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K Money Mastery: 4th Month Progress on Amazon Kindle Business

I have now been going through the K Money Mastery course for four months and now things are getting better for me.  I am starting to see some better numbers and the strategy I am using is working.  Compared to my first two books I published my success has been higher when publishing a book for the first time.

My aim of last month was $250 in sales, even though I didn’t hit that target I still made $200 of sales I am very happy with the success and progress of my business.


K Money Mastery 4th Month Progress


This month things have got a lot better with an average daily sale of seven books.  I have published two books on the 5th January, and published two more books on the 25th January as per usual there was a jump in sales on those dates.


How Has This Months Sales Done?

I am very happy with the improvement in the business as the sales and revenue have increased from last month.

Amazon Kindle January Paid Sales

All Paid Sales


Amazon Kindle January Free Sales

Free sales from 2 books

Amazon Kindle Unlimited KENP Pages

Kindle Unlimited pages read

Amazon Royalties Earned January

Total royalties for 6 books


Amazing Day!

After the free promotion I put both of my books price up to $2.99, and by some miracle one of my books had 19 sales!  I thought I had struck gold with this book, I was over the moon! However this was not to be, the book went back down to below five sales and bounced around at that number.

Amazon Kindle January Sales

Paid sales from my new book



How Are My First Two Books Doing?

I published my first two books on 23rd October and  26th October.   I have seen now how important research is before you decide to start work on a book as you could be wasting your time, luckily for me both books are making money for me hands off, however I would prefer for both books to be making me $58 a month.

As you can see from the sales chart below the first book has better sales and has made me $58, the second book has made me $10.

Amazon Kindle January Sales

$58 in Sales

Amazon Kindle January Sales

$10 in Sales


Stefan’s course is really made a difference for me and is keeping me focused on my goal of $10’000 a month by February 2017, I truly believe I can get there.


What’s Happening Next Month?

1) I am losing a lot potential earnings by not publishing my books as a paper back so I will be having my books published for create space.  Create space is a platform where Amazon.com will print your books on demand and post the book for you when a sale is made.  If you would like to find out more details visit createspace.comAmazon Create Space


2) I recently published a book in the same niche as one of my other books I have, so I will be creating a bundle for these two books to sell them as one.  Normally you can buy the books individually for $2.99, however I will be selling both books in this bundle for a discounted price.

3) I will be publishing more books.  With sales of $200 this month, this has made my personal investment in this business go down, I will use that income to reinvest into my kindle business and help increase the overall sales from my business.  As my sales go up so will the amount of books I publish per month will also go up.



Overall I am very happy with this month I have made over two times as much in revenue than last month and that is with the books not at their full potential, I just see the sales and revenues increasing month on month.

I really like the publishing business as it is very passive.  Once you have published the books and promoted the books there is nothing much left to do except monitor the sales and receive money into your bank account

I really do recommend you start your own kindle publishing business because the start up costs are low and if you do the right research before you start, create and publish your book, the return on investment can be a lot quicker than other traditional businesses.




In June 2016 I officially changed to My Self Publishing Revolution, find out why in my blog post: Why I Stopped Kindle Money Mastery And Started My Self Publishing Revolution


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