it is just a few mouse clicks and the software will work for you.

I was having problems with the Reviewer Finder Tool for around 2 weeks in September where the tool was not working, I couldn’t find a single reviewer.  I emailed K Book Promotions and they told me this was due to a change on Amazon, they said they were fixing the software as quickly as possible.  After the tool worked again  I emailed K Book Promotion asking for a 2 week refund for the downtime.  They offered to give me a free month which was a fantastic result so their team is more than happy to help you.


Should You Buy?

This will come down to the software you’ve already bought.  If you have software which can do the jobs of K Book Promotions I would say it’s not worth your investment.  If you’re looking for an all one package to help you with your Kindle business I would tell you to go ahead and buy it,  K Book Promotions has a good team behind them and they update the software whenever Amazon changes its algorithm.


I hope you found this useful.

To get your copy of K Book Promo click here.






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